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Fixed Bug #112019: CVS text decorator applied twice on Active Search view
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<p>Mylar supports Eclipse 3.1 final and Eclipse 3.2 milestone releases.&nbsp;
For the time being Mylar <i>only runs in a Java 5 VM</i>, but we are
exploring support for JDK 1.4 VMs.</p>
- <h3>What are the key known limitations?</h3>
+ <h3>What are the known limitations?</h3>
+ <p><a href="">Bug 106678</a>&nbsp;
+ The Package Explorer's hierarchical layout is not supported. </p>
<p><a href="">Bug
102663</a>&nbsp; Multiple workbench windows are not supported and Mylar will
not work properly if you have more than one window open.</p>
@@ -26,6 +28,7 @@
109314</a>&nbsp; Folding must be toggled off in order to view all the
matches for &quot;mark occurrences&quot;.&nbsp; This is not a Mylar-specific
limitation but is more noticeable when Automatic Folding is enabled.</p>
+ <p>106678</p>
<h3>How do I stop declarations from showing up in the Package Explorer?</h3>
If you don't like Mylar's constant showing of Java members in the
Package Explorer, select the drop-down menu, then &quot;Filters...&quot; and

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