BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterTask 53090 - Eclipse Orion Web IDE v2 in OTC needs to adopt the Bluemix heade...Silenio Quarti10 hours
mrennie/jsplugin-workerBug 484136 - Investigate making the entire JS bundle a workerMike Rennie8 weeks
pwebster/bug479516Bug 479516 - Migrating the Node server from Connect to Expressc2leong9 weeks
pwebster/bug483949update example testroaderj9 weeks
silenio/fileClientServiceBug 393711 - Provide support for trusted pluginsSilenio Quarti8 weeks
silenio/prefsChangesBug 483691 - Preferences service needs a data only interfaceSilenio Quarti2 months
silenio/udpateCFpluginsBug 393711 - Provide support for trusted pluginsSilenio Quarti2 months
stable_20151207[nobug]Code edit widget: Added more demo pages.libing wang9 weeks
stable_20151214Bug 475852 - [Quickfix] Allow quick fixes to be applied to all matching probl...Curtis Windatt7 weeks
stable_20160202Bug 486676 - [assist][html] Tag completions appear inside script blocksCurtis Windatt4 days
R10_0R10_0.zip  R10_0.tar.gz  R10_0.tar.xz  John Arthorne3 months
trterterttrtertert.zip  trtertert.tar.gz  trtertert.tar.xz  Silenio Quarti3 months
testPushingTagstestPushingTags.zip  testPushingTags.tar.gz  testPushingTags.tar.xz  Silenio Quarti5 months
grantTag321grantTag321.zip  grantTag321.tar.gz  grantTag321.tar.xz  Grant Gayed6 months
node_v0.0.37node_v0.0.37.zip  node_v0.0.37.tar.gz  node_v0.0.37.tar.xz  Mark Macdonald6 months
R9_0R9_0.zip  R9_0.tar.gz  R9_0.tar.xz  Anthony Hunter7 months
node_v0.0.36node_v0.0.36.zip  node_v0.0.36.tar.gz  node_v0.0.36.tar.xz  Mark Macdonald11 months
R8_0R8_0.zip  R8_0.tar.gz  R8_0.tar.xz  John Arthorne11 months
node_v0.0.35node_v0.0.35.zip  node_v0.0.35.tar.gz  node_v0.0.35.tar.xz  Mark Macdonald12 months
node_v0.0.34node_v0.0.34.zip  node_v0.0.34.tar.gz  node_v0.0.34.tar.xz  Mark Macdonald12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
10 hoursTask 53090 - Eclipse Orion Web IDE v2 in OTC needs to adopt the Bluemix heade...HEADmasterSilenio Quarti4-8/+16
18 hourssplash might not be loaded yetSilenio Quarti4-6/+8
36 hoursShow the splash screen in the edit/git/settings page once on every tabSilenio Quarti3-6/+11
36 hoursBug 479684 - Open declaration/implementation should work with Node scenariosCurtis Windatt1-3/+3
38 hoursBug 487273 - LoadEagerly files don't seem to be visible all the timerefs/changes/38/65938/1Olivier Thomann1-24/+34
2 daysNo bug: typosCarolyn MacLeod2-2/+2
2 daysBug 487173 - Use ordered list and fix a few typos in codeEdit demosCarolyn MacLeod9-79/+86
3 daysBug 487167 - Code edit widget: TypeError: masterConfig is undefined when load...libing wang1-0/+1
3 daysBug 487131 - User Profile Settings "Linked Accounts" links have space in idCarolyn MacLeod1-2/+4
3 daysUpdate comments to point to relevant feature request bugs.Carolyn MacLeod1-2/+2
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