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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
28 hours[Releng] Regenerate all models and eliminate all new warnings.HEADmasterEd Merks1-1/+1
9 days[550122] Improve how shortcut names are determinedEd Merks1-6/+6
2019-07-02[548868] Provide support for installing marketplace listingsEd Merks1-7/+7
2019-05-25[546618] Basic setup composabilityEd Merks1-1/+1
2019-05-11[547178] Support unzipping archives using Resource Copy TaskEd Merks1-6/+6
2019-01-15[543313] Unable to use custom credential provider with USS client andEd Merks1-6/+6
2018-07-06[Releng] Migrate to EPL 2.0.Ed Merks1-8/+8
2017-12-21[529070] Add missing Automatic-Module-Name header for Java 9Ed Merks1-0/+1
2017-12-21[529065] Preserve TargetDefinitionGenerator.extraUnits even if they're implicitEike Stepper1-2/+2
2017-12-02[528055] Fix JDT's Unlikely type argument warningsEd Merks1-6/+6
2017-03-18[513545] IllegalArgumentException below BaseUtil.<clinit> (thrown inEd Merks1-8/+8
2017-01-04[Releng] Update versions and version dependencies.Ed Merks1-8/+8
2016-09-20[501787] Base resource should avoid loading packages directly via theirEd Merks1-2/+2
2016-09-20[501786] Overridden setup tasks don't merge predecessors and successorsEd Merks1-6/+6
2016-07-06[Releng] Adjust versions for 1.5 development.Ed Merks1-8/+8
2016-03-23[Releng] Update copyrightsEike Stepper1-1/+1
2016-02-26[Releng] Create 1.4 baseline and adjust versionsEike Stepper1-7/+7
2015-09-23[Releng] Reset the version builder baseline to 1.3.0Eike Stepper1-8/+8
2015-08-28[476115] Update lower bounds using new version checkingEd Merks1-2/+2
2015-07-20[Releng] Consolidate plugin dependencies and resource locatorsEike Stepper1-2/+1
2015-06-30[471268] Add Requirement::filter attributeEike Stepper1-6/+6
2015-06-01[468959] Support an extensible product catalogEd Merks1-1/+1
2015-03-24[Releng] Revisit all optional requirements w.r.t. greedinessEike Stepper1-2/+2
2015-02-02[458893] Update version numbers to 1.1.0Carsten Reckord1-9/+9
2014-12-17[Releng] Decrease versions to 1.0.0 (installer can't update to next minor ver...Mars_M4Eike Stepper1-6/+6
2014-12-17[Releng] Increase versions to 1.1.0Eike Stepper1-6/+6
2014-11-26[453263] Mark all exported packages as internal for 1.0 releaseEd Merks1-13/+5
2014-06-05[435610] Eliminate need to launch a workbench instance from installerEike Stepper1-1/+0
2014-05-30[435610] Eliminate unnecessary 'bundle' packagesEike Stepper1-2/+1
2014-05-22Initial contributionEike Stepper1-0/+35

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