BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cwindatt/Bug450188_TooltipRefactorBug 450188 - [Hover] Refactor hover.js and tooltip.js for a more flexible inf...Curtis Windatt7 days
eslint0_15_1Bug 460724 - [eslint] Update to eslint 0.15.1Mike Rennie19 hours
eslint_arrow[eslint] enable several rules on arrow functions:Mark Macdonald3 days
esprima2_0_0fixed windows-only tests + es6 testsMike Rennie8 days
ggayed/yamlFrontMatterfix markdown editor exception loggingGrant Gayed8 days
masterBug 461462 - [quickfix] Add @callback sometimes creates new JSDoc block when ...Mike Rennie9 hours
node_0_0_36Update README and version for Orion 8.0 releaseMark Macdonald6 days
stable_20150302Bug 461234 - Exception opening content assistCurtis Windatt39 hours
tern0_6_2get assist working for testingMike Rennie9 hours
ubolatov_new_landingBug 459158 - Update the login experienceUmar Bolatov3 days
node_v0.0.36node_v0.0.36.zip  node_v0.0.36.tar.gz  node_v0.0.36.tar.bz2  Mark Macdonald6 days
R8_0R8_0.zip  R8_0.tar.gz  R8_0.tar.bz2  John Arthorne6 days
node_v0.0.35node_v0.0.35.zip  node_v0.0.35.tar.gz  node_v0.0.35.tar.bz2  Mark Macdonald3 weeks
node_v0.0.34node_v0.0.34.zip  node_v0.0.34.tar.gz  node_v0.0.34.tar.bz2  Mark Macdonald6 weeks
node_v0.0.33node_v0.0.33.zip  node_v0.0.33.tar.gz  node_v0.0.33.tar.bz2  Mark Macdonald4 months
R7_0R7_0.zip  R7_0.tar.gz  R7_0.tar.bz2  John Arthorne4 months
tagConflictTesttagConflictTest.zip  tagConflictTest.tar.gz  tagConflictTest.tar.bz2  Bogdan Gheorghe5 months
singleConfigsingleConfig.zip  singleConfig.tar.gz  singleConfig.tar.bz2  Bogdan Gheorghe5 months
v20141016-1200org.eclipse.orion.client-20141016-1200.zip  org.eclipse.orion.client-20141016-1200.tar.gz  org.eclipse.orion.client-20141016-1200.tar.bz2  Mike Rennie5 months
bogRevertTest3bogRevertTest3.zip  bogRevertTest3.tar.gz  bogRevertTest3.tar.bz2  Bogdan Gheorghe5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
9 hoursBug 461462 - [quickfix] Add @callback sometimes creates new JSDoc block when ...HEADmasterMike RennieMike Rennie2-3/+29
9 hoursBug 461461 - [eslint] Incomplete member expression throws exception in no-ite...Mike RennieMike Rennie3-5/+32
12 hoursBug 461212 - JS tests failing in buildMark MacdonaldMark Macdonald3-33/+98
12 hours[nobug] small clean up to sauce.jsMark MacdonaldMark Macdonald1-23/+36
12 hoursUpdate grunt-saucelabs to ~8.6.0Mark MacdonaldMark Macdonald1-1/+1
12 hoursCreate shell scripts for running client tests:Mark MacdonaldMark Macdonald2-0/+48
13 hoursBug 461449 - [quickfix] no-sparse-array fix can sometimes eat trailing ']' tokenMike RennieMike Rennie2-1/+50
14 hoursBug 461222 - Break dependency from edit.js on cssContentAssist - remove cssli...Mike RennieMike Rennie4-13/+9
14 hoursBug 461446 - [hover] Some hovers showing default value when comments are avai...Mike RennieMike Rennie3-27/+56
15 hoursBug 461222 - Break dependency from edit.js on cssContentAssistMike RennieMike Rennie1-40/+6
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