BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
e_4_4_m_3_13_x442726: Attachments with unicode characters in file names get submittedDavid King2 years
e_4_4_m_3_14_x462113: update o.e.m.tasks version to 3.14.3Sam Davis21 months
e_4_4_m_3_15_x378032: BooleanAttributeEditor should initialize attribute to falseSam Davis21 months
e_4_5_m_3_16_xRevert "touch pom"Sam Davis18 months
e_4_5_m_3_17_x476680: AbstractRepositorySettingsPage doesn't udpate brand whenJaxsun McCarthy Huggan15 months
e_4_5_m_3_18_xadd @NonNull annotations to getNewSubTaskWizardSam Davis12 months
e_4_5_m_3_19_x[3.19] 490820: always set password field echo character if possibleJaxsun McCarthy Huggan8 months
e_4_5_m_3_20_x[3.20.x] 452674: mark task editor parts dirty when their attributes changeSam Davis5 months
e_4_5_m_3_21_x[3.21] 501993: fix NullPointerException in DefaultSupportHandler.getDescriptionJaxsun McCarthy Huggan2 months
master508923: remove help from open task, new query, and new task dialogsJaxsun McCarthy Huggan35 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  R_3_21_0.tar.gz  R_3_21_0.tar.xz  Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan2 months  R_3_20_1.tar.gz  R_3_20_1.tar.xz  Sam Davis6 months  R_3_20_0.tar.gz  R_3_20_0.tar.xz  Colin Ritchie6 months  R_3_19_0.tar.gz  R_3_19_0.tar.xz  Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan8 months  R_3_18_0.tar.gz  R_3_18_0.tar.xz  Sam Davis12 months  R_3_17_0.tar.gz  R_3_17_0.tar.xz  Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan15 months  R_3_16_0.tar.gz  R_3_16_0.tar.xz  Sam Davis18 months  R_3_15_0.tar.gz  R_3_15_0.tar.xz  Sam Davis21 months  R_3_14_2.tar.gz  R_3_14_2.tar.xz  Sam Davis22 months  R_3_14_1.tar.gz  R_3_14_1.tar.xz  Sam Davis22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
35 hours508923: remove help from open task, new query, and new task dialogsHEADmasterrefs/changes/69/86769/1Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan3-21/+24
8 days499382: add Flag support for bugs and attachments (only core part)refs/changes/97/82797/5Frank Becker21-37/+1327
9 days508493: releng: add check if apikey already exsistsrefs/changes/94/86094/1Frank Becker1-5/+8
2016-11-22507785: Inconsistent text in "Add task repositories" wizard for therefs/changes/42/85442/2Sam Davis3-28/+29
2016-11-03fix NPE on synchronizationManagerrefs/changes/85/84385/2Sam Davis1-1/+3
2016-10-29352377: allow contributions to the Copy Details sub menurefs/changes/72/84172/1Steffen Pingel1-0/+5
2016-10-25501868: add back removed enum constants as deprecatedrefs/changes/29/83729/3Sam Davis1-0/+11
2016-10-24fix incorrect copyright headersSam Davis5-17/+32
2016-10-21503109: create ManagedSuite for junit4refs/changes/78/83178/3Frank Becker3-84/+63
2016-10-20502035: Revise preferences for automatic task list synchronizationrefs/changes/74/83474/3Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan6-97/+184
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