BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bug_427395bug 427395: Improve OPSPublication API Torkild U. Resheim18 months
e_4_4_m_3_10_x421278: udpate versions for Mylyn 3.10.1Steffen Pingel21 months
e_4_4_m_3_11_x427945: Add editor presentation toolbarMarc-Andre Laperle17 months
e_4_4_m_3_12_x436176: add license back to feature.xml in DocsSteffen Pingel14 months
e_4_4_m_3_13_x432153: stack trace detection works with class names starting with $David Green11 months
e_4_4_m_3_14_x462113: update version to 2.3.3Sam Davis5 months
e_4_4_m_3_15_x463331: Disable EPUB book building.Torkild U. Resheim4 months
e_4_5_m_3_16_x468900: support markdown hyperlinks without delimitersDavid Green2 months
master474041: improve HTML tag supportDavid Green6 hours
refs/heads/e_4_4_m_3_15_x463331: Remove from dependencies.Torkild U. Resheim4 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  R_3_16_0.tar.gz  R_3_16_0.tar.xz  David Green2 months  David Green2 months  R_3_15_0.tar.gz  R_3_15_0.tar.xz  Torkild U. Resheim4 months  Torkild U. Resheim4 months  R_3_14_0.tar.gz  R_3_14_0.tar.xz  Torkild U. Resheim8 months  Torkild U. Resheim8 months  R_3_13_0.tar.gz  R_3_13_0.tar.xz  David Green11 months  David Green11 months  R_3_12_0.tar.gz  R_3_12_0.tar.xz  Steffen Pingel14 months  Steffen Pingel14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 hours474041: improve HTML tag supportHEADmasterrefs/changes/75/52975/1David Green7-20/+72
7 hours474041: update CommonMark tests to version 0.21 of the spec refs/changes/74/52974/1David Green1-14/+44
22 hours473533: update markup to allow adjacent/nested span blocksrefs/changes/17/52517/7James Kennedy2-49/+295
7 days473109: [MediaWiki] wrong external linksrefs/changes/67/52267/3Jeremie Bresson2-5/+43
7 days467625: address warnings in asciidocrefs/changes/04/52504/1David Green3-26/+41
7 days467625: Add support for comment and attributes.refs/changes/14/48114/7Max Rydahl Andersen6-3/+227
7 days467624: Add support for images to AsciiDocrefs/changes/32/48032/9Max Rydahl Andersen4-0/+300
7 days467067: [MediaWiki] fix local anchors specified via absolute links in ant taskrefs/changes/57/51357/4Jeremie Bresson3-12/+165
13 days445707: update maven repository url in the documentationrefs/changes/98/51298/2Jeremie Bresson1-2/+5
2015-07-16472233: remove redundant CSS class from embedded table of contentsrefs/changes/19/52119/1David Green3-9/+7
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