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<h2>Deploying JET Transformations</h2>
-<p>Once a JET transformation is complete, it can be shared with other users. There are a number of possibilities:
+<p>Once a JET transformation is complete, it can be shared with other users. There are a number of possibilities:</p>
<li> Share the JET Project via a Team environment </li>
<li> <a href="#exportProject">Export the JET Project</a> to a "Deployable JAR", and place it in a common file system location, and have
@@ -18,19 +18,23 @@
extension point to share an exported JET Project via a standard Eclipse plug-in.</li>
<li> Include the JET Project in an Eclipse Feature. (JET Projects are Eclipse plug-ins.)</li>
The latter two options require some knowledge of the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE).
<h3>Exporting a JET Project a Deployable JAR</h3>
Creating deployable JET transformations makes use of the Eclipse PDE Deployable plug-ins export wizard:
<li> Right-click over the JET project, and choose <b>Export...</b>. </li>
<li> Select <b>Plug-in Development -&gt; Deployable plug-ins and fragments</b>, and click <b>Next</b>. </li>
<li> Click <b>Browse...</b> to select the directory to contain the exported JAR file.</li>
<li> Click <b>Finish</b>.</li>
The JAR file will be exported to a subdirectory called <code>plugins</code>. The JAR file itself will be of the form:

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