BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
installable_sdkChanges to removes profiles of cancelled SDK installation, Parameter changes ...pgothadiya15 months
master1. Fix deadlock on Eclipse startup: MIDletSuiteFactory.getMidletSuiteProject ...Alexander Burdukov7 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
7 days1. Fix deadlock on Eclipse startup: MIDletSuiteFactory.getMidletSuiteProject ...HEADmasterAlexander BurdukovAlexander Burdukov9-67/+116
8 daysAdd "Set GID" attribube for dirsAlexander BurdukovAlexander Burdukov1-1/+1
8 daysDo not delete "nightly" dir itselfAlexander BurdukovAlexander Burdukov1-4/+1
8 days1. Detele empty dirs in publishing locationAlexander BurdukovAlexander Burdukov1-3/+3
8 daysCorret publishing contents and permissionsAlexander BurdukovAlexander Burdukov1-11/+3
8 daysDo not add Maven descriptor files into META-INF folder of result JAR files.Alexander BurdukovAlexander Burdukov1-0/+3
8 daysSupport publishing of nightly update siteAlexander BurdukovAlexander Burdukov1-55/+16
10 daysFix invalid thread access at MTJUIPlugin.showWarningInvalidReferencesAlexander BurdukovAlexander Burdukov1-12/+17
13 daysChange version to 2.0.0Alexander BurdukovAlexander Burdukov38-47/+47
2014-10-16Do not sign inner JARsAlexander BurdukovAlexander Burdukov1-0/+3