BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
edw/411630[411630] Make delegate/decoratedVisitor type a template parameterEd Willink10 months
edw/422914[testing]Ed Willink3 months
edw/422933[wip] refactoringEd Willink3 weeks
edw/as2cs[wip]Ed.Willink6 months
edw/debugger[wip] Use Variable value not Variable as variable displayEd.Willink4 months
hhr/complexAttributes- Remove comments to run all testsHoracio Hoyos8 months
hhr/relocate- Variables with initialize expressions are now reset to null valuesHoracio Hoyos8 months
master[releng] Restrict jdt.annotation to 1.xEd Willink3 weeks
mtc[unrelated] More work on the data dependenceHoracio Hoyos5 weeks
TagDownloadAuthorAge  Luna_M6.tar.gz  Luna_M6.tar.bz2  Ed Willink4 weeks  Luna_M5.tar.gz  Luna_M5.tar.bz2  Ed Willink3 months  Luna_M4.tar.gz  Luna_M4.tar.bz2  Ed Willink4 months  Luna_M3.tar.gz  Luna_M3.tar.bz2  Ed Willink5 months  Luna_M2.tar.gz  Luna_M2.tar.bz2  Ed Willink6 months  Luna_M1.tar.gz  Luna_M1.tar.bz2  Ed Willink8 months  Kepler_SR0.tar.gz  Kepler_SR0.tar.bz2  Ed Willink10 months  Kepler_RC3.tar.gz  Kepler_RC3.tar.bz2  Ed.Willink10 months  Kepler_RC2.tar.gz  Kepler_RC2.tar.bz2  Ed.Willink11 months  Kepler_RC1.tar.gz  Kepler_RC1.tar.bz2  Ed.Willink11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
2014-03-25[releng] Restrict jdt.annotation to 1.xHEADmasterEd Willink Ed Willink1-1/+2
2014-03-25[omg] Regenerate to respond to AB commentsEd Willink Ed Willink20-3501/+3537
2014-03-25[omg] use www rather than schema in NsURIsEd Willink Ed Willink9-9/+9
2014-03-25[omg] Fix Pete Rivett's XMI review commentsEd Willink Ed Willink1-5/+151
2014-03-11[omg] Generate into more useful folder structureLuna_M6Ed Willink Ed Willink19-2/+2
2014-03-10[releng] Force EMF Validation Validity plugin dependency.Ed Willink Ed Willink2-0/+4
2014-03-10[unrelated] Add get/setMonitorEd Willink Ed Willink2-2/+26
2014-03-10[unrelated] Correct references to CS genmodelsEd Willink Ed Willink2-2/+2
2014-03-04[unrelated] Add an overall all-tests capabilityEd Willink Ed Willink12-1/+203
2014-02-25[427152] Track OCL support for UML InstanceSpecificationsEd Willink Ed Willink1-1/+1