BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
R3_1_maintenanceUpdated to M4 depssboyko2 years
edw/397429[wip] Fix some conflictsEd.Willink7 months
edw/402746[402746] More completion processor set up instrumentationEd Willink13 months
edw/417450[417450] Correct Pivot referencesEd.Willink7 months
edw/422273[267917] Avoid Java 6 facilitiesEd Willink4 months
edw/430164[430164] Use reflection to test for availability of setWarningMessageEd Willink5 weeks
edw/releng[releng] Update OCL, Orbit reposEd Willink3 months
maintenance/R3_2[releng] Use Orbit SR2 repoEd.Willink15 months
maintenance/R3_3[releng] Correct Javadoc referenceEd.Willink10 months
master[391289] - The QVTo builder is not cancellable sboyko35 hours
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AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
35 hours[391289] - The QVTo builder is not cancellable HEADmastersboyko sboyko24-446/+585
4 days[432786] - Implement QVT 1.2 resolveIn() type inference rulessboyko sboyko3-6/+26
5 days[425069] - Handling of OclVoid contextual operationssboyko sboyko7-10/+108
7 days[425634] - Show error on invalid target variable type insidesboyko sboyko6-8/+47
8 days[431055] - The ModelExtent's objects are removed from their eResourcesboyko sboyko1-1/+1
8 days[431055] - The ModelExtent's objects are removed from their eResourcesboyko sboyko4-36/+127
9 days[427237] - Concrete syntax blackbox modulessboyko sboyko42-109/+768
11 days[428618] - Initialization of Collection variables using concretesboyko sboyko3-184/+225
11 days[414662] - Loading transformation from plugin requiressboyko sboyko2-57/+65
2014-03-20[430677] - Implementing a decorator forsboyko sboyko4-78/+91