BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
asanchez/mtc[ocl2qvti] - Supporting the case in which an Import may refer to aAdolfo SBH4 days
asanchez/pathElementCSLookups[ocl2qvti] - oclContainer opcall analysis in context X, will alsoAdolfo SBH5 weeks
asanchez/schedulerIssues[ocl2qvti] - Enabling example3 (interpreter)Adolfo SBH2 weeks
ewillink/465913[465913] Add a Normalizer to avoid false testUmlToRdbms failureEd Willink7 weeks
ewillink/470034[470034] WIP moving to Java 8Ed Willink7 weeks
ewillink/471593WIP towards extensible merge CGEd Willink3 weeks
ewillink/master[ocl25] Track stronger WFRsEd Willink3 weeks
ewillink/schedulerAnother renamed fileHoracio Hoyos8 weeks
hhoyos/scheduler[unrelated] Changes to prune the complete solution and only leave the feasibl...Horacio Hoyos3 weeks
master[397429] Restore local QVTiTxHelper Ed Willink3 weeks
TagDownloadAuthorAge  I201507081027.tar.gz  I201507081027.tar.xz  Ed Willink3 weeks  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.12.0RC4.tar.gz  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.12.0RC4.tar.xz  Ed Willink8 weeks  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.12.0RC3.tar.gz  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.12.0RC3.tar.xz  Ed Willink9 weeks  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.12.0RC2.tar.gz  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.12.0RC2.tar.xz  Ed Willink2 months  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.12.0RC1.tar.gz  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.12.0RC1.tar.xz  Ed Willink2 months  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.12.0M7.tar.gz  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.12.0M7.tar.xz  Ed Willink3 months  S201504150911.tar.gz  S201504150911.tar.xz  Ed Willink4 months  Mars_M6.tar.gz  Mars_M6.tar.xz  Ed Willink4 months  I201503091823.tar.gz  I201503091823.tar.xz  Ed Willink5 months  I201502281617.tar.gz  I201502281617.tar.xz  Ed Willink5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2015-07-12[397429] Restore local QVTiTxHelper HEADmasterEd Willink3-2/+35
2015-07-12[397429] Add ...cs2as.compiler to build Ed Willink3-1/+39
2015-07-12[397429] Eliminate ...cs2as.runtime Ed Willink11-180/+1
2015-07-12[470441] Use ExplicitClassLoader to ensure transformation reloadingEd Willink2-17/+13
2015-07-08[ocl2qvti] - Minor fix in OCL2QVTi transformationI201507081027Adolfo SBH2-6/+1
2015-07-08[ocl25] regenerate test filesEd Willink14-305/+285
2015-07-03[ocl25] Reimplement ElementTemplateCS to comply with inherited WFRsEd Willink28-790/+1587
2015-07-03[ocl25] MappingLoop is a WFR compliant CallExp not a LoopExpEd Willink18-77/+372
2015-07-03[unrelated] Ensure Transformation visible in QVTi libraryEd Willink4-2/+8
2015-07-02[397429] Refactor the LabelGenerators from QVTd to OCL tooEd Willink3-69/+0
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