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+# <a id="Limitations">Limitations and Known Issues</a>
+The following Papyrus capabilities are supported on models in CDO repositories:
+* create new UML and SysML models
+ * initialize Papyrus model from existing domain model resource in the repository
+ * import models from the workspace
+ * reorganize models in folders by drag-and-drop
+* create and edit all kinds of UML and SysML diagram
+* create and edit tables
+* export models to the workspace
+* browse connected repositories for importing packages and applying profiles
+* CSS diagram styling and themes (with restrictions, see below)
+* properties view customization models can be stored in and loaded from the repository
+Some capabilities of Papyrus are not support on models in CDO repositories in this release:
+* compare/merge: the **Model Repositories** view does not support branches and no "compare with each other" action is provided
+* although CSS styling of diagrams is supported, this extends only to CSS stylsheets deployed in plug-ins. Custom stylesheets stored locally in the workspace or in a repository are not supported
+* controlled resources are not supported
+* attaching documents to model elements is not supported \ No newline at end of file

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