BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Bug443802[no bug] Do a null check for default commandMalgorzata Janczarska4 days
aidanr/login_auth_workMerge branch 'master' into aidanr/login_auth_workAnthony Hunter11 days
bogBranchBug 443339 - Orion Settings Page UI Redesignelijahe10 days
dialog_titlesBug 416213 - Need distinct strings for dialog titles vs. buttonsMark Macdonald2 weeks
gheorghe/fetchBranchesFetch branches workBogdan Gheorghe2 days
gheorghe/testBranchAutoFetch2remove obsolete editor setting: splitOrientationGrant Gayed2 days
mastereditor caret disappears in FF.Silenio Quarti118 min.
stable_20140916Lined up all search option input fieldselijahe3 days
stable_20140918Bug 438286 - [IE only] new Git sync page has some layout strangeness on IESilenio Quarti30 hours
stable_20140919Bug 438286 - [IE only] new Git sync page has some layout strangeness on IESilenio Quarti30 hours
testDeletetestDelete.zip  testDelete.tar.gz  testDelete.tar.bz2  Silenio Quarti9 days
testSSQ1testSSQ1.zip  testSSQ1.tar.gz  testSSQ1.tar.bz2  Silenio Quarti3 weeks
testgitseltestgitsel.zip  testgitsel.tar.gz  testgitsel.tar.bz2  Silenio Quarti7 weeks
testSSQtestSSQ.zip  testSSQ.tar.gz  testSSQ.tar.bz2  Silenio Quarti8 weeks
inlineLogTaginlineLogTag.zip  inlineLogTag.tar.gz  inlineLogTag.tar.bz2  Silenio Quarti2 months
tag33tag33.zip  tag33.tar.gz  tag33.tar.bz2  Silenio Quarti3 months
R6_0R6_0.zip  R6_0.tar.gz  R6_0.tar.bz2  John Arthorne3 months
stable_20140625stable_20140625.zip  stable_20140625.tar.gz  stable_20140625.tar.bz2  Szymon Brandys3 months
tagTesttagTest.zip  tagTest.tar.gz  tagTest.tar.bz2  Bogdan Gheorghe3 months
bogTagbogTag.zip  bogTag.tar.gz  bogTag.tar.bz2  Bogdan Gheorghe3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
118 min.editor caret disappears in FF.HEADmasterSilenio QuartiSilenio Quarti1-0/+2
3 hoursBug 444620 - markdown editor can get header elements confusedGrant GayedGrant Gayed1-32/+33
4 hoursAdd hosting feature to launch configMark MacdonaldMark Macdonald1-0/+1
5 hoursensure that proportional splitters do not show out of bounds because of stale...Silenio QuartiSilenio Quarti1-5/+8
6 hoursCompare widget: "Open the working directory version of a file" command does n...libing wanglibing wang2-16/+25
7 hours[eslint] Setting for controlling 'semi' rule is missingMark MacdonaldMark Macdonald1-0/+6
7 hoursFix orion/search/nls/messagesMark MacdonaldMark Macdonald1-10/+8
8 hoursthrow ErrorMark MacdonaldMark Macdonald1-4/+4
8 hoursFix a few fileClient messagesMark MacdonaldMark Macdonald2-8/+9
8 hoursMessage module cleanuprefs/changes/96/33396/6Insoo ChooMark Macdonald64-447/+396
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