AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorCommitterFilesLines
105 min.Use Jetty jars from docker bundleHEADmasterSzymon BrandysSzymon Brandys14-610/+14
5 hoursExtra logging added in LoggregatorHandlerV1 and relatedSzymon BrandysSzymon Brandys1-0/+9
17 hoursAdd support to get merge base of 2 referencesstable_20140916Bogdan GheorgheBogdan Gheorghe4-45/+160
20 hoursRemoving unnecessary dependencyskaegiskaegi1-1/+0
22 hoursReturn empty Apps array when no apps in the spaceSzymon BrandysSzymon Brandys1-2/+4
23 hoursBug 441685 - Use cf loggregator for showing app logsSzymon BrandysSzymon Brandys1-3/+7
23 hoursBug 444121 - cfo start doesn't workMalgorzata JanczarskaMalgorzata Janczarska1-1/+1
26 hoursBug 441685 - Use cf loggregator for showing app logsSzymon BrandysSzymon Brandys5-46/+1702
4 daysBug 443989 fix GitCloneTest.testCloneNotGitRepository failureAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter1-16/+15
4 daysBug 443983 GitCloneTest.testCloneNotGitRepository does not cleanupAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter1-15/+16
4 days[nobug] orion.product: remove entry for old bundle and delete old fileAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter2-58/+0
4 daysBug 443966 server bundles should have identical Java code style settingsAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter2-19/+29
4 daysBug 443955 Fix GitBranchTest.testListBranches() test failureAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter1-4/+4
4 daysBug 443768 [tests] make sure we delete the corruptedUserFile afterwardsAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter1-2/+6
4 days[nobug] Make the generic deployment planner fill in default values forMaciej BendkowskiMaciej Bendkowski1-8/+14
4 days[nobug] Rename plan widgets to plan wizardsMaciej BendkowskiMaciej Bendkowski5-17/+17
5 daysMerge branch 'master' of ssh://skaegi@git.eclipse.org/gitroot/orion/org.eclip...skaegiskaegi13-42/+66
5 daysremove entry for bundle that's now goneskaegiskaegi1-1/+0
5 daysBug 443768 Fix SearchTests are failing for the Hudson buildAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter3-8/+18
5 daysBug 443857 Fix BasicUsersTest.testGetUsersList() test failureAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter1-5/+3
5 days[nobug] Change naming policy for cloud foundry deployment plannersMaciej BendkowskiMaciej Bendkowski5-15/+37
6 daysFixed redirect to /login/nullrefs/changes/08/33208/2Aidan RedpathAnthony Hunter1-1/+2
6 daysBug 443767 [tests] GitTest reading all users to find a userAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter1-11/+2
6 daysBug 443416 Server tests hang in SearchTest.testPhraseDifferentCase()Anthony HunterAnthony Hunter2-2/+4
6 daysBug 443757 cleanup removal of org.eclipse.orion.server.configuratorAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter8-33/+32
6 daysBug 443755 remove old help feature and bundleAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter15-250/+0
6 daysBug 443536 Need replacement "about" servletAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter4-5/+246
6 daysMake branch, tag, and remote branch filter case insensitiveBogdan GheorgheBogdan Gheorghe3-9/+6
6 daysDisplay error for oauth on create accountsrefs/changes/90/33190/2Aidan RedpathAnthony Hunter1-0/+4
6 daysBug 443691 - 'cfo logout' says 'Error: Failed to handle request forMalgorzata JanczarskaMalgorzata Janczarska1-139/+138
6 daysBug 443676 - Support multiple deployment planners for Cloud FoundryMaciej BendkowskiMaciej Bendkowski14-56/+125
6 days[nobug] Create a default PushAppCommand constructorMaciej BendkowskiMaciej Bendkowski1-0/+10
6 daysBug 443479 - CF Deploy - Save the manifest regardlessMaciej BendkowskiMaciej Bendkowski1-7/+6
6 daysBug 443676 - Support multiple deployment planners for Cloud FoundryMaciej BendkowskiMaciej Bendkowski25-145/+874
7 daysSpeed up getting remote branchesBogdan GheorgheBogdan Gheorghe3-37/+15
7 daysSpeed up getting tagsBogdan GheorgheBogdan Gheorghe1-38/+29
7 daysFixed dynamic redirect URLsrefs/changes/22/33122/2Aidan RedpathAnthony Hunter4-37/+47
7 days[nobug] org.apache.oltu.oauth2.common should be using JavaSE-1.6Anthony HunterAnthony Hunter1-1/+1
8 daysAdd orion.client.docs. Move help/about.html to about/about.htmlMark MacdonaldMark Macdonald3-55/+5
8 daysAlways sort current branch firstBogdan GheorgheBogdan Gheorghe1-3/+10
8 daysMerge branch 'master' into aidanr/login_auth_workaidanr/login_auth_workAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter2-0/+7
8 daysFixed error handlerrefs/changes/64/33064/1Aidan RedpathAidan Redpath1-1/+1
8 daysAdd GitUrl location to RemotesBogdan GheorgheBogdan Gheorghe2-0/+7
8 daysMerge branch 'master' into aidanr/login_auth_work: manual fixesAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter5-12/+15
8 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into aidanr/login_auth_workAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter264-1835/+2755
8 daysBug 441685 - Use cf loggregator for showing app logs Szymon BrandysSzymon Brandys17-145/+981
8 daysBug 443479 - CF Deploy - Save the manifest regardlessMaciej BendkowskiMaciej Bendkowski1-11/+9
11 daysAdd back in bundles/org.eclipse.orion.server.jettycustomizerAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter1-0/+1
11 daysFix org.eclipse.orion.server.help bundleAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter8-0/+0
11 daysRestore OrionJettyCustomizer class and bundleAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter13-98/+239