BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
archive/435807[435807] Find packages that are still in Descriptor form.Ed Willink4 weeks
asanchez/cs2as[cs2sc] Including incomplete EssentialOCLCS2CS.ocl fileAdolfo SBH6 weeks
asanchez/lookup[440495] Bug 441620 fixed in OCL25. Removing the temporal hackAdolfo SBH6 days
ewillink/410265wipEd Willink7 weeks
ewillink/443195[443195] First attempt at EKeyedList supportEd Willink3 months
ewillink/447557[448470] WIP on EnumerationLiteralId is OCLValueEd Willink4 weeks
ewillink/448306[releng] Revert to release Orbit repo againEd Willink2 weeks
ewillink/ocl25Merge branch 'master' into ewillink/ocl25Ed Willink23 hours
maintenance/R5_0[452621] Search all partial types for operation implementationsEd Willink27 hours
master[452621] Search all partial types for operation implementationsEd Willink23 hours
Mars_M3Mars_M3.zip  Mars_M3.tar.gz  Mars_M3.tar.bz2  Ed Willink14 days
Mars_M2Mars_M2.zip  Mars_M2.tar.gz  Mars_M2.tar.bz2  Ed Willink8 weeks
Luna_SR2_RC1Luna_SR2_RC1.zip  Luna_SR2_RC1.tar.gz  Luna_SR2_RC1.tar.bz2  Ed Willink3 months
Mars_M1Mars_M1.zip  Mars_M1.tar.gz  Mars_M1.tar.bz2  Ed Willink3 months
Luna_SR1Luna_SR1.zip  Luna_SR1.tar.gz  Luna_SR1.tar.bz2  Ed Willink5 months
Luna_SR0Luna_SR0.zip  Luna_SR0.tar.gz  Luna_SR0.tar.bz2  Ed Willink5 months
Luna_SR0_JavadocLuna_SR0_Javadoc.zip  Luna_SR0_Javadoc.tar.gz  Luna_SR0_Javadoc.tar.bz2  Ed Willink5 months
Luna_RC4Luna_RC4.zip  Luna_RC4.tar.gz  Luna_RC4.tar.bz2  Ed Willink6 months
Luna_RC3Luna_RC3.zip  Luna_RC3.tar.gz  Luna_RC3.tar.bz2  Ed Willink6 months
Luna_RC2Luna_RC2.zip  Luna_RC2.tar.gz  Luna_RC2.tar.bz2  Ed Willink6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
23 hours[452621] Search all partial types for operation implementationsHEADmasterEd WillinkEd Willink1-2/+12
23 hours[452621] Prefer EOperation to OCL Operation implementation Ed WillinkEd Willink1-20/+12
23 hours[452621] Use EOperation redefinition rather than Pivot redefinition Ed WillinkEd Willink1-0/+13
23 hours[452621] Failing testEd WillinkEd Willink3-0/+129
5 days[451924] Skip implicit variables in all navigation expressionsAdolfo SBHEd Willink1-14/+12
7 days[451883] Resolve all proxies before assigning xmi:idsEd WillinkEd Willink1-0/+1
7 days[451883] Update to new xmi:id when unstable and changedEd WillinkEd Willink1-0/+3
7 days[451883] Flatten to single line for Resource.DiagnosticEd WillinkEd Willink2-2/+7
7 days[451883] Ensure proxies resolved before URI chnageEd WillinkEd Willink1-17/+30
7 days[unrelated] Fix save as pivot for common RootEd WillinkEd Willink1-1/+1
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