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415667Remove extra ( and fix indentationAl S-M8 months
developShort form of about.htmlIan Craggs3 weeks
masterFix buffer overflow in addressPortIan Craggs31 hours
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31 hoursFix buffer overflow in addressPortHEADmasterIan Craggs Ian Craggs1-17/+17
31 hoursMerge ssh:// Craggs Ian Craggs1-1/+1
31 hoursFix potential buffer overflowIan Craggs Ian Craggs1-1/+2
5 daysAllow CC to be set by environment variable.refs/changes/98/25298/1Roger Light Roger Light1-1/+1
8 daysPersist the message queue in the synchronous clientIan Craggs Ian Craggs4-163/+227
9 daysAdd some more WIN64 definedIan Craggs Ian Craggs1-4/+4
9 daysAdd one more WIN64 conditional compilation exclusionIan Craggs Ian Craggs1-1/+1
2014-04-10Add WIN64 to WIN32 conditional compilation statementsIan Craggs Ian Craggs20-93/+93
2014-04-04Refactor build.xmlIan Craggs Ian Craggs1-7/+8
2014-04-04Debug buildIan Craggs Ian Craggs1-0/+1