Standard JET2 Format Tags


Retrieve a message from a message bundle and either write it or store it in a variable.

The message bundle may be defined by either a containing f:bundle tag or identified by the f:setBundle tag.

If the message is parameterized, parameter values are defined by contained f:param tags.

Tag Summary
required <f:message>
    content to be written
full tag <f:message key="value" var="value">
    content to be written

Optional Attributes
The key for a resource bundle message. If omitted, the body content of the tag is used to create the key.
a variable that will be set to the message. If omitted, the message is writen to the tag output.

<f:message key="helloWorld"><f:param value="Bob"/></f:message>
<f:message>helloWorld<f:param value="Bob"/></f:message>
<f:message key="helloWorld" var="msg"><f:param value="Bob"/></f:message>