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<h2 id="Trac_Connector">Trac Connector</h2>
- <a href="" title="Mylyn_FAQ#Trac_Connector_troubleshooting" target="mylyn_external">Trac Connector Troubleshooting</a>.
+ <a href="" title="Mylyn/FAQ#Trac_Connector" target="mylyn_external">Trac Connector Troubleshooting</a>.
<h2 id="JIRA_Connector">JIRA Connector</h2>
<a href="" target="mylyn_external">this page</a> for install instructions and additional screen shots. Note that the Mylyn JIRA connector requires at least JIRA version 3.3.3 and SOAP/RPC services have to be enabled on the server.
<p>See also
- <a href="" title="Mylyn_FAQ#JIRA_Connector_troubleshooting" target="mylyn_external">JIRA Connector Troubleshooting</a>.
+ <a href="" title="Mylyn/FAQ#JIRA_Connector" target="mylyn_external">JIRA Connector Troubleshooting</a>.
<h2 id="Generic_Web_Templates_Connector">Generic Web Templates Connector</h2>
<p>The generic web repository connector is NOT part of the default Mylyn install. You can install it from the incubator update site. See
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@
<i>Edit Query</i> page.
- <a href="" title="Mylyn/FAQ#Generic_Web_Repository_Connector" target="mylyn_external">FAQ</a> for the troubleshooting tips.
+ <a href="" title="Mylyn/FAQ#Web_Templates_Connector" target="mylyn_external">FAQ</a> for the troubleshooting tips.
<b>For example</b>, consider the configuration steps for GlassFish project at <code></code>:

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