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2014-04-09376337: remove deprecated internal provisional classes from TasksSteffen Pingel1-79/+0
Change-Id: I9c4cc4c29c745c6d4af94896853ab7a1fa5dce91 Task-Url:
2014-03-26316253: move connector extension loading into coreSteffen Pingel1-0/+63
Change-Id: Iba3b445736d552825e095a3e35ace3a304af4e86 Task-Url:
2014-03-26316253: move loading of task activity extension into coreSteffen Pingel1-0/+13
Change-Id: I3cc373119f7a19f69a2b4391f94ffc0b64d56935 Task-Url:
2014-03-25316253: move task activation externalization to coreSteffen Pingel3-0/+167
Change-Id: I52c508ef8103ac6e2ddaef30e1ab78986dfc32d3 Task-Url:
2014-03-03428504: bugzilla connector is logged out after credentials migrated fromSam Davis1-0/+13
keyring Change-Id: I033be68acf2686a087058a7474289c842d7deebe Task-Url:
2014-02-28390529: [api] make taskData available in TaskJobListener methodsEndre Zoltan Kovacs1-4/+5
Bug: 390529 Task-Url: Expanding the API of TaskJobEvent with TaskData. TaskData is now available for TaskJobListeners before and after the task is submitted. Change-Id: I67c2d79d5a0c4d6770a9c4c9557a86ea150b142b Signed-off-by: Endre Zoltan Kovacs <>
2014-02-18278474: perform migration of credentials to secure storageSam Davis3-0/+237
Change-Id: I590cabb6f09c9bdfe28532d47ba5dc04aa15bff2 Task-Url:
2014-02-18278474: store TaskRepository credentials in SecureCredentialsStoreSam Davis2-0/+8
Change-Id: I93daacac2280c009b98d02395d4a5989f5c0a16a Task-Url:
2013-09-26386117: [api] declare repository connector extensions in tasks.coreSteffen Pingel4-17/+229
Change-Id: I9eafa88b5731e9aaf1d46bd0f91e1b3c51f4f129 Task-Url:
2013-08-26337999: Undo mark as read commandTomasz Zarna1-2/+4
Bug: 337999 Change-Id: I1694d6dae1a1d0808a3f7d18debd3129131580d2 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Tomasz Zarna <> Also-by: Sam Davis <>
2013-07-04386764: [api] TaskMapping should be able to handle custom attributesBenjamin Muskalla1-0/+3
Added new API called TaskInitializationData to provide common mutators for ITaskMapping to be used for task data initialization. Also-By: Steffen Pingel <> Change-Id: I13c88b5e33a8ab097953833627383ae85cfa692f Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Benjamin Muskalla <>
2013-06-28remove redundant StatusHandler#log call when reading ext pointsTomasz Zarna1-5/+2
ExtensionPointReader#read already logs status if it's not ok, see #handleResult Change-Id: I8611eb62fa24610f7ab7636648e236ac5714ef67
2013-06-28408511: [api] add support for contributing UI and branding at runtimeSteffen Pingel1-0/+7
Change-Id: I33c608dad60ee5d979e2ddd5c5cde4c386519610 Task-Url:
2013-06-28408511: [api] provide an extension to dynamically contribute connectorsSteffen Pingel1-20/+78
Change-Id: If0acbbd24a543d13414ed4bf862a145803b6121c Task-Url:
2013-06-28408511: [api] move connector extension point reader into coreSteffen Pingel1-0/+333
Change-Id: I28c285f9ab9f7d0e3b4e80ad79dec9cb148f7db9 Task-Url:
2013-06-27409758: [api] [fix] allow clients to determine the first and lastLily Guo1-2/+2
activity dates of a task Change-Id: Ia2846e83c386b6de1f6ad9ddcee4219e9564fdeb Task-Url:
2013-06-19409758: [api] allow clients to determine the first and last activityLily Guo1-0/+16
dates of a task Change-Id: I5aa8aa53d204a3c6cef2fc4cfa7d4023f72c719a Task-Url:
2013-06-05remove unused messagesSteffen Pingel2-3/+0
Change-Id: I021d9f1c2c6023835d560681c3e187aa9dfa03f6
2013-05-08NEW - bug 250865: scheduling information incorrect when local time zoneSam Davis3-15/+57
changes Change-Id: I0ae81f95cb228c7966037e9aa89ff5aa23a520f1
2013-05-08403094: cannot mark task unread after incoming suppressedFrank Becker1-0/+2
Change-Id: Icb207c30c943992a77a76d9e5e5d9c81b5bf7349 Task-Url:
2013-04-30406647: task data gets corrupted when falling back to XML 1.1Steffen Pingel3-4/+54
Change-Id: I28a69c4aec071ae5ac72aa007285f9ca2acbedb1 Task-Url:
2013-04-27399302: reduce the number of warnings for all Tasks pluginsSteffen Pingel1-4/+8
