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-<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""><html xmlns=""><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/></head><body><h1 id="Alignment_Tool">Alignment Tool</h1><h2 id="Introduction">Introduction</h2><p>Alignment Tool is available in the Papyrus toolbar:<br/>
-<img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Alignment_Toolbar.JPG"/><br/>
-Alignment allows to align the different objects of the model based on a reference object.
-The reference object is basically the last object selected (primary selection) and can be identified with the handles color:<br/></p><table style="margin: auto;"><tr><td><img title="Normal Selection" alt="Normal Selection" border="1" src="images/Alignment/normal_Align_selection.JPG"/> </td><td><img title="Primary Selection" alt="Primary Selection" border="1" src="images/Alignment/Reference_Align_selection.JPG"/> </td></tr></table><p><br/>
-To implement Alignment, some rules have been defined. </p><h2 id="General_Rules">General Rules</h2><p>The Alignment Tools allows 6 types of alignment:
-<img align="right" title="Alignment Types" alt="Alignment Types" border="0" src="images/Alignment/Alignment_Toolbar.JPG"/></p><ul><li>Horizontally<ul><li>Left</li><li>Center</li><li>Right</li></ul></li><li>Vertically<ul><li>Top</li><li>Middle</li><li>Bottom</li></ul></li></ul><p>These types can be disable if the alignment is not possible.
-Here is the different rules on which the alignment is based:</p><ol><li>The alignment is available only if the selected object can be moved on the reference</li><li>When an object and one or several children should be aligned on a third object, only the parent is aligned</li><li>An object can only be aligned inside of its container's bounds.(In order to avoid scrollbar and invisible objects) </li><li>An object cannot be aligned on one of its children.</li></ol><h2 id="Using_of_Alignment_Tool">Using of Alignment Tool</h2><p>Here under, some examples of using of alignment tool. <br/></p><h3 id="General_Case">General Case</h3><p>Basically, alignment is used in order to make the model easier to be read and more aesthetic.
-To align objects:</p><ul><li>Select the object to be aligned</li><li>Click on the align tool button <img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Align_button.JPG"/> </li><li>Choose the proper type of alignment </li></ul><p><br/></p><ol><li>Example A: Standard alignment<dl><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/General_Align1_before.JPG"/> </dd><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/General_Align1_after.JPG"/></dd><dd>In this case the reference object is the right one. <br/></dd></dl></li><li>Example B: Parent alignment<dl><dd>In this second example, the object (the Class ) is aligned on his parent (the Package), the unauthorized alignment appears disable (in grey)</dd><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/General_Align2_before.JPG"/> </dd><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/General_Align2_after.JPG"/></dd></dl></li></ol><h3 id="Hierarchy">Hierarchy</h3><p>In this section, some examples of alignment in case of hierarchy between objects (parent / children).</p><ol><li>Example A: Only the parent is aligned <dl><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Hierarchy_Align1_before.JPG"/> </dd><dd>As shown in the result screenshot below , only the parent (the Package) has been aligned. </dd><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Hierarchy_Align1_after.JPG"/></dd></dl></li><li>Example B: Alignment inside the Container bounds is available<dl><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Hierarchy_Align2_before.JPG"/> </dd><dd>In the align options list, only the ones that keep the objects inside his container are enable.</dd><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Hierarchy_Align2_after.JPG"/></dd></dl></li></ol><h3 id="Labels">Labels</h3><p>In this section, some examples of labels alignments.</p><ol><li>Example A: Standard label alignment<dl><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Label_Align1_before.JPG"/> </dd><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Label_Align1_after.JPG"/></dd></dl></li><li>Example B: Dependency with another selected object<dl><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Label_Align2_before.JPG"/> </dd><dd>As shown in the result screenshot below, only the class is aligned. The label moves according to the connection move.</dd><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Label_Align2_after.JPG"/></dd></dl></li></ol><h3 id="Edges">Edges</h3><p>Edges alignment could sound not realistic. Actually, edge alignment is an alignment between the extremities of the edge, to make the edge horizontal or vertical.
-Example: Standard edge alignment</p><dl><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Link_Align1_before.JPG"/> </dd></dl><p>The extremities are alignment in order to have an horizontal connection. The connection handles remained at the same place on the object</p><dl><dd><img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Link_Align1_after.JPG"/></dd></dl><h2 id="Limitation">Limitation</h2><p>This section will describe some limitations of the alignment tool.</p><h3 id="Hierarchy_2">Hierarchy</h3><p>A parent cannot be aligned on one of his child:
-<img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Hierarchy_Align3_limitation.JPG"/></p><h3 id="Label">Label</h3><p>The extremities (source or target )of a connection cannot be aligned on any Labels of this connection.
-<img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Label_Align3_limitation.JPG"/></p><h3 id="Edge">Edge</h3><p>To make the edge alignment available, the edge handles should correspond to the same direction (horizontal or vertical).
-In the following case, source handle is on TOP and target handle is on LEFT. it is then impossible to align the edge.
-<img border="0" src="images/Alignment/Link_Align2_Limitation.JPG"/></p></body></html> \ No newline at end of file

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