BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
emoffatt/SplitEditorsdo not load second editor contents if it is not visibleSilenio Quarti45 min.
htmlcontentasPackage standalone HTML & CSS content assist in editor zipMark Macdonald3 weeks
mamacdon/htmlcontentasPackage standalone HTML & CSS content assist in editor zipMark Macdonald3 weeks
mamacdon/tempBug 450188 - some tweaks; folded comment positioning, F2 focus handling and b...Eric Moffatt3 weeks
masterBug 458570 - Error computing hover tooltip while typing <string>.substringCurtis Windatt20 hours
mmacdonald/project_hackRemove project support from navigator, for testingMark Macdonald15 min.
stable_20150316Bug 462693 - Strings in genericDeploymentWizard overlaps.-- revert the positi...Libing Wang12 days
stable_20150323Bug 462714 preference to turn off username and password verificationAnthony Hunter12 days
stable_20150330[Bug 463454] Remove all references to commonPaneBuilder.jsFilip Madej2 days
tern0_6_2show proposals, sync still bustedMike Rennie21 hours
node_v0.0.36node_v0.0.36.zip  node_v0.0.36.tar.gz  node_v0.0.36.tar.bz2  Mark Macdonald5 weeks
R8_0R8_0.zip  R8_0.tar.gz  R8_0.tar.bz2  John Arthorne5 weeks
node_v0.0.35node_v0.0.35.zip  node_v0.0.35.tar.gz  node_v0.0.35.tar.bz2  Mark Macdonald7 weeks
node_v0.0.34node_v0.0.34.zip  node_v0.0.34.tar.gz  node_v0.0.34.tar.bz2  Mark Macdonald2 months
node_v0.0.33node_v0.0.33.zip  node_v0.0.33.tar.gz  node_v0.0.33.tar.bz2  Mark Macdonald5 months
R7_0R7_0.zip  R7_0.tar.gz  R7_0.tar.bz2  John Arthorne5 months
tagConflictTesttagConflictTest.zip  tagConflictTest.tar.gz  tagConflictTest.tar.bz2  Bogdan Gheorghe5 months
singleConfigsingleConfig.zip  singleConfig.tar.gz  singleConfig.tar.bz2  Bogdan Gheorghe5 months
v20141016-1200org.eclipse.orion.client-20141016-1200.zip  org.eclipse.orion.client-20141016-1200.tar.gz  org.eclipse.orion.client-20141016-1200.tar.bz2  Mike Rennie5 months
bogRevertTest3bogRevertTest3.zip  bogRevertTest3.tar.gz  bogRevertTest3.tar.bz2  Bogdan Gheorghe6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
20 hoursBug 458570 - Error computing hover tooltip while typing <string>.substringHEADmasterCurtis WindattCurtis Windatt1-2/+9
22 hoursBug 463619 - [HTML] Hover over element tags to preview contentsCurtis WindattCurtis Windatt2-3/+48
28 hours[Defect 117636] Services List does not refreshrefs/changes/51/44851/13Filip MadejSzymon Brandys4-407/+468
42 hoursBug 463523 - track performance of deployment operationsGrant GayedGrant Gayed2-0/+16
44 hoursBug 463514 - [hover] Change default tooltip colorCurtis WindattCurtis Windatt2-15/+31
46 hours[nobug] - Tooltips on right hand ruler have differing x locationsCurtis WindattCurtis Windatt1-3/+7
47 hoursBug 463486 - [Hover] Hovering on right ruler can sometimes result in bad tool...Curtis WindattCurtis Windatt1-3/+7
2 days[Bug 463454] Remove all references to commonPaneBuilder.jsstable_20150330refs/changes/44/44844/3Filip MadejSzymon Brandys2-8/+6
5 daystrack deploy performanceGrant GayedGrant Gayed1-2/+15
5 daysBug 463230 - [metrics] Provide metrics for quickfixesMike RennieMike Rennie2-5/+10
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