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2018-06-13bug 535070: [Table] Table can't reopen4.0.0_RC4aVincent Lorenzo2-14/+29
Change-Id: I0bdc0ec798600ffc65fd78271a946dc658f35a20 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2018-06-13Bug 518452 - [releng] [photon] Update target platforms for RC44.0.0_RC4Quentin Le Menez11-88/+88
Change-Id: I716201d28a7e859f67e37d6c8713a32859d82902 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2018-06-12Bug 535794 - [Test] Correct breaking dependency testQuentin Le Menez1-1/+2
- added the missing dependency - modified the missing/incorrect version Change-Id: Ibe05378c453848b99033a7e8216bac8ed890caca Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2018-06-11Bug 535680 - [Tests] Validate model related to composite diagramBenoit Maggi20-103/+88
- add ModelValidationTest to validate the models - remove duplicate elements in pom.xml - remove unused import Change-Id: I6d4c9487b33f68b91de1bc934d66456e7a71b237 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2018-06-08Bug 518614: [Internationalization][Model Explorer] The name of ports andNicolas FAUVERGUE2-10/+115
associations instead of the label is shown The associations and ports have special text calculation. This ones have to be re-implemented with correct label call. Change-Id: Iba25f66586463c93274ebba31a493ef631f08208 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2018-06-08Bug 535676 - [Example] Spam logsBenoit Maggi1-11/+17
- a debug option is required to see the logs - debug is kept private to avoid any API change Change-Id: I86769235ebd8149ce759eb6c47d31f4b18e9d6cc Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2018-06-08Bug 535460: [SequenceDiagram] : deleting a message selecting its labelNicolas FAUVERGUE8-16/+121
doesn't clean properly the model - Add The DefaultSemanticEditPolicy for the floating name. Change-Id: Ie11c911a30168457b6192105ff80455664838508 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2018-06-08Bug 535674 - [Example] Missing icon in Basic Papyrus ModelBenoit Maggi6-11/+4
- add icon in - patch warninn in plugin.xml using correct parent category - use same name as plugin in .project configuration file - remove .settings for pure maven level Change-Id: I2ae97712b9e8e716d44f8b8be73ef809c3e6fd2c Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2018-06-08Bug 535097: [Sequence Diagram] Semantic coverage of Operands must beCamille Letavernier9-27/+667
consistent with visuals Signed-off-by: Camille Letavernier <> Change-Id: I3d97ee1819eb3f374a3d4b2de3644d78f11469d1
2018-06-07Bug 535644 - [Internationalization] Possibility of NPE during model saveAnsgar Radermacher1-4/+6
- Fix local dependend "if condition" - Add additional conditions Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <>
2018-06-07Bug 535643 - Duplicated values in ManifestBenoit Maggi3-5/+6
- remove duplicate Bundle-Activator and Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment in MANIFEST.MF - remove unused import - add missing override Change-Id: Ie709da842ed6470dc4fc032c16111dbe107d6bf5 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2018-06-07Bug 535639: [Table] Single Datatype is not editable in tableVincent Lorenzo1-3/+5
Change-Id: I08ff2fa477c38c1a3d7524555e172532a75cab16 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2018-06-06Bug 518452 - [releng] [photon] Update the Licence reference from the old CLA ↵Quentin Le Menez1-3/+3
to the new ECA Change-Id: Ic7db78989678362389e49f73cdec2a27ce772260 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2018-06-06Bug 518452 - [releng] [photon] Update targets for Photon.0 RC34.0.0_RC3Quentin Le Menez12-54/+54
Change-Id: Iaa82ddc7ff66a9b5ff86212f68ef35fe66b415b4 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2018-06-05Bug 533679: Creation of CFrag should not graphically move elementsChristian W. Damus17-63/+909
Fix the handling of operand ownership for execution specifications to account for (a) that they are not started/finished only by ExecutionOccurrenceSpecifications specifically and (b) that they are not always provided by the rows of the grid model. Since the updating of the rows and columns and fragment ownership is so often done in a read-only context (following operation execution on the history) we can avoid redundant calculations by just always posting the update asynchronously and throttling multiple pending calculations. Altogether this results in the calculation of operand ownership upon initial creation of a combined fragment not being immediately overridden by an incorrect calculation that puts all of the fragments back into the root interaction. Change-Id: I2abb81a920e2a8a7f20d3a6b702d3194d8e7ae8e Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2018-06-04Bug 535061: [Sequence Diagram - Tests] 1px layout delta on JenkinsCamille Letavernier1-1/+28 - Workaround: add a minor layout tolerance (2px) to the Operands Layout Tests Change-Id: Ie897db06dc0adced1ecb866a60ba3bd8a121199d Signed-off-by: Camille Letavernier <>
