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2011-08-04refactor: Utilize isEmpty instead of in-place codeRyan D. Brooks1-1/+1
2011-08-04refactor: Remove erroneous usage of SkynetGuiPlugin from other pluginsRyan D. Brooks4-17/+17
2011-08-04refactor: Remove usage of SkynetGuiPlugin from coverageRyan D. Brooks17-34/+80
2011-08-04feature: Add configuration and properties to OSEE main menuddunne1-1/+3
2011-08-02refactor: Replace OseeLog.log() calls that use String.format with OseeLog.logfRyan D. Brooks2-2/+2
2011-08-02refactor: Use consistent method name, logf, in OseeLogRyan D. Brooks2-2/+2
2011-08-01bug[ats_YBMQE]: Coverage - test units not getting updated for some items duri...ddunne8-39/+69
2011-08-01feature: Set coverage merge table to unique XViewer namespaceddunne1-0/+5
2011-07-28feature: Update perspective menu and cleanup internalsddunne3-0/+93
2011-07-27feature: Remove Bug Action from Views and Editorsddunne8-26/+17
2011-07-18refactor[bgz_349233]: Improve performance of importing coverage packagesjmisinco4-111/+271
2011-07-08feature: Remove un-necessary warnings for normal cases in Coverage TestUnitCacheddunne1-4/+3
2011-06-29refactor: Remove erroneous dependency version referencesRyan D. Brooks1-5/+5
2011-06-29refactor: Add missing distribution statementsRyan D. Brooks2-4/+19
2011-06-23feature: Improve memory necessary to perform Coverage Importddunne18-444/+503
2011-06-17refactor: Minor quality fixes0.9.9.v201106200029_RCkwilk1-1/+0
2011-06-13refactor: Convert all persist and transactions to have commentsddunne2-2/+2
2011-05-20refactor: Move XResultData to framework.core; created XResultDataUIddunne12-19/+24
2011-05-24refactor: Create IBasicUser and UserTokenddunne2-9/+9
2011-05-16refactor: Cleanup error logging for Coverage testsddunne7-7/+7
2011-05-13refactor: Cleanup loggingddunne4-13/+10
2011-05-12refactor: Replace usage of Branch with IOseeBranch where possibleRyan D. Brooks13-43/+41
2011-05-11feature: Create ats.coreddunne32-43/+45
2011-05-09feature: Coverage - Remove debugging information to resolve import memory issuesddunne1-1/+2
2011-05-04feature[ats_RBQCB]: CPCR/TPCR - Provide correct error for required_for_comple...ddunne5-5/+32
2011-04-18refactor: Change bug item to Coverage Editor for CoverageEditorddunne1-2/+1
2011-04-12bug[ats_5T1PH]: Coverage - Tool fails on VectorCAST import on Solarisddunne3-8/+10
2011-04-11bug[ats_AXQ3H]: Searching coverage for CND causes exceptionddunne9-29/+118
2011-03-21feature[ats_GQ41M]: Coverage - Import merge feature to retain previously disp...ddunne28-34/+249
2011-03-09feature: Coverage - Throw exception and dialog if loading coverage package ex...ddunne1-11/+7
2011-03-09feature: Coverage - Register for events only after coverage package fully loadedddunne1-4/+7
2011-03-09feature: Coverage - Show BASELINE branches in Coverage select branch dialogddunne1-1/+2
2011-03-09feature: Coverage - Save failure needs to popup dialog and log errorddunne2-3/+4
2011-03-09feature: Coverage - Ensure that coverage can't be changed on read-only branchddunne5-16/+64
2011-03-09feature: Coverage - Add branch name to coverage items tabsddunne4-0/+33
2011-03-08feature: Coverage - Coverage Method dialog needs to force a single coverage m...ddunne3-4/+102
2011-03-08feature: Coverage - Search Coverage Method hyperlink doesn't have Test_Unit i...ddunne3-4/+20
2011-02-22refactor: Allow a BLAM to create and use its own custom operationRyan D. Brooks1-1/+1
2011-02-18refactor: Cleanup token creation and inheritancerescobar3-50/+33
2011-02-15feature: Improve Coverage merge reporting to help users resolve merge problemsddunne2-9/+35
2011-02-07feature: Improve Coverage import logging and javadocddunne6-40/+96
2011-02-09refactor: Update build numbers to 0.9.9rescobar1-1/+1
2011-08-11feature[ats_PMYWY]: Upgrade to use 1.0.0rescobar1-1/+2
2011-07-20refactor: Remove CreateCoverageTestUnitArtifact XNavigate itemjmisinco2-71/+0
2011-06-06refinement[bgz_348467]: Improve loading coverage package performancejohn.r.misinco3-11/+21
2011-06-02refactor[bgz_348142]: Remove osee_cvg_testunits table dependencyjohn.r.misinco11-270/+429
2011-04-22refactor: Introduce end-of-line normalizationRyan D. Brooks5-134/+134
2011-03-09refactor: Change Renderer.getApplicabilityRating to use IArtifactrescobar1-3/+5
2011-02-22bug[ats_0ZGPF]: Modification of coverage assignee or notes to nothing does no...ddunne1-3/+16
2011-02-22bug[ats_X0QYA]: Coverage "Work Product Task" search does not find matchesddunne1-5/+16

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