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authorNatasha Carson2019-03-08 18:53:17 -0500
committerNatasha Carson2019-03-26 20:02:33 -0400
commitafa2a4ff1c3c8efcc55582989c82c8e517eca821 (patch)
treede0f89f35e45c994897aa9db92d6c380546ba278 /org.eclipse.mylyn.gerrit.ui/src/org/eclipse/mylyn
parentf2cf4c5a560940df3f4f9e336a857f5417385ff0 (diff)
485981: retrieve patchset and project details via RESTR_3_25_0m_3_25_x
* Opening a review failed with "Couldn't update model" when opening a task from the Task List of a repo that has already been opened once; resolved by attempting re-authentication * NPE when retrieving patch sets on from; resolved * 404 error when Hudson is the Owner of the review; resolved by providing support for Hudson/Jenkins unique identifier (Hudson email is not a valid {account-id}) * ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException related to comparing patchset diffs of files; resolved Change-Id: Ie778b1cd10ac8c335f32487f039cf5553fe80349 Signed-off-by: Natasha Carson <>
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