Standard JET2 Control Tags


Control flow and data management tags. This tags allow templates to evaluate conditions, perform loops and access and set information in the template input.

Tag Summary

Create a new model element under the selected node


Create a new model element node under the selected element, and whose text content is the content of this tag


*** DEPRECATED - use 'when' tag instead


Define a group of mutually exclusive choices


Copy the selected node to the selected location

<c:dump> Writes out the DOM subtree under a specified model node

Write a the result of an XPath expression


Process the tag contents if a test condition is satisfied


Process the referenced template, and include its results in the output of the current template


A child tag of the 'userRegion' tag containing the initial code to write


Invoke the another transformation, passing it the current transformation's source model and context variables


Write the tag contents for each in the template input model identified by an XPath expression


Load the referenced model, and set the passed variable to the loaded document root

<c:loadContent> Extends the model by parsing its contents as XML

Write a message to the transformation log


Create an Eclipse task marker refering to the text contained in the tag


Define a default case for a 'choose' tag


*** Deprecated: Use the 'overrides' attribute on 'transform' extension in plugin


Remove the selected node from the document tree

<c:replaceStrings> Replaces one set of strings in its content with another set of strings and writes out the result

Set an attribute on an object selected by an XPath expression


Create a variable whose value is set to the result of the provided XPath expression

<c:stringTokens> Parses a string into tokens and iterates over its content for each token

Define a region in the generated text where users may write customized code


Define content to process for an object found by the parent 'visitor' tag, provided a condition is met


*** PROTOTYPE *** Iterate over an object and all its contained objects, typically be doing a depth-first traversal


Define a one of the mutually exclusive cases of a 'choose' tag

Example Directive
<%@taglib prefix="c" id="org.eclipse.jet.controlTags"%>