BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
asanchez/aliasSupport[cs2as] - Regenerating Example2 modelsAdolfo SBH5 weeks
asanchez/cyclicOCLDependencies[cs2as] - Ensuring CGLookupCallExp source and arguments are unboxedAdolfo SBH12 days
asanchez/master[cs2as] - Not persisting the unneeded .oclas of the serialized.qvtiAdolfo SBH5 days
asanchez/models2016[490172] Exploit MappingCS.ownedKeyExpression in grammarEd Willink6 weeks
asanchez/partitionedLookups[cs2as] - Partitioning qualified lookups in Example1Adolfo SBH3 weeks
asanchez/partitioningLookups[cs2as] - Partitioning qualified lookups in Example1Adolfo SBH6 weeks
asanchez/selfContainedQVTp[cs2as] - Reworking tests suiteAdolfo SBH5 days
ewillink/486722Add ClassModelToClassModel testEd Willink3 days
ewillink/master[485152] More QVTc UML2RDBMS exampleEd Willink11 days
master[releng] Use Orbit M7Ed Willink32 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge  I201604090721.tar.gz  I201604090721.tar.xz  Ed Willink3 weeks  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.13.0M6.tar.gz  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.13.0M6.tar.xz  Ed Willink5 weeks  I201602280604.tar.gz  I201602280604.tar.xz  Ed Willink2 months  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.13.0M5.tar.gz  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.13.0M5.tar.xz  Ed Willink3 months  I201601280708.tar.gz  I201601280708.tar.xz  Ed Willink3 months  I201601171205.tar.gz  I201601171205.tar.xz  Ed Willink3 months  I201601061710.tar.gz  I201601061710.tar.xz  Ed Willink4 months  I201601021342.tar.gz  I201601021342.tar.xz  Ed Willink4 months  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.13.0M4.tar.gz  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.13.0M4.tar.xz  Ed Willink4 months  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.13.0M3.tar.gz  org.eclipse.qvtd-0.13.0M3.tar.xz  Ed Willink6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
32 hours[releng] Use Orbit M7HEADmasterEd Willink1-1/+1
2 days[unrelated] Remove test package exports, fix spellingEd Willink2-3/+1
3 daysAdd ClassModelToClassModel testewillink/486722Ed Willink8-15/+212
3 days[486722] First mapping of Rel2Core worksEd Willink5-5/+15607
3 days[486722] Fix usage of oclAsTypeEd Willink1-2/+17
3 days[486722] Use createNavigationCallExp to support oppositesEd Willink6-24/+17
3 days[486722] Don't treat container navigation as an oppositeEd Willink1-13/+18
3 days[486722] Loaded casts are Loaded not PredicatedEd Willink1-5/+8
3 days[486722] Add casts for variable initialization compatibilityEd Willink2-3/+28
3 days[486722] Check variable initialization compatibilityEd Willink1-3/+14
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