Change-Id: I2615efba4b9643ffa2bbce52d2172d6e8d1cf9bb Task-Url:
2013-04-21387710: [api] task category property should be APISteffen Pingel2-13/+26
Change-Id: I460afb96bb37f84dddfd3b8d48fc58f47891f382 Task-Url:
2013-04-04404857: jobs should support running in the backgroundSteffen Pingel6-29/+44
Change-Id: I4ea93f46916f92a9c9ac9f5ec8f15198bf45f14d Task-Url:
2013-04-04404857: allow background submissions of tasks and attachmentsTomasz Zarna2-8/+4
Change-Id: If8e2cf914dd05fc6ebc674dd5961a1075a77be63 Task-Url:
2013-04-04403571: fix failing Task testsFrank Becker1-1/+1
Change-Id: I76d3d606c2a0a44653a78232e626a6e3afe48453 Task-Url:
2013-01-28396146: UpdateRepositoryConfigurationJob passed in null ITask parameterSteffen Pingel1-1/+1
Change-Id: I493dccc9d800300d883ce3890e4ee07d5ffddfc7 Task-Url:
2012-09-10389103: prevent concurrent updates of repository configurationSteffen Pingel1-30/+5
Change-Id: Ib20537dd92e03edda72ffefc6e0b221f21ceb37b Task-Url:
2012-06-03REOPENED - bug 378855: fix class loading issues withSteffen Pingel1-198/+0
2012-05-23NEW - bug 375076: [api] move classes inSteffen Pingel1-0/+12
org.eclipse.mylyn.internal.provisional.tasks.core to API package
2012-05-23NEW - bug 378855: fix class loading issues with RepositoryClientManager Steffen Pingel1-2/+2 Change-Id: Ibbdf5936382a05d827679b23d144b36fa322a305
2012-05-18NEW - bug 378855: fix class loading issues with RepositoryClientManager Steffen Pingel1-45/+39 Change-Id: I51ba65053003a44099fb9406f4dc0aac4f8f9053
2012-05-18NEW - bug 378855: fix classloading issues with RepositoryClientManager Benjamin Muskalla1-9/+44 Change-Id: I18ba7a241393eb33322b87d97fea41aba1c78d1b
2012-03-14RESOLVED - bug 348300: cleanup fixme and todos for 3.7 Steffen Pingel2-3/+0 Change-Id: I379807b91e512712f4c607a21874dd81c6f80569
2012-02-23NEW - bug 358554: [api] provide an extensible store for task-relatedSteffen Pingel2-24/+29
information Change-Id: Iebf65bc3560a3b3240ff86eb453f1c76391d972a
2012-02-17NEW - bug 371154: [regression] notifications are not displayed for newSteffen Pingel1-1/+1
tasks if connector provides full task data on query execution Change-Id: I7003ddcaf5fd41efe1b529921835d33051624e22
2012-02-15NEW - bug 333930: [api] provide ability to get notified of changes toSam Davis2-2/+92
task data and submits
2012-02-09ASSIGNED - bug 349620: improve UI for private comments Steffen Pingel1-9/+0 Change-Id: I00b570970980919ae15c6026db859cc1c4ea89fa
2012-01-30NEW - bug 370045: localization missing for key bindings Steffen Pingel2-3/+0
2012-01-25NEW - bug 369697: fix test failures on Java 1.7 Steffen Pingel1-1/+2 Change-Id: I68b51f8bc733acf73a1a8b85f555c4fbac69a29d
2011-12-05NEW - bug 361048: [api] move service message implementation toSteffen Pingel8-894/+0
notifications component Change-Id: I4f88348bfc60a084a01378931fd8210817fa8d79
2011-12-03NEW - bug 360301: [api] make provisional packages API Steffen Pingel1-1/+1 Change-Id: Ic9849bea00e2a58e7275badd2996ecc2567606c4
2011-12-02NEW - bug 364892: replace invocations to CommonUiUtil.toLabel() withSteffen Pingel3-4/+4
LegacyActionTools.escapeMnemonics() Change-Id: I7b145d1b2c25db0393bae558d6b50a89f277b616
2011-11-05NEW - bug 362352: [regression] copy context moves active time Steffen Pingel1-6/+12 Change-Id: Iea8c4b27f69277914e1b75cac2dd803c11d5ea1f
2011-09-29NEW - bug 336430: separate Tasks framework from ContextSteffen Pingel1-2/+8 Change-Id: Id47587b48f071ccbd2f3229eda0984db5524dcb2
2011-08-28REOPENED - bug 351100: fix failing tests for Mylyn 3.7 Steffen Pingel1-8/+44
2011-08-22ASSIGNED - bug 349924: [patch][api] provide extension point for taskSteffen Pingel2-21/+30
activation listeners
2011-08-22ASSIGNED - bug 349924: [patch][api] provide extension point for taskManuel Doninger2-0/+47
activation listeners
2011-07-23NEW - bug 352933: [api] extract task activity monitoring fromSteffen Pingel1-0/+5
2011-07-22NEW - bug 336430: separate Context framework from Tasks Steffen Pingel2-0/+108

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