2018-06-04Remove some possible NPE in sequence diagram.Nicolas FAUVERGUE2-3/+8
Change-Id: I4655aa8134727ecba4b24d1ec8712c08393f1aa6 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2018-06-04Bug 534972 - [Designer] Code generation should not delete files prior to ↵Ansgar Radermacher1-0/+1
code generation - Add missing @since tag Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <>
2018-06-04Bug 521232 - [All diagrams] NPE if SVG unit is not in pixelsAnsgar Radermacher1-2/+9
- Use getValueInSpecifiedUnits instead of getValue Test: SVG shape with mm units (see forum) is correctly displayed in class (class diagram). Also tested existing SVG in class (composite diagram) Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <>
2018-06-01Revert "Bug 533804 - [Diagram] Update batik dependencies for 1.9.1"Quentin Le Menez1-2/+4
- add the required update sites until they are in the release repository Change-Id: I858391de0d13c62e71c8682e590dde41d4996e46 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2018-06-01Revert "Bug 533804 - [Diagram] Update batik dependencies for 1.9.1"Quentin Le Menez20-305/+176
- This reverts the migration to Batik 1.9.1 as the problems encountered warrant to postpone it This reverts commit aea9db22620bbc8b466b48ea7dd958bd004c91e4. Change-Id: I15546c71d6a1868773a78459e604fe0babefbf6b Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2018-06-01bug 535445 - [RichText][Comment] the display of reference to UML model ↵Vincent Lorenzo2-5/+86
element is not supported in table whereas it works on diagram with the Richtext renderer[RichText][Comment] the display of reference to UML model element is not supported in table whereas it works on diagram with the Richtext renderer Change-Id: Ia6ee8eef4827f7fe6ca74e5e3e0342d2388cef3f Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2018-06-01Bug 509971: [Table] Resizing problem when DPI over than 100%Nicolas FAUVERGUE1-5/+87 - Manage the DPI scale when saving and recalculating the width and height values Change-Id: I3df56bca574f51a2463aa29e8bf1f87fb1822c38 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <> Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2018-06-01Bug 534651 - [Table] The "import from file" function in Tables doesn'tNicolas FAUVERGUE4-16/+17
work with strings longer than 1024B Use StringBuilder instead of Array to avoid possible size exceptions. Change-Id: If29526ab1e8d21b94dcfd87d69334b12a3647396 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2018-06-01Bug 534972 - [Designer] Code generation should not delete files prior to ↵Ansgar Radermacher3-15/+96
code generation - New interface ICleanUntouched that can be implemented by a file-access class. It allows the selective deletion of elements that have not been touched by the generator - Don't overwrite files with identical content. The comparison uses a function in => new dependency to this plugin - An additional patch for SW designer will be done in order to implement the desired functions based on new capabilities in Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <>
2018-06-01Bug 528895 - [Quality] Field modifier should follow convention orderBenoit Maggi168-397/+423
- use correct order for field modifier - add missing header - replace C<>line by Celine Change-Id: I2608484da46215dbd65a1e85d47d0aa7706feb58 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2018-06-01bug 532639: [Table][Matrix]System shall enable to specify the creationAsma Smaoui1-6/+61
location of relationships created using a matrix editor. - fix a ClassCastException Change-Id: I440d4567d41c6bc4f470eae607973a7c237868b1 Signed-off-by: Asma Smaoui <> (cherry picked from commit 44d9577e66ce95a403327973822605c46215357f)
2018-05-31Bug 532101: [AFViewpoints] Make AF editor fasterMaged Elaasar299-9709/+7853
