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-<?xml version='1.0'?>
-<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
- <head>
- <title>JET Comment Reference Syntax</title>
- <link charset="ISO-8859-1" href="../../book.css" rel="STYLESHEET"
- type="text/css"/>
- </head>
- <body>
- <h2>JET Comment Syntax Reference</h2>
- <p>JET templates may contain comments between the characters
- <code>&lt;%--</code> and <code>--%&gt;</code>.
- Comments have no impact on the execution of the template, except that they may influence
- whitespace stripping rules.
- JET comments are copied to the generated Java class as Java line comments. </p>
- <p>
- JET templates accept two special tags in the first non-blank line of a comment. The tag '@header' will
- cause the comment to be emitted as the file header comment for the generated Java class.
- This can be useful for inserting copyright notices into the generated Java code.
- The tag '@class' will
- cause the comment to be emitted as the class Java doc comment for the generated Java class.
- </p>
- <h3>Valid comments</h3>
- <p>Comments may span several lines, and may contain any text. The
- following are examples of a JET comments:</p>
- <pre>
- &lt;%-- @header
- This comment will appear as the file header comment
- in the generated Java code
- --%&gt;
- &lt;%--
- @class
- This comment will appear as the Java class doc comment
- in the generated Java code
- --%&gt;
- &lt;%-- This comment will not appear in the template output --%&gt;
- &lt;%-- This directive is not used
- &lt;%@taglib id=&quot;org.eclipse.jet.controlTags&quot; prefix=&quot;cc&quot;%&gt;
- --%&gt;</pre>
- <h3>Invalid comments</h3>
- <p>Comments may not appear within other JET elements. The following
- are illegal comments:</p>
- <pre>&lt;%@taglib id=&quot;org.eclipse.jet.controlTags&quot; &lt;%-- illegal comment --%&gt;
- prefix=&quot;cc&quot; %&gt;</pre>
- <h3>Escaping comment characters</h3>
- <p>To emit the characters <code>&lt;%--</code> in a templates
- output, enter <code>&lt;\%--</code>. To emit <code>--%&gt;</code>,
- enter <code>--%\&gt;</code>.</p>
- <p>The following is an example of an escaped JET comments:</p>
- <pre>&lt;\%-- this will show in the template output --%\&gt;
- </pre>
- </body>

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