BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cgerking/422271[422271] - Reestablish usage of EmfUtil to load modelscgerking2 months
cgerking/433937[433937] Add failing test for workspace importcgerking3 months
cgerking/438038[438038] - Enable usage of overriding mappings as disjuncted mappingcgerking8 days
cgerking/446375[446375] - Cleanupcgerking6 days
cgerking/449445[449445] - Enable conversion of null to empty collectioncgerking8 weeks
cgerking/449483[449483] - Alternative solution without moving classes between packagescgerking2 months
cgerking/449912[449912] Ensure ModelInstance values for references to 'self' incgerking8 weeks
cgerking/AssignExp[449445] - Utilize ECollections.setEList for property assignmentscgerking2 weeks
cgerking/misc[448938] Remove unused methodscgerking3 months
master[457433] - objectsOfType() doesn't find controlled elementssboyko9 min.
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AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
9 min.[457433] - objectsOfType() doesn't find controlled elementsHEADmastersboykosboyko5-1/+24
2 days[435699] - Guard metamodel registry against illegal package registrationcgerkingcgerking3-17/+51
2014-12-26[449445] - Declaring Collection type as property throwssboykosboyko2-31/+31
2014-12-22[455917] M4 Regression Stack overflowsboykosboyko17-126/+238
2014-12-18[427237] - Refactor transformation call handling (blackbox/main)cgerkingcgerking1-15/+14
2014-12-11[427237] - Refactor transformation call handling (blackbox/main)Mars_M4cgerkingcgerking1-74/+57
2014-12-11[433937] - Add support for libraries from other projectssboykosboyko18-24/+235
2014-12-10[449753] - A Bug Found in QVTo Junit Testsboykosboyko1-1/+2
2014-12-10[449445] - Declaring Collection type as property throwssboykosboyko1-5/+5
2014-12-10[449445] - Declaring Collection type as property throwssboykosboyko2-52/+92