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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
396554_orbitVelocityBundle396554 changed packaging to use Orbit org.apache.velocityIgor Fedorenko6 years
416371_m2e-usage-stats416371 implemented weekly usage statistics reportIgor Fedorenko6 years
441254_sisu-0.3.0-SNAPSHOT_stressupdated to sisu 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT, forced multiple realm recreationIgor Fedorenko5 years
BETA-JAVA9-1.8.x525251 : add Java 9 module flag to classpath dependenciesFred Bricon22 months
MNGECLIPSE-2690is this necessary?Milos Kleint9 years
code-generation-supportintermediate checkinIgor Fedorenko8 years
effective-pomlicense + javadocMilos Kleint8 years
m2e-1.0.xnew version Fedorenko8 years
m2e-1.3.xAlign *.product with 1.3.1 qualifierFred Bricon6 years
m2e-1.4.x420848 - maven-compiler-plugin source/target 1.8 not recognizedFred Bricon5 years
m2e-1.5.x462944 : set -Dmaven.multiModuleProjectDirectory in Launch configurationsFred Bricon4 years
m2e-1.6.x486690 : bump okhttp-connector.version to 0.16.0Fred Bricon3 years
m2e-1.7.x515859 : bump aether-connector-okhttp to 0.17.2Fred Bricon24 months
m2e-1.8.xRemove old JDT beta p2 repo to fix the buildFred Bricon12 months
masterBug 549312: use latest Execution Environment when source/target is not yet su...Fred Bricon103 min.
maven-runtime-splitswitch to Import-Package maven runtime dependenciesIgor Fedorenko8 years
project_artifacts_cacheProject artifacts cacheAnton Tanasenko3 years
runtimeo deprecate setWorkspaceRuntime and encourage people to use addWorkspaceRunti...Jason van Zyl6 years

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