BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
e_3_6_m_3_3_xNEW - bug 307455: [releng] update copyright notices and release 3.3.3spingel4 years
e_3_6_m_3_4_xbug 328300spingel3 years
e_3_7_m_3_5_xupdated poms for git migrationSteffen Pingel3 years
e_3_7_m_3_6_xNEW - bug 370432: update target definitions for 3.6 to latest platformSteffen Pingel2 years
e_3_8_m_3_7_xNEW - bug 375060: [release] plan Mylyn 3.7.1 release Steffen Pingel2 years
e_3_8_m_3_8_x405022: update version for 3.8.4 releaseSteffen Pingel13 months
e_4_3_m_3_9_xavoid nesting managed suitesSteffen Pingel6 months
e_4_4_m_3_10_x421278: udpate versions for Mylyn 3.10.1Steffen Pingel5 months
e_4_4_m_3_11_xFix the Mylyn Luna build profile (resolve target for tests)Leo Dos Santos14 hours
masterFix the target for Mylyn staging buildLeo Dos Santos7 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  R_3_11_0.tar.gz  R_3_11_0.tar.bz2  Steffen Pingel6 weeks  R_3_10_0.tar.gz  R_3_10_0.tar.bz2  Steffen Pingel6 months  R_3_9_2.tar.gz  R_3_9_2.tar.bz2  Steffen Pingel6 months  R_3_9_1.tar.gz  R_3_9_1.tar.bz2  Steffen Pingel8 months  R_3_9_0.tar.gz  R_3_9_0.tar.bz2  Steffen Pingel11 months  R_3_8_4.tar.gz  R_3_8_4.tar.bz2  Steffen Pingel13 months  R_3_8_3.tar.gz  R_3_8_3.tar.bz2  Steffen Pingel14 months  R_3_8_2.tar.gz  R_3_8_2.tar.bz2  Steffen Pingel20 months  R_3_8_1.tar.gz  R_3_8_1.tar.bz2  Steffen Pingel21 months  R_3_8_0.tar.gz  R_3_8_0.tar.bz2  Steffen Pingel22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
7 daysFix the target for Mylyn staging buildHEADmasterrefs/changes/91/24991/2Leo Dos Santos Sam Davis2-3/+10
10 days432070: change name of the virtualboxrefs/changes/00/24800/2Frank Becker Frank Becker1-2/+2
14 days432070: change vagrantfiles to use Vagrant.configure("2")refs/changes/86/24486/4Frank Becker Sam Davis1-11/+12
2014-04-02Fix the Mylyn Luna build profile (resolve target for tests)refs/changes/66/24366/1Leo Dos Santos Leo Dos Santos1-0/+5
2014-04-02Fix the Mylyn Luna build profilerefs/changes/54/24354/1Leo Dos Santos Leo Dos Santos1-1/+3
2014-03-28update versions for 3.12refs/changes/27/24127/1Sam Davis Sam Davis10-40/+40
2014-03-28update Gerrit versions in discovery listingrefs/changes/91/24091/1Sam Davis Sam Davis2-2/+2
2014-03-24typo in pom.xml/properties/sonar.skippedModulesrefs/changes/74/23774/2Tomasz Zarna Steffen Pingel1-1/+1
2014-03-21421379: remove Axis and dependencies from build targetsrefs/changes/26/23726/1Steffen Pingel Steffen Pingel9-59/+0
2014-03-20423575: consume Guava 15 once available in Orbitrefs/changes/52/23652/1Steffen Pingel Steffen Pingel8-8/+24