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@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ JET supports XML documents and any model that is represented by EMF.
<p>JET tags that use XPath expressions have common characteristics:
<li>Variables are defined by several JET tags - look for a <code>var</code> attribute. They may also be defined by
- the <code><a href="../taglibs/controlTags/setVariableTag.html">c:setVariable</a></code> tag.</li>
+ the <code><a href="../references/taglibs/controlTags/setVariableTag.html">c:setVariable</a></code> tag.</li>
<li> JET tags requiring a path expresion have a <code>select</code> attribute.</li>
<li> JET tags requiring a boolean expression have a <code>test</code>.</li>
<li> Any tag attribute may include a dynamic XPath expression - an XPath expression surrounded by braces ({ and }).</li>

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