Bug 532104: [AFViewpoints] Transform your Workspace reference to platform reference - Simplified the AF model wizard by defaulting the root to be Architecture Domain. - Extended the Load Resource action in the AF editor to allow loading AF models from the running platfom. - Added a Resolve All action that can be used on any object in the editor to quickly resolve related references. This can be used on a loaded AF model (from workspace or running platform) to also load its dependencies like elementtypeconfigurtion and palleteconfiguration files. - Made the architecture, elementtypesetconfigurtion, nattableconfiguration, and paletteconfiguration resources extend of a common base class that supports default load/save options. This base class also makes the cross references persist using platform:/platform URIs but upon load, they may resolve to platform:/resource if the resource is available in the workspace. - Refactored uml.architecture, all the elementtypeconfiguration, all palletteconfiguration, and all nattableconfiguration models by changing their cross references to platform:/plugin URI format. - Fixed PasteEObjectConfigurationItemProvider to make the containment reference axisIdentifier show in the editor/property sheet as a containment reference (was necessary to convert its cross references properly) Change-Id: I69b82f53670cbb81e9117ce82c61d7c898080c93 Signed-off-by: Maged Elaasar <>
2018-05-31Bug 535388 - [Quality] Remove reference to unknown schemaBenoit Maggi9-52/+7
- remove reference to non existing schema/aspectToolProvider.exsd (it was removed last year for palette refactoring) - use existing ValueSpecificationAction.gif icon instead of non existing icon ValueSpecification.gif - remove duplicate groupId in pom.xml - remove unused import and unused value Change-Id: If827cec2c8c8e1d437a1ddc549940be86ece881a Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2018-05-31Bug 522427: [RichText] Stereotyped comment crash eclipseVincent Lorenzo1-33/+61
- a strange patch for Papyrus Oxygen, it works better, but, the size of the displayed image can't be changed resizing the comment. Change-Id: I3e9e5abd57a4b1dbbc6ec0895c37232cfcfd8125 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2018-05-30Bug 534903: Failed to build projectCamille Letavernier1-1/+1 caused by incorrect Target Model URI defined in the project properties Change-Id: I9fe20c0ac1663a073a237de6c75b517e06a8ed49 Signed-off-by: Camille Letavernier <>
2018-05-30Bug 518452 - [releng] [photon] Update targets and main site for Photon RC24.0.0_RC2Quentin Le Menez12-211/+206
Change-Id: I6e846b15f30f9e8fb600e3217cad39bd0a004b6a Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2018-05-29Bug 535272 - Exception when selecting actorBenoit Maggi1-24/+7
- check parameter - use UnexecutableCommand if invalid parameters Change-Id: Ic59c77cd03d8cc8c91c6ea1073cf989afb2f1f61 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2018-05-29Bug 533676: [Sequence Diagram] Validation should be triggered afterNicolas FAUVERGUE2-2/+23
creation of CombinedFragment or InteractionOperand Delete comment for preference initialization + Modify the tests due to the preference modification Change-Id: I143fa33442c84191210336ef90510546c988c246 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2018-05-29Bug 533676: [Sequence Diagram] Validation should be triggered afterChristian W. Damus26-36/+968
creation of CombinedFragment or InteractionOperand Add custom well-formedness rules to check that messages and execution specifications do not cross interaction operand boundaries. Ensure that re-sizing of an interaction operand triggers validation of that operand and the interaction fragments that it contains, plus any messages originating or terminating within it. Because the default operand of a new combined fragment is now resized upon creation, a new operand is likewise validated for its contents. Fix validation hook and diagnostician extension point schema definitions to match reality of the extension point implementations. Remove UI contributions for validation, to avoid workflow interrution. Validation framework is still slow, but less intrusive for the user. A preference may control the validation activation on user actions. Update the failing compilation on gmfdiag.common.tests. Add a preference to switch on or off the validation. Change-Id: Ic7d83eb18315ce714dc7c71bff38276f330ef260 Also-by: Rémi Schnekenburger <> Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2018-05-29Bug 535259: [SequenceDiagram] Moving an ExecutionSpecification withNicolas FAUVERGUE1-1/+14
