BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cwindatt/Bug443507_GoIntoProjectNavBug 443507 - Add user pref for "Go Into projects" in navigatorCurtis Windatt22 hours
cwindatt/Bug465610_ProgressTernContentAssistRevert "Bug 443507 - Add user pref for "Go Into projects" in navigator"Curtis Windatt22 hours
emoffatt/EditorContextMenuBug 467426 - Implement a context menu for editors (initial work)Eric Moffatt12 days
emoffatt/HeaderSearchBug 462716 - Implement split editors (works on FireFox)Eric Moffatt3 weeks
emoffatt/ScriptResolverFixFix the 'Deferred' requireEric Moffatt2 weeks
emoffatt/UpdatedHeaderSearchMore style tweaks for header searchAnton McConville8 days
mastertesting: add support for shared worker pluginSilenio Quarti13 hours
stable_20150511Revert "Bug 464821 - [tern] Get multi-file support working relaibly - fix asy...Anthony Hunter2 weeks
stable_20150518[nobug] Target passed as param should be encodedSzymon Brandys9 days
stable_20150525[nobug] Fix build error in minificationMark Macdonald47 hours
node_v0.0.36node_v0.0.36.zip  node_v0.0.36.tar.gz  node_v0.0.36.tar.bz2  Mark Macdonald3 months
R8_0R8_0.zip  R8_0.tar.gz  R8_0.tar.bz2  John Arthorne3 months
node_v0.0.35node_v0.0.35.zip  node_v0.0.35.tar.gz  node_v0.0.35.tar.bz2  Mark Macdonald3 months
node_v0.0.34node_v0.0.34.zip  node_v0.0.34.tar.gz  node_v0.0.34.tar.bz2  Mark Macdonald4 months
node_v0.0.33node_v0.0.33.zip  node_v0.0.33.tar.gz  node_v0.0.33.tar.bz2  Mark Macdonald7 months
R7_0R7_0.zip  R7_0.tar.gz  R7_0.tar.bz2  John Arthorne7 months
tagConflictTesttagConflictTest.zip  tagConflictTest.tar.gz  tagConflictTest.tar.bz2  Bogdan Gheorghe7 months
singleConfigsingleConfig.zip  singleConfig.tar.gz  singleConfig.tar.bz2  Bogdan Gheorghe7 months
v20141016-1200org.eclipse.orion.client-20141016-1200.zip  org.eclipse.orion.client-20141016-1200.tar.gz  org.eclipse.orion.client-20141016-1200.tar.bz2  Mike Rennie7 months
bogRevertTest3bogRevertTest3.zip  bogRevertTest3.tar.gz  bogRevertTest3.tar.bz2  Bogdan Gheorghe7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
13 hourstesting: add support for shared worker pluginHEADmasterSilenio QuartiSilenio Quarti4-97/+172
18 hoursBug 468402 - [Hover] Quickfix buttons change height when hovered over causing...Curtis WindattCurtis Windatt1-2/+2
19 hoursBug 463516 - [Hover] Style MarkeD rendered markdown betterCurtis WindattCurtis Windatt2-2/+24
22 hours[nobug] - Fix tooltip padding for content assist and adjust mouse hover area ...Curtis WindattCurtis Windatt2-13/+8
22 hoursDefect 32489: Created file in Web IDE is not openedSilenio QuartiSilenio Quarti1-7/+7
24 hoursBug 467899 - [hover][nav] Hover navigation is not working for certain requrej...Mike RennieMike Rennie1-1/+1
24 hoursBug 468344 - [tern] Prevent exceptions for unknown AST nodesMike RennieMike Rennie1-4/+12
24 hours[nobug] deprecated being shown in hover too oftenMike RennieMike Rennie1-1/+1
26 hourstesting: add support for worker plugins again and turn Orion single plugin in...Silenio QuartiSilenio Quarti15-77/+122
28 hours[Bug 468167] Check state of the app before redeployingrefs/changes/43/48543/7Filip MadejSzymon Brandys1-1/+1
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