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    <title>JET Java Declaration Syntax Reference</title>

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    <h2>JET Java Declaration Syntax Reference</h2>

    <p>JET templates may declare Java methods or fields by enclosing it 
    within the characters <code>&lt;%!</code> and <code>%&gt;</code>. 

    <h3>Valid Declarations</h3>

    <p>Each declaration may contain one or more syntactically correct 
    Java method or field declarations. The following are examples of 
    valid declarations:</p>

 * Say hello the the addressee passed to the method
public String hello(String addressee) {
   return &quot;Hello &quot; + addresseee + &quot;!&quot;;

// Declarations may contain multiple Java declarations
private int min(int a, int b) {
    return Math.min(a, b);

private int max(int a, int b) {
    return Math.max(a, b);
    <h3>Invalid Declarations</h3>

    <p>If a declaration contains an syntax error, the generated Java 
    code for the containing template will have a syntax error. The JET 
    compile does not attempt to correlate the Java compile error back 
    to the JET template.</p>

    <h3>Escaping Declaration characters</h3>

    <p>To emit the characters <code>&lt;%!</code> in a templates 
    output, enter <code>&lt;\%!</code>. To emit <code>%&gt;</code>, 
    enter <code>%\&gt;</code>.</p>



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