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Mylar Overview</h1>
<p><i>The best way to get an overview of Mylar is by watching the flash
- demos, then by checking the latest <b>
- <a href="new.html">What's New</a></b></i></p>
+ demos, then by checking the latest </i> <b>
+ <a href="new.html">What's New</a></b></p>
- <li><i><a href="">
- Getting started</a> (5 minutes)</i></li>
- <li><i>
+ <li><b><a href="">
+ Getting started</a></b> (5 minutes)</li>
+ <li><b>
<a href="">
- Using active views</a> (2 minutes)</i></li>
- <li><i>Managing tasks (to come)</i></li>
+ Using active views</a> </b>(2 minutes)</li>
+ <li>Managing tasks (to come)</li>
<p>As you work on programming tasks, Mylar watches your activity and creates
a task context.&nbsp; This context is associated with the task that you have

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