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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2019-04-07537254: update org.eclipse.license from 1.0.1 to 2.0.0Frank Becker27-108/+162
2016-07-16496268: Bugzilla connector uses LabelsAttributeEditor for add CC Frank Becker1-18/+29
2016-06-08436128: [api] connectors can provide the PriorityLevel for icons thatBrandon Dong2-5/+37
2016-05-27add JavaDoc for the various kinds of TaskData in TaskDataStateSam Davis1-0/+24
2015-12-01483421: enable attribute editors to be used for child attributes chris.poon1-11/+4
2015-11-30483327: [api] provide API to specify the precision of date/time fields Sam Davis3-1/+77
2015-11-30463022: [api] add support for storing usernames on RepositoryPerson chris.poon2-19/+27
2015-11-19482429: getValueLabels should fall back to attribute.getOption whenSam Davis1-0/+2
2015-08-28475539: fix copyrights for o.e.m.tasksSam Davis7-7/+7
2015-08-12474751: Deprecate TaskDataCollector.MAX_HITS and remove loggingKenneth Poon1-1/+2
2015-07-08Fix some API Analysis problemsFrank Becker1-2/+2
2015-06-10426644: add TaskDataSchema for Task Creation (with UI Part)Frank Becker6-45/+132
2015-05-22update copyrights for o.e.m.tasksSam Davis15-15/+15
2015-03-11446091: [api] allow clients to determine when the current user owns anSam Davis1-1/+29
2014-09-03Fix Javadoc for putOptionSam Davis1-3/+3
2014-06-19Add null annotations to TaskMapperLeo Dos Santos1-36/+70
2014-05-08385670: allow connector clients to choose whether subtasksSam Davis1-2/+16
2014-02-06426644: add required Flag to AbstractTaskSchemaFrank Becker1-5/+21
2014-01-31fix @NonNull annotation for attachment attributesSteffen Pingel1-2/+2
2014-01-21424188: Task attributes that set META_ATTRIBUTE_MEDIA_TYPE should beLeo Dos Santos1-0/+22
2013-12-17378032: [api] provide editor support for required attributesLeo Dos Santos1-1/+5
2013-12-17NEW - bug 378032: provide support for required attributesBenjamin Muskalla2-0/+24
2013-12-05423351: DefaultTaskSchema should provide a kind for DESCRIPTIONDavid Green3-2/+19
2013-10-10419179: provide a task attribute metadata key for Internet media typeDavid Green1-0/+17
2013-07-12410655: add @NonNull annotations to TaskAttributeMapperSteffen Pingel1-34/+55
2013-07-04410655: update formatter settings for @NonNull annotationsSteffen Pingel2-9/+10
2013-07-04386764: [api] TaskMapping should be able to handle custom attributesBenjamin Muskalla1-0/+12
2013-07-03410655: add @NonNull annotations to task data and attachment handlerSteffen Pingel2-18/+22
2013-04-04404711: TaskAttachmentPartSource swallows source exceptionSteffen Pingel1-6/+3
2012-10-28Fix error missing since tagFrank Becker1-0/+1
2012-10-25392688: TaskAttribute support for UnsetMiles Parker1-1/+16
2012-09-18389842: TaskAttribute#setValues should not accept nullBenjamin Muskalla1-0/+2
2012-09-09ASSIGNED - bug 387492: [api] provide iterators and other services forMiles Parker1-0/+20
2012-03-08NEW - bug 373703: reduce memory footprint of Mylyn 3.7 Steffen Pingel1-2/+2
2012-02-29NEW - bug 372838: [regression] IllegalArgumentException when openingSteffen Pingel2-10/+8
2012-02-22RESOLVED - bug 356790: configure all projects for Unix file endings Steffen Pingel1-285/+285
2012-02-22bug 191522: provide full text search functionality over task comments David Green2-214/+302
2012-02-12RESOLVED - bug 356790: configure all projects for Unix file endings Steffen Pingel1-612/+612
2012-02-12NEW - bug 371323: [regression] all comments are shown as incoming Steffen Pingel1-0/+19
2012-02-09ASSIGNED - bug 349620: improve UI for private comments Steffen Pingel3-23/+1
2012-02-08191522: provide full text search functionality over task commentsDavid Green1-1/+2
2012-02-02REOPENED - bug 369697: fix test failures on Java 1.7 Steffen Pingel1-1/+2
2012-01-26191522: provide full text search functionality over task commentsDavid Green1-607/+617
2011-12-02NEW - bug 364892: replace invocations to CommonUiUtil.toLabel() withSteffen Pingel1-1/+1
2011-06-19ASSIGNED - bug 349620: improve UI for showing private commentsfbecker3-1/+23
2011-05-29ASSIGNED - bug 345847: [patch][api] create UI for private comments and attach...fbecker3-0/+39
2011-05-07NEW - bug 343210: [patch][api] framework should provide facility to be notifi...spingel2-1/+21
2011-04-10NEW - bug 142906: Use History view to show repository task historyspingel2-0/+209
2011-03-05REOPENED - bug 337083: provide an extensible task schema implementationspingel5-4/+350
2011-03-02RESOLVED - bug 338612: [api] Support getting the old value of a task attribut...spingel1-0/+16

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