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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteradjusted legal info, Saiku integration frameRalf Mollik4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-04-25adjusted legal info, Saiku integration frameHEADmasterRalf Mollik15-24/+2667
2019-01-30catch up with branch dailyRalf Mollik11-776/+33
2018-11-07catch up with branch dailyRalf Mollik22-1466/+111
2018-07-09catch up with branch developmentRalf Mollik8-11/+13
2018-06-28, migrate to EPL 2.0 and ...Ralf Mollik48-1534/+3007
2018-04-03catch up with branch developmentRalf Mollik1-13/+15
2018-03-28catch up with branch developmentRalf Mollik14-23/+1906
2018-02-23catch up with devRalf Mollik23-113/+519
2017-08-28parallel ip - initial checkinRalf Mollik41-0/+3814
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