BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
e_4_4_m_3_11_x428590: rebuild help documentationSam Davis23 months
e_4_4_m_3_12_x436176: add license back to feature.xml in TasksSam Davis20 months
e_4_4_m_3_13_x442726: Attachments with unicode characters in file names get submittedDavid King17 months
e_4_4_m_3_14_x462113: update o.e.m.tasks version to 3.14.3Sam Davis11 months
e_4_4_m_3_15_x378032: BooleanAttributeEditor should initialize attribute to falseSam Davis11 months
e_4_5_m_3_16_xRevert "touch pom"Sam Davis8 months
e_4_5_m_3_17_x476680: AbstractRepositorySettingsPage doesn't udpate brand whenJaxsun McCarthy Huggan5 months
e_4_5_m_3_18_xadd @NonNull annotations to getNewSubTaskWizardSam Davis2 months
eol-oslc-connectorfix license headersSteffen Pingel2 years
master414360: add support for add attachments to REST APIFrank Becker26 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  R_3_18_0.tar.gz  R_3_18_0.tar.xz  Sam Davis2 months  R_3_17_0.tar.gz  R_3_17_0.tar.xz  Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan5 months  R_3_16_0.tar.gz  R_3_16_0.tar.xz  Sam Davis8 months  R_3_15_0.tar.gz  R_3_15_0.tar.xz  Sam Davis11 months  R_3_14_2.tar.gz  R_3_14_2.tar.xz  Sam Davis12 months  R_3_14_1.tar.gz  R_3_14_1.tar.xz  Sam Davis13 months  R_3_14_0.tar.gz  R_3_14_0.tar.xz  Sam Davis14 months  R_3_13_0.tar.gz  R_3_13_0.tar.xz  David King17 months  R_3_12_0.tar.gz  R_3_12_0.tar.xz  Sam Davis20 months  R_3_11_0.tar.gz  R_3_11_0.tar.xz  Sam Davis23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
26 hours414360: add support for add attachments to REST APIHEADmasterrefs/changes/90/42490/5Frank Becker16-63/+510
10 days486145: tasks should not receive incoming notifications for attributesrefs/changes/13/64713/7Brandon Dong5-29/+218
10 days486607: task search page reports accurate error when no searchablerefs/changes/23/65223/2Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan6-23/+41
11 days486873: do not add unused connectors to UI legend refs/changes/01/65501/2Sam Davis1-16/+16
14 days486782: compilation failure in TaskListSorter against staging platformrefs/changes/41/65441/1Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan4-44/+43
2016-01-25485380: rename getTaskData parameter from taskIdOrKey to taskIdrefs/changes/27/65127/2Sam Davis1-2/+2
2016-01-22485380: [api] connectors can search by task key refs/changes/58/60958/6Sam Davis3-44/+151
2016-01-22486309: allow connectors to specify that their markup language extends arefs/changes/51/63051/3Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan2-1/+22
2016-01-19414360: add getAttachments for the REST APIrefs/changes/73/42373/3Frank Becker7-16/+456
2016-01-11tests should throw exceptions instead of catching and failingrefs/changes/04/63804/3Sam Davis2-72/+26
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