BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
15/78615/2fix folder nav horizontal scrolling when file name is very long. date column...Silenio Quarti8 weeks
20160906buildBug 499578 - CF endpoint bug fixSidney7 weeks
58/76158/1[no bug] cleanup some warnings in setup.jsSilenio Quarti3 months
99/78499/7fix exception in commandRegistrySilenio Quarti7 weeks
JSONMenusCode Edit workEric Moffatt3 months
MenuStructsBug 496678 - Investigate ways to simplify the definition / customization of m...Eric Moffatt8 days
masterBug 502708 - [HTML] HTML validation should be configurable in the settingsCurtis Windatt45 hours
mrennie/languageServer[lsp] improve formattingOlivier Thomann2 days
silenio/nodeSearchWorkerelectron: add search workerSilenio Quarti3 months
silenioLanguageServeradd reference commands (WIP)Silenio Quarti2 months
node_v0.0.101node_v0.0.101.zip  node_v0.0.101.tar.gz  node_v0.0.101.tar.xz  Silenio Quarti2 months
R12_0R12_0.zip  R12_0.tar.gz  R12_0.tar.xz  Silenio Quarti3 months
node_v0.0.100_realnode_v0.0.100_real.zip  node_v0.0.100_real.tar.gz  node_v0.0.100_real.tar.xz  Mark Macdonald5 months
node_v0.0.100node_v0.0.100.zip  node_v0.0.100.tar.gz  node_v0.0.100.tar.xz  Mark Macdonald5 months
testtttttaatesttttttaa.zip  testtttttaa.tar.gz  testtttttaa.tar.xz  Silenio Quarti7 months
R11_0R11_0.zip  R11_0.tar.gz  R11_0.tar.xz  Mark Macdonald7 months
ssqtest1ssqtest1.zip  ssqtest1.tar.gz  ssqtest1.tar.xz  Silenio Quarti7 months
R10_0R10_0.zip  R10_0.tar.gz  R10_0.tar.xz  John Arthorne10 months
trterterttrtertert.zip  trtertert.tar.gz  trtertert.tar.xz  Silenio Quarti11 months
testPushingTagstestPushingTags.zip  testPushingTags.tar.gz  testPushingTags.tar.xz  Silenio Quarti13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
45 hoursBug 502708 - [HTML] HTML validation should be configurable in the settingsHEADmasterCurtis Windatt4-64/+135
3 daysBug 502497 - [html] NLS html validation problemsCurtis Windatt2-70/+33
3 daysBug 502487 - [html] Add tag-close html validation ruleCurtis Windatt6-25/+182
3 daysBug 502173 - Node server crash with exception in /cfapi/target endpointrefs/changes/76/82076/1Sidney1-1/+7
9 daysRevert "Bug 501779 - Orion "switch" command needs to be accessible"Carolyn MacLeod9-65/+42
10 daysBug 501942 - [assist] ecma proposals not showing sometimes when no .tern-proj...Mike Rennie2-6/+14
11 daysBug 486186 - codeEdit: Shift+Alt+? should show keybindingsEric Moffatt5-18/+37
12 daysBug 501779 - Orion "switch" command needs to be accessibleCarolyn MacLeod9-42/+65
2016-09-14Bug 501431 - attempting to drag an empty folder causes TypeErrorsGrant Gayed1-1/+1
2016-09-08[no bug] Added orion message bundle lit.Libing Wang1-0/+27
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