Standard JET2 Format Tags


Replace all instances of a value in the tag's content with a new value.

If the 'regex' attribute is supplied, and equals 'true', then 'value' is treated as a Regular Expression as defined in java.util.reg.Pattern, otherwise 'value' is treated as a literal value.

Tag Summary
required <f:replaceAll value="value" replacement="value">
    content consumed by tag evaluation
full tag <f:replaceAll value="value" replacement="value" regex="value">
    content consumed by tag evaluation

Required Attributes
The value to be replace, or a regular expression defining the value to replace.
The replacement text.

Optional Attributes
A boolean value ('true' or 'false'). If omitted, 'false' is assumed.

<%-- This will result in a/b/c--%>
<f:replaceAll value="." replacement="/">

<%-- This will result in ///// --%>
<f:replaceAll value="." replacement="/" regex="true">