oblique message does not work correctly - Manage oblique message when moving execution specification. Change-Id: I21e360d5531d84f936aaddf7984fa6fa0834f0d0 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2018-05-29Bug 534941: [Sequence Diagram] The execution specification must be notNicolas FAUVERGUE3-8/+72
moved from a Lifeline to another one - Remove the reparent of execution specification in Layout, creation and update of node references Change-Id: I24d798ba5f9891a1380b0b0d2ff7bf43caa88eb2 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2018-05-29Bug 534134: [SequenceDiagram] When a move of ExecutionSpecification, theNicolas FAUVERGUE4-52/+243
other ExecutionSpecification between its start and end will move too - Modify the Strong references for the Execution Specification - Move the ExecutionSpecification correctly Change-Id: I2ceaae6706d2e4bb865e2e1202970e43756e5cbd Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2018-05-28Bug 535209 - [Quality] Remove unused import/variable warningBenoit Maggi118-172/+71
- fix unused import - move example code from src to src-gen - remove unused variable Change-Id: Ic2d49c57277cc08f1b53027876b4ceab1bea515d Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2018-05-28Update the requirements file.Nicolas FAUVERGUE1-11/+125
Change-Id: I18157ab821be53c215e3eb5fa23a3e24ee512eb3 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2018-05-28Bug 535185 - Add Automatic-Module-Name header for Java 9 compatibilityBenoit Maggi520-193/+482
- add Automatic-Module-Name with the same value as Bundle-SymbolicName in all Manifest.MF - quality fix : remove unused import Change-Id: Icd3e4376bc9e61e360ac61522b967a088a248480 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2018-05-28Bug 535120: [Table] NPE coming from NatTableDragSourceListenerVincent Lorenzo1-3/+18
Change-Id: I64ce374362fde6d3b572d117d648ade030a955ff Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2018-05-28Bug 535073: [Table]Fill action with Increment doesn't work fine for negative ↵Vincent Lorenzo24-10/+664
number Change-Id: I0f0165cfa96b8a4265ee2ea6315b6b4be2a6fd6e Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2018-05-27Bug 518452 - [releng] [photon] Update scripts, site and targetsQuentin Le Menez5-30/+23
Change-Id: I0b5aec247e74ef66089d71eb52c0b04fe0da4019 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2018-05-25Bug 533683: [Sequence Diagram] Deletion of the last InteractionOperandChristian W. Damus3-16/+85
In the diagram, deletion of a multiple selection obtains a deletion command separately from each selected edit-part, entirely within its own context. There is no reasonable way to share a single InteractionContainerDeletionContext amongst these separate requests that will not break other situations, so instead of pre-computing the advice command that deletes the CombinedFragment when it will be left without any operands, this decision is deferred to the actual point of execution of an after advice. Change-Id: I64b214df5540346c769c1ab769d914b279178e4c
2018-05-25Bug 532754 - [Toolsmiths][Documentation] The documentation of thePauline DEVILLE3-12/+25
profile migration tool is not accessible from the help content (edit) Change-Id: I80e1876e3b76ef370186e8934678702c04906678 Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2018-05-25bug 535070: [Table] Table can't reopenVincent Lorenzo1-3/+15
Change-Id: Ia7b4c555c17fb5f8cc6a4c129d31b6ae11e0ce9d Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2018-05-25Bug 535098 - [AFViewpoints] Validation not working with junit.Maged Elaasar2-34/+67
Fix the case of validating class names specified in architecture models that are deployed in the platform as opposed to loaded in the workspace. Change-Id: I644c6d2141d9424372014c3c05f84640fbbe47c3 Signed-off-by: Maged Elaasar <>
2018-05-25Bug 533701: [Sequence Diagram] Stereotype or Shape Compartments shouldCamille Letavernier1-2/+2
not be displayed in CombinedFragments - Update the Continuation test, which expected the Symbols compartment to be present Change-Id: I4ee9440c6f064bc231bbcb63416d47f7c0592e38 Signed-off-by: Camille Letavernier <>
2018-05-25Bug 535056: [Sequence Diagram] When opening a sequence diagram, theCamille Letavernier2-3/+21
CombinedFragment label is collapsed - Make sure the name of the CombinedFragment is set on EditPart creation Change-Id: I5a4c19e90434b6817c2a6077132ef5ddf4d99a53 Signed-off-by: Camille Letavernier <>

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