BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterBug 468485 - add git links to all children in hierarchyi05332234 hours
mmacdonald/charsetBug 474366 - JSON response corrupted when default charset is not UTF-8Mark Macdonald4 months
silenio/githubAccessTokenuse github access token to push/fetch/clone when logged with github credentialsSilenio Quarti4 months
stable_20150811Defect 38488: Intermittent error getting commit informationSilenio Quarti4 months
stable_20150817support optional isGuid property in target objectsGrant Gayed3 months
stable_20150817_d2bm_loggingsupport optional isGuid property in target objectsGrant Gayed3 months
stable_20150831Bug 476315 - GitFileDecorator throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionJohn Arthorne3 months
stable_20150928Recursively clone sub-modules when cloningjim fan2 months
stable_20151026Bug 463696 - Search won't accept multiple file patternsDmitry Shindyalov4 weeks
stable_20151116revert the additional loggingGrant Gayed10 days
R10_0R10_0.zip  R10_0.tar.gz  R10_0.tar.xz  John Arthorne7 days
R9_0R9_0.zip  R9_0.tar.gz  R9_0.tar.xz  Anthony Hunter5 months
R8_0R8_0.zip  R8_0.tar.gz  R8_0.tar.xz  John Arthorne9 months
R7_0R7_0.zip  R7_0.tar.gz  R7_0.tar.xz  John Arthorne13 months
R6_0R6_0.zip  R6_0.tar.gz  R6_0.tar.xz  John Arthorne17 months
stable_20140625stable_20140625.zip  stable_20140625.tar.gz  stable_20140625.tar.xz  Szymon Brandys17 months
I201404012230I201404012230.zip  I201404012230.tar.gz  I201404012230.tar.xz  John Arthorne20 months
v20140401-1209org.eclipse.orion.server-20140401-1209.zip  org.eclipse.orion.server-20140401-1209.tar.gz  org.eclipse.orion.server-20140401-1209.tar.xz  Szymon Brandys20 months
v20140401-1044org.eclipse.orion.server-20140401-1044.zip  org.eclipse.orion.server-20140401-1044.tar.gz  org.eclipse.orion.server-20140401-1044.tar.xz  Maciej Bendkowski20 months
I201403311342I201403311342.zip  I201403311342.tar.gz  I201403311342.tar.xz  John Arthorne20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
34 hoursBug 468485 - add git links to all children in hierarchyHEADmasterrefs/changes/07/57907/7i0533222-16/+60
34 hoursAdd Gerrit Remote server siderefs/changes/64/61264/2Jim Fan1-8/+16
38 hoursBug 477600 - [search] Provide a search option to only see results thatrefs/changes/65/60965/2Dmitry Shindyalov3-1/+22
39 hoursBug 483008 - load metadata for both HEAD and GET requestsJohn Arthorne2-5/+5
39 hoursBug 483008 - corrected implementation of HEAD requestJohn Arthorne2-19/+33
39 hoursBug 483008 - Make about page servlet accept head requestsJohn Arthorne1-0/+7
44 hoursBug 482984 - Separate authorization from LogServletrefs/changes/25/61225/1Wojciech Sudol3-31/+70
4 daystake care of some edge cases for isInGitHubrefs/changes/16/61016/1Jim Fan1-2/+4
7 daysmove isGithub helper to GitUtilsSilenio Quarti2-22/+25
7 daysPull Request support server siderefs/changes/71/59871/6Jim Fan6-2/+444
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