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28 hoursfeature[TW14659]: Uncomment Work Definition conversion methodsdevdonald.g.dunne1-3/+3
2 daysfeature[TW14478]: Add description to SOR Reference attrJeremy A. Midvidy2-13/+64
2 daysfeature[TW14501]: Fix bug in "Stop transition if all branches are not committed"Jeremy A. Midvidy1-1/+1
2 daysbug[TW14963]: Results Editor export to excel xml fails on special characters donald.g.dunne2-1/+13
2 daysbug[TW14930]: Fix error handling in ExcelAtsTask extractordonald.g.dunne17-125/+320
3 daysfeature[TW14501]: Add version branch options to ATS CnfgTxdonald.g.dunne4-0/+26
3 daysbug[TW15071]: Handle error in WorkflowEditor widget creation gracefullydonald.g.dunne1-315/+323
3 daysfeature[TW14501]: Move ATS WorkDef out of top integration suitedonald.g.dunne2-6/+7
3 daysrefinement[ACT39423]: REST API to support feature applicability updatesaudrey.e.denk5-10/+69
3 daysfeature[TW14501]: Genericize default and list tasksdonald.g.dunne74-271/+1333
3 daysbug[TW14983]: Allow Dispo to import files with .P[ATH] extension fixStephen J. Molaro1-25/+18
4 daysfeature[TW14964]: Add XRequestedHoursApprovalWidget and refresh in placedonald.g.dunne7-2/+87
4 daysfeature[TW14964]: Fix WfeRelationsHyperlinkComposite to refresh in placedonald.g.dunne3-97/+126
4 daysfeature[TW14501]: Fix WorkDefinitionViewer to display relevant workdefsJeremy A. Midvidy1-3/+16
4 daysfeature[TW14952]: Update function decomp to Foxtrox doc formatDavid W. Miller1-1/+1
4 daysfeature[TW14952]: Handle xml special charactersDavid W. Miller1-0/+8
4 daysfeature[TW15052]: Create full attribute type token mechanismRyan D. Brooks15-16/+560
5 daysbug[TW14983]: Allow Dispo to import files with .P[ATH] extensionStephen J. Molaro1-2/+21
6 daysfeature[TW14501]: [2nd commit] Stop transition if all branches are not committedJeremy A. Midvidy2-6/+12
6 daysbug[TW14949]: Fix core attribute type name discrepanciesStephen J. Molaro5-7/+7
6 daysfeature[TW14980]: Remove un-necesssary ATS Factoriesdonald.g.dunne24-351/+91
10 daysfeature[TW14893]: Report unreferenced procedures and functions in SRSdonald.g.dunne5-5/+456
10 daysfeature[TW14964]: Add Transition event handler for WFE refreshdonald.g.dunne31-90/+360
10 daysfeature[TW14501]: Stop transition if all branches are not committeddonald.g.dunne4-11/+0
11 daysfeature[TW14501]: Fix select branch on new artifact explorer errorJeremy A. Midvidy1-1/+1
11 daysrefactor: Remove unneeded dependenciesbroberts8-323/+33
11 daysrefactor: Eradicate single plugin featuresbroberts38-4640/+22
11 daysfeature[TW14964]: F18 - Create configurable Workflow Editor headerdonald.g.dunne31-345/+1161
11 daysfeature[TW14501]: Stop transition if all branches are not committedJeremy A. Midvidy5-8/+21
11 daysbug[TW14900]: Standardize Dispo Tool Naming Convention for LinuxStephen J. Molaro2-5/+3
11 daysfeature[TW14952]: Add functional decomposition importDavid W. Miller2-10/+13
12 daysfeature: Add set of legacy work def in ConvertWorkDefinitionOperationsdonald.g.dunne3-5/+114
12 daysRevert "bug[TW14900]: Standardize Dispo Tool Naming Convention for Linux"Stephen J. Molaro2-1/+5
12 daysbug[TW14900]: Standardize Dispo Tool Naming Convention for LinuxStephen J. Molaro2-5/+1
12 daysbug: Load artifacts from graph if already existsBranden Phillips1-3/+7
12 daysfeature[TW13475]: Handle Workflow Editor with invalid reload iddonald.g.dunne2-3/+5
12 daysfeature[TW13475]: Remove un-used UserNavigateViewdonald.g.dunne3-292/+0
2019-08-29bug[TW14900]: re-add xerial.sqlite for dispo importsStephen J. Molaro1-0/+7
2019-08-29bug[TW14949]: Remove duplicated attributeStephen J. Molaro1-11/+1
2019-08-29refactor: Change AtsAttributeType Names to be More ConsistentStephen J. Molaro44-115/+111
2019-08-29refactor: Fix Discrepancies Between git & lba5 TypesheetsStephen J. Molaro5-6/+120
2019-08-29refinement: Remove square brackets from internal referencesBranden Phillips1-1/+1
2019-08-28refactor: Change CoreAttributeType Names to be More ConsistentStephen J. Molaro29-94/+104
2019-08-28feature: Support tuple introduceRyan D. Brooks10-25/+83
2019-08-28refactor: Change Misc AttributeTypeToken Names to be More ConsistentStephen J. Molaro14-492/+513
2019-08-28feature[TW13475]: Add ways to filter UI based on dbdonald.g.dunne3-1/+15
2019-08-27feature[TW13702]: Remove prompt for dbinitdonald.g.dunne6-158/+24
2019-08-27 feature[TW14501]: Wrap XViewerAttributeSortDataType with try/catchJeremy A. Midvidy1-12/+16
2019-08-27feature[TW14501]: Fix ArtifactEditor add attributes bugsJeremy A. Midvidy1-1/+5
2019-08-27refinement: Allow osee links to open with artifact id instead of just guidsBranden Phillips1-13/+43

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