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-# opal
-Main repository for the Opal Project (SWT new widgets library)
-The goal of this project is to propose new widgets for the SWT API.
-Some widgets are new, some others are a port of existing widgets made with Swing.
-# V1.0.3 is out
-Version 1.0.3 is ready. It contains a bug fix. You can download
-* the jar library at [](
-* the source code at [](
-* the OSGI bundle at [](
-# V1.0.2 is out
-Version 1.0.2 is ready. It contains bug fixes and few enhancements. You can download
-* the jar library at [](
-* the source code at [](
-* the OSGI bundle at [](
-# Forum
-Our forum is located at [!forum/opal-project](!forum/opal-project)
-# Important notice
-The SWT library in the project is the Windows 64-bit version. Please replace the swt.jar file by the appropriate one !
-# The widgets
-Currently Opal contains the following widgets :
-* __Multichoice__, a tool to select items.
-* __TextAssist__, an improved Text widget with auto-completion
-* __AngleSlider__, a angle picker
-* __Brushed Metal Composite__, a composite that displays a brushed metal texture "à la mac"
-* __Dual List__, a widget allows the user to select one or many elements, and order them.
-* __Infinite progress panel__, a widget that displays an animation during long task operations
-* __Switch button__, another look for checkboxes
-* __Gradient composite__, a composite that displays a gradient in its background.
-* __Image Selector__, a fancy image selector,
-* __Dialog box__, a trivial Task Dialog API for SWT
-* __Horizontal Spinner__, a horizontal spinner
-* __Panels__, 2 panels to make your forms nicer
-* __CheckBoxGroup__, a group with a checkbox. When one clicks on the checkbox, the whole content of the group is deactivated.
-* __HeapManager__, a widget that displays the available heap size, the current heap size and a button to perform a Garbage Collecting.
-* __ColumnBrowser__, a widget that displays a tree structure "a la mac" in miller columns.
-* __Launcher__, a widget used to launch applications, modules or anything, with a simple and fancy zoom effect
-* __Header__,a widget that displays a header, composed of a title, an image and a description.
-* __Titled Separator__, an enhanced separator, with a title and/or an image.
-* __LoginDialog__, a component to authentify users.
-* __Tip of the Day__, a window that displays the tip of the day.
-* __Preference Window__, an easy-to-build window that can be used to set up preferences.
-* __Range Slider__, a slider that allow the user to select a range
-* __Prompt Support__, an utility class to add a Prompt to Text and Combo widgets !
-* __Transition Composite__, a widget that display controls like "pages" and manage transitions between each page.
-* __Property Table__, a widget to edit properties. Each property is given a name, a type, a description.
-* __DynamicTableColumns__ an enhanced table that allow you to set width by using pixels or percentages.
-* __Notifier__ a toaster to notify the user
-* __SystemMonitor__ a widget to monitor some aspects of your system and application.
-* __Calculator__ a widget that displays a Calculator or a Calculator Combo.
-* __RoundedToolbar__ a widget that displays a rounded toolbar.
-* __StarRating__ a widget that displays a star rating component.
-* __Breadcrumb__ a widget that displays a bread crumb.
-* __OButton__ a widget that displays a custom button (Push,Toggle or Arrow).
-# Download
-All previous releases are hosted on Google Drive :
-# Support the project on Facebook
-Thanks to the team for the link to Opal :)
-# We need you !
-Do you have coded extra widgets ? You have tested Opal on Linux and MacOS ? You speak German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Portuguese ? Please help us and make Opal better ! Contact us with Google Groups !

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