BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
archive/427020[427020] Eliminate TypedElementCS.qualifiers (=> Xext ISE)Ed Willink3 months
archive/435807[435807] Find packages that are still in Descriptor form.Ed Willink5 months
asanchez/cs2as[cs2sc] Including incomplete EssentialOCLCS2CS.ocl fileAdolfo SBH6 months
asanchez/lookup[440495] Bug 441620 fixed in OCL25. Removing the temporal hackAdolfo SBH4 months
ewillink/447557[448470] WIP on EnumerationLiteralId is OCLValueEd Willink5 months
ewillink/448306[releng] Revert to release Orbit repo againEd Willink5 months
ewillink/454602wipEd Willink4 months
ewillink/R5_0[releng] Use Xtext 2.7.3Ed Willink8 days
maintenance/R5_0[releng] Correct plugin versionEd Willink6 weeks
master[releng] site.pack200=false for nowEd Willink5 days
Mars_M6Mars_M6.zip  Mars_M6.tar.gz  Mars_M6.tar.bz2  Ed Willink6 days
I201503091728I201503091728.zip  I201503091728.tar.gz  I201503091728.tar.bz2  Ed Willink3 weeks
I201502281508I201502281508.zip  I201502281508.tar.gz  I201502281508.tar.bz2  Ed Willink4 weeks
Luna_SR4Luna_SR4.zip  Luna_SR4.tar.gz  Luna_SR4.tar.bz2  Ed Willink5 weeks
Mars_M5Mars_M5.zip  Mars_M5.tar.gz  Mars_M5.tar.bz2  Ed Willink8 weeks
Luna_SR3Luna_SR3.zip  Luna_SR3.tar.gz  Luna_SR3.tar.bz2  Ed Willink2 months
Mars_M4Mars_M4.zip  Mars_M4.tar.gz  Mars_M4.tar.bz2  Ed Willink3 months
Mars_M3Mars_M3.zip  Mars_M3.tar.gz  Mars_M3.tar.bz2  Ed Willink5 months
Mars_M2Mars_M2.zip  Mars_M2.tar.gz  Mars_M2.tar.bz2  Ed Willink6 months
Luna_SR2_RC1Luna_SR2_RC1.zip  Luna_SR2_RC1.tar.gz  Luna_SR2_RC1.tar.bz2  Ed Willink7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
5 days[releng] site.pack200=false for nowHEADmasterEd WillinkEd Willink2-2/+2
6 days[releng] Revert to Luna Orbit to try to avoid aggregator pack errorsEd WillinkEd Willink1-1/+1
6 days[releng] Use latest OrbitMars_M6Ed WillinkEd Willink1-1/+1
6 days[462721] Implement MapValue code generationEd WillinkEd Willink37-174/+2219
6 days[462721] Implement MapValue executionEd WillinkEd Willink126-23731/+27455
7 days[462721] Clone MapXXX from CollectionXXXEd WillinkEd Willink33-23/+973
7 days[462721] Add MapLiteralExp/Part/TypeCS to CS models and grammarsEd WillinkEd Willink78-57394/+77329
7 days[462721] Add MapType to OCL stdlib modelEd WillinkEd Willink8-1079/+1136
7 days[462721] Add MapXXX to Pivot modelEd WillinkEd Willink39-872/+4079
7 days[461515] Use patched EMF CGEd WillinkEd Willink3-2/+5
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