BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
asanchez/397429[397429] - Adopting changes from new CS2AS infrastructure generatorAdolfo SBH7 weeks
cgerking/319076[465184] - Simplify the creation of UnitProxy from URI, removecgerking12 months
cgerking/463395[463395] - Cleanupcgerking13 months
cgerking/474603[474603] Integrate with JDT to resolve Java blackboxes located insidecgerking9 months
cgerking/477331[477331] Add test casecgerking6 months
cgerking/478006[478006] Improve error propagationcgerking4 months
cgerking/483290[483290] Provide parser test scriptcgerking3 months
cgerking/junit4[477155] Switch to JUnit4 parameterized testscgerking8 months
ewillink/480634[480634] Use bundle for GuavaEd Willink6 months
master[junit] Improve tests execution timesboyko5 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  Neon_M6.tar.gz  Neon_M6.tar.xz  sboyko7 weeks  Neon_M5.tar.gz  Neon_M5.tar.xz  sboyko3 months  Neon_M3.tar.gz  Neon_M3.tar.xz  Ed Willink6 months  Neon_M4.tar.gz  Neon_M4.tar.xz  Ed Willink6 months  Neon_M2.tar.gz  Neon_M2.tar.xz  sboyko7 months  Mars_RC3.tar.gz  Mars_RC3.tar.xz  sboyko11 months  Mars_RC2.tar.gz  Mars_RC2.tar.xz  sboyko11 months  Mars_RC1a.tar.gz  Mars_RC1a.tar.xz  sboyko12 months  Mars_RC1.tar.gz  Mars_RC1.tar.xz  sboyko12 months  Mars_M7.tar.gz  Mars_M7.tar.xz  sboyko12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 days[junit] Improve tests execution timeHEADmastersboyko5-17/+23
5 days[377320] not implemented - junit testssboyko2-2/+2
5 days[490424] Assigning incompatible enumeration values does not produce ansboyko9-87/+129
5 days[377320] not implemented - added junitsboyko1-0/+1
5 days[377320] not implemented - junit testssboyko390-1/+15813
5 days[377320] not implemented - providesboyko4-17/+14
6 days[377320] not implemented sboyko3-6/+3656
2016-04-13[489093] MappingCallExp.setOperationCode() not called in QvtOperationalVisito...sboyko34-270/+451
2016-03-24[489948] - Regenerating AS classesAdolfo SBH5-182/+22
2016-03-24[489948] - isVirtual promoted to OperationCallExp. Remove it fromAdolfo SBH2-10/+4
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