BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Bug443802[no bug] Do a null check for default commandMalgorzata Janczarska8 days
bogBranchBug 443339 - Orion Settings Page UI Redesignelijahe2 weeks
gheorghe/fetchBranchesFetch branches workBogdan Gheorghe6 days
gheorghe/gitDocGit User GuideBogdan Gheorghe9 hours
gheorghe/testBranchAutoFetch2remove obsolete editor setting: splitOrientationGrant Gayed7 days
masterBug 444779 Update JSON: "name" and "email" to "FullName" and "Email"Anthony Hunter3 hours
stable_20140916Lined up all search option input fieldselijahe8 days
stable_20140918Bug 438286 - [IE only] new Git sync page has some layout strangeness on IESilenio Quarti6 days
stable_20140919[nobug] [Deploy] do not send empty service arrayMalgorzata Janczarska13 hours
templateBug 436204 - creating a new .md file opens it in Orion's plain editorGrant Gayed37 hours
testDeletetestDelete.zip  testDelete.tar.gz  testDelete.tar.bz2  Silenio Quarti13 days
testSSQ1testSSQ1.zip  testSSQ1.tar.gz  testSSQ1.tar.bz2  Silenio Quarti4 weeks
testgitseltestgitsel.zip  testgitsel.tar.gz  testgitsel.tar.bz2  Silenio Quarti7 weeks
testSSQtestSSQ.zip  testSSQ.tar.gz  testSSQ.tar.bz2  Silenio Quarti2 months
inlineLogTaginlineLogTag.zip  inlineLogTag.tar.gz  inlineLogTag.tar.bz2  Silenio Quarti3 months
tag33tag33.zip  tag33.tar.gz  tag33.tar.bz2  Silenio Quarti3 months
R6_0R6_0.zip  R6_0.tar.gz  R6_0.tar.bz2  John Arthorne3 months
stable_20140625stable_20140625.zip  stable_20140625.tar.gz  stable_20140625.tar.bz2  Szymon Brandys3 months
tagTesttagTest.zip  tagTest.tar.gz  tagTest.tar.bz2  Bogdan Gheorghe3 months
bogTagbogTag.zip  bogTag.tar.gz  bogTag.tar.bz2  Bogdan Gheorghe3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
3 hoursBug 444779 Update JSON: "name" and "email" to "FullName" and "Email"HEADmasterAnthony HunterAnthony Hunter5-11/+11
6 hoursBug 437849 - changes to Flux patch (see comment 3)Mark MacdonaldMark Macdonald3-35/+33
6 hoursBug 437849 - Minor cleanup to Flux patchMark MacdonaldMark Macdonald2-37/+28
6 hoursAdd 'progress status' message support to live edit sessionsKris De VolderMark Macdonald1-1/+11
6 hours* Live Editing plugin. Exposes Orion's Editor Context object and MarkerAlex BoykoMark Macdonald2-1/+126
7 hourscleanup warnings in textView.jsSilenio QuartiSilenio Quarti1-23/+23
7 hoursfix syntax error in textView.jsSilenio QuartiSilenio Quarti1-1/+1
7 hoursBug 443339 - Orion Settings Page UI Redesignelijaheelijahe3-6/+6
7 hoursModified user profile data successfully updated message key to match shortene...elijaheelijahe1-1/+1
8 hoursBug 443339 - Orion Settings Page UI Redesignelijaheelijahe2-3/+4
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