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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2014-02-10refactor: Update build numbers to 0.16.2jmisinco2-2/+2
2014-01-24refactor: Update build numbers to 0.16.1Roberto E. Escobar2-2/+2
2013-12-03refactor: Move Conditions class to jdk.coreRyan D. Brooks1-1/+1
2013-11-25refactor: Update build numbers to 0.16.0Roberto E. Escobar2-2/+2
2013-10-22refactor: Move OseeCoreException to jdk.coreRyan D. Brooks3-3/+3
2013-10-11refactor: Update build numbers to 0.15.0Roberto E. Escobar2-2/+2
2013-09-06refactor: Update build numbers to 0.14.0Roberto E. Escobar2-2/+2
2013-08-19refactor: Update build numbers to 0.13.0Roberto E. Escobar2-2/+2
2013-07-29refactor: Update build numbers to 0.12.0Roberto E. Escobar2-2/+2
2013-06-17refactor: Update build numbers to 0.11.1Roberto E. Escobar2-2/+2
2012-11-07refactor: Update build numbers to 0.11.0Roberto E. Escobar2-2/+2
2012-10-01refactor: Update build numbers to 0.10.4Roberto E. Escobar2-2/+2
2012-08-31refactor: Update build numbers to 0.10.3Roberto E. Escobar2-2/+2
2012-09-18bug[ats_B5MXJ]: Add event to update clients upon commitAngel Avila14-809/+761
2012-08-17refactor: Update build numbers to 0.10.2Roberto E. Escobar2-2/+2
2012-07-09refactor: Update build numbers to 0.10.1Roberto E. Escobar2-2/+2
2012-02-15refactor: Update build numbers to 0.10.0Roberto E. Escobar2-2/+2
2012-04-13feature[ats_VGR8B]: Convert messaging event res to DSRoberto E. Escobar15-730/+562
2012-03-16feature[ats_0ZVNB]: Add OSEE IDE Client to maven buildRoberto E. Escobar1-0/+35
2011-08-16feature[ats_M1Y56]: Add uuid to Osee type grammarjmisinco12-1097/+1405
2011-08-02refactor: Use consistent method name, logf, in OseeLogRyan D. Brooks1-2/+2
2011-05-13refactor: Cleanup loggingddunne1-7/+9
2011-02-09refactor: Update build numbers to 0.9.9rescobar1-1/+1
2011-04-22refactor: Introduce end-of-line normalizationRyan D. Brooks1-129/+129
2011-04-07refactor: Replace attribute revert with replace with versionjphillips1-0/+2
2010-12-13refactor: Update build numbers to 0.9.8rescobar1-1/+1
2010-10-13refactor: Update version numbers to 0.9.7rescobar1-1/+1
2010-09-28refactor: Resolve PMD Code Quality findings in ATSddunne1-0/+925
2010-08-31Update build version to 0.9.6rescobar1-1/+1
2010-08-29Eclipse source cleanup and formatrbrooks12-53/+78
2010-08-27(no commit message)ddunne1-1/+1
2010-08-27fixed improper null checks for sendRemoteEventddunne1-2/+2
2010-08-23Update Res Event Test Suiterescobar1-35/+0
2010-08-23Event System registration cleanuprescobar11-339/+365
2010-08-13remove event debug statementsddunne1-4/+4
2010-08-03Events - jms activeddunne1-44/+12
2010-08-03Events - jms activeddunne1-4/+48
2010-07-24applied Eclipse source cleanuprbrooks10-865/+652
2010-07-24converted all line terminators to unix stylerbrooks23-2347/+2347
2010-07-23Events - reorderddunne8-643/+539
2010-07-18add distribution statement to files that are missing itrbrooks8-35/+80
2010-07-17removed unnecessary settings filesrbrooks1-12/+0
2010-06-28cleaned up some messaging interfacesafinkbein1-12/+1
2010-06-08events - access control eventsddunne4-2/+174
2010-05-28events - purge transactionddunne7-122/+418
2010-05-25events - branchddunne1-0/+23
2010-05-19Updated versions to 0.9.5rescobar1-1/+1

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