BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
e_3_8_m_3_7_xNEW - bug 374776: Local task with very long URL in Attributes sectionSteffen Pingel3 years
e_3_8_m_3_8_x403571: fix failing Task testsSteffen Pingel16 months
e_4_3_m_3_9_x419190: ClassCastException when opening query dialogTomasz Zarna16 months
e_4_4_m_3_10_x419190: ClassCastException when opening query dialogTomasz Zarna16 months
e_4_4_m_3_11_x428590: rebuild help documentationSam Davis12 months
e_4_4_m_3_12_x436176: add license back to feature.xml in TasksSam Davis9 months
e_4_4_m_3_13_x442726: Attachments with unicode characters in file names get submittedDavid King6 months
e_4_4_m_3_14_x460174: update o.e.m.tasks version to 3.14.2Sam Davis14 days
eol-oslc-connectorfix license headersSteffen Pingel14 months
masterBug 444312 - handle updating and validating repositories that don'tDoug Janzen2 weeks
TagDownloadAuthorAge  R_3_14_2.tar.gz  R_3_14_2.tar.bz2  Sam Davis14 days  R_3_14_1.tar.gz  R_3_14_1.tar.bz2  Sam Davis5 weeks  R_3_14_0.tar.gz  R_3_14_0.tar.bz2  Sam Davis3 months  R_3_13_0.tar.gz  R_3_13_0.tar.bz2  David King6 months  R_3_12_0.tar.gz  R_3_12_0.tar.bz2  Sam Davis9 months  R_3_11_0.tar.gz  R_3_11_0.tar.bz2  Sam Davis12 months  R_3_9_2.tar.gz  R_3_9_2.tar.bz2  Tomasz Zarna16 months  R_3_10_0.tar.gz  R_3_10_0.tar.bz2  Frank Becker16 months  R_3_9_1.tar.gz  R_3_9_1.tar.bz2  Tomasz Zarna18 months  R_3_9_0.tar.gz  R_3_9_0.tar.bz2  Steffen Pingel21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
2015-02-14Bug 444312 - handle updating and validating repositories that don'tHEADmasterrefs/changes/78/33478/5Doug JanzenGerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org2-16/+81
2015-02-04307729: [upstream] support reading and updating the See Also field refs/changes/21/41021/2Frank BeckerGerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org1-5/+5
2015-02-03458951: [releng] vagrant box Text::Wrap is to oldrefs/changes/19/40919/2Frank BeckerGerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org1-0/+1
2015-02-03307729: [upstream] support reading and updating the See Also fieldrefs/changes/94/40894/6Frank BeckerGerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org14-51/+357
2015-02-01458453: update of Bugzilla to Version 5.0rc2, 4.4.8, 4.2.13, and 4.0.17refs/changes/16/40416/4Frank BeckerFrank Becker12-42/+52
2015-01-16Bugzilla REST UI: remove Encoding Settingrefs/changes/07/39707/3Frank BeckerGerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org2-1/+3
2015-01-12445557: update o.e.m.tasks version to 3.15refs/changes/10/39510/1Sam DavisSam Davis73-119/+119
2015-01-09remove unneeded @since tagrefs/changes/36/39336/1Sam DavisSam Davis1-17/+16
2014-12-22455081: remove JDK from list of Bugzilla dependenciesrefs/changes/77/38677/1Steffen PingelSteffen Pingel1-1/+0
2014-12-22455806: update Bugzilla puppet scripts for Ubuntu 14.04refs/changes/38/38638/2Frank BeckerFrank Becker3-37/+40