Predefined XPath Variables

When a JET transformation loads a model from an Eclipse resource, the following XPath variables are set.

Variable Contents the name of the loaded resource
org.eclipse.jet.resource.type the resource type (file, folder, project)
org.eclipse.jet.resource.location the resource location (absolute file system path)
org.eclipse.jet.resource.rawLocation the resource raw location. See IResource.getRawLocation().
org.eclipse.jet.resource.fullPath the Eclipse workspace relative path of the resource.
org.eclipse.jet.resource.projectRelativePath the Eclipse project relative path of the resource.
org.eclipse.jet.resource.fileExtension the resource file extension
org.eclipse.jet.resource.fileName the resource file name (without path).

The following variables are defined if the loaded resource is a file or folder.

Variable Contents The resource's parent name (files and folders only)
org.eclipse.jet.resource.parent.location The resource's parent location (files and folders only).
org.eclipse.jet.resource.parent.rawLocation the resource's parent raw location (files and folders only).
org.eclipse.jet.resource.parent.fullPath the resource's parent full path (files and folders only).
org.eclipse.jet.resource.parent.projectRelativePath the resource's parent project relative path (files and folders only).