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-<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
-<html xmlns=""><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>
-<h1 id="Import_Export_of_ReqIF_elements_into_Papyrus">Import Export of ReqIF elements into Papyrus</h1>
-<p>This model explains the functionality in Papyrus Req in order to import or export ReqIF files into Papyrus (OMG Document Number: formal/2013-10-01 Standard document URL: <a href=""></a>)</p>
-<h2 id="Requirements">
-- ReqIfImport (id=ReqIF_001): </p><pre>Darwin shall allow importation of Reqif elements to SysML Model
-<p>- Import SpecObjects (id=ReqIF_001_001): </p><pre>The user shall be able to import spec object
-</pre><p>- Two Kind of Users (id=ReqIF_001_002): </p><pre>The simple User can only import SpecObject by choosing domain. The AdvancedUser can import Types and DataTypes.
-</pre><p>- Import DataType Enumeration (id=ReqIF_001_003): </p><pre>The advanced user shall be able to import DataType and enumeration
-</pre><p>- Import SpecObjectTypes (id=ReqIF_001_004): </p><pre>The advanced user shall be able to import specObjectType
-</pre><p>- Import SpecRelationType (id=ReqIF_001_005): </p><pre>The advanced user shall be able to import SpecRelationType
-</pre><p>- Import SpecRelation (id=ReqIF_001_006): </p><pre>Papyrus Req shall import SpecRelation
-</pre><p>- ReqIFExport (id=ReqIF_002): </p><pre>Darwin shall enable export of SysML requirement to ReqIF Model
-</pre><p>- ControlMode (id=ReqIF_003): </p><pre>The managment with ReqIf must support Control Mode
-</pre><p>- WihtoutUI (id=ReqIF_004): </p><pre>The export can be done programmatically, without GUI, in order to test it, or to be enable to pilot it programmatically
-</pre><p>- Re-Export (id=ReqIF_005): </p><pre>Papyrus shall re-export requirements in existing reqIF file
-</pre><p>- Re-Import (id=ReqIF_006): </p><pre>Papyrus shall re-Import requirement from a ReqIF file
-</pre><h2 id="Use_Cases">Use Cases</h2><h4 id="Import_ReqIF_file">Import ReqIF file</h4><p>Before import requirement fro ReqIF file, the kinf of User has to be verified.</p><p>There are two kind of users:</p><p> - Simple User: he can only import instance of requirements inside the Papyrus tool.</p><p> - Advancerd User: he can importe new types of requirements and instance of requirement inside the Papyrus tool </p><p>To verify it, go to window--> preferences--> Papyrus--> ReqIF Import</p><p><img title="Two kinds of user" alt="Two kinds of user" border="0" src="./imgDOC/Userkind.png"/><br/></p><p>First the User must have a SysML model. Select the package where ReqIF elements will be imported.
-</p><p><img title="Import SysMLModel" alt="Import SysMLModel" border="0" src="./imgDOC/import_1.png"/><br/></p><p>Select the menu Import of Eclipse.</p><p><img title="Select import Menu of Eclipse" alt="Select import Menu of Eclipse" border="0" src="./imgDOC/import_2.png"/><br/></p><p>Select the menu Import ReqIF from Papyrus Categories</p><p><img title="Import ReqIF" alt="Import ReqIF" border="0" src="./imgDOC/import_3.png"/><br/></p><p>Select the ReqIF file to import</p><p><img title="ReqIF file Selection" alt="ReqIF file Selection" border="0" src="./imgDOC/import_4.png"/><br/></p><p>Select Requirement types of ReqIF file that you want to import</p><p><img title="SpecObject Type selection" alt="SpecObject Type selection" border="0" src="./imgDOC/import_5.png"/><br/></p><p>When the current user is an "Advanced User", he can import Requirement types and all requirements from ReqIF , if needed he can select or create the profile that will contain imported types</p><p><img title="Create or select Profile" alt="Create or select Profile" border="0" src="./imgDOC/import_6.png"/><br/></p><p>When the current user is a "Simple User", he can only import instances of requirements by choosen predefined types contained in the profile.
-If the profile does not contain all needed types, the import is not done and a message is displayed on the screen. </p><p><img title="Choose predefined type contained in profile" alt="Choose predefined type contained in profile" border="0" src="./imgDOC/Choose_Predefined_Profile.png"/><br/></p><p><img title="The import cannot be done if the profile is not complete." alt="The import cannot be done if the profile is not complete." border="0" src="./imgDOC/CannotImport.png"/><br/></p><p>The model has now imported requirements with relations. Note that a comment explains the origin of the import.</p><p><img title="Resulted model" alt="Resulted model" border="0" src="./imgDOC/import7.png"/><br/></p><h4 id="Export_UML_Model_to_ReqIF_File">Export UML Model to ReqIF File</h4><p>Select the SysML that you want to export
-</p><p><img title="SysML Model" alt="SysML Model" border="0" src="./imgDOC/export1.png"/><br/></p><p>Select the export Menu from Eclipse menu.</p><p><img title="Export Menu" alt="Export Menu" border="0" src="./imgDOC/export2.png"/><br/></p><p>Select the menu export ReqIF form the papyrus Category</p><p><img title="Import ReqIF file" alt="Import ReqIF file" border="0" src="./imgDOC/export3.png"/><br/></p><p>Choose the name of the reqif file.</p><p><img title="Choose ReqIF File name" alt="Choose ReqIF File name" border="0" src="./imgDOC/export5.png"/><br/></p><p>At the end, a reqFile is generated. The header has an information that explain that the result comes from UML file.
-</p><p><img title="Result in the ReqIf file" alt="Result in the ReqIf file" border="0" src="./imgDOC/Export4.png"/><br/></p></body></html> \ No newline at end of file

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