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-<title>Create a JET Project</title>
-<h2>Create a JET Project</h2>
-<p>JET Transformations are created with a New Project Wizard.
-<li>From the menu, choose <b>File -&gt; New -&gt; Project...</b></li>
-<li>Choose the wizard <b>EMFT JET Transformations -&gt; EMFT JET Transformation Project</b></li>
-<li>Click <b>Next</b></li>
-<li>Supply a project name. The name should be a letter follows by letters, numbers, hyphens and dots.</li>
-<li>Click <b>Finish</b></li>
-<p>To learn more about the newly created project, see <a href="transformStructure.xhtml">JET Transformation Structure</a>.</p>
-<p>To run the new transformation, see <a href="runningTransforms.xhtml">Run a JET Transformation</a>.</p>
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