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2014-09-15444039 extract throwable using logback APIIgor Fedorenko1-0/+5
Change-Id: Ia469ac07b241a1286e6afdd51f80d2b810c89615 Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2013-08-12414843 do not honour -consolelogmilestones/1.5/ Fedorenko1-39/+0
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2012-12-31Code format, organize importsIgor Fedorenko2-0/+3
... also enabled automatic code format and organize imports on file save, hopefully this will help us keep formatting consistent in the future. Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-04-12342232 prevent eager activation of m2e.core.ui bundleIgor Fedorenko2-23/+42
This goes way beyond my level of understand of java classloading, but apparent Class.newInstance reaches indirecly referenced classes more eagerly compared to straight new invocation. Moved all code that touches any of m2e.core.ui classes to separate MavenConsoleAppenderImpl and eager m2e.core.ui bundle does not happen any more. Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-03-10339567: Log to console only if -consoleLog was passed as arg to eclipsevladt1-0/+38
2011-02-16337348: NPE in logging on eclipse 3.7vladt1-3/+14
2011-02-11335872: Fixed INFO level in MavenConsoleAppender and some cleanup in ↵vladt1-0/+2
2011-02-11335872: Added debug level to the MavenConsolevladt1-4/+10
2011-02-11335872: Configured EclipseLogAppender to log only warnings and errorsvladt1-0/+3
2011-02-11335872: Removed the now obsolete MavenConsoleServicevladt1-11/+11
2011-02-10335872: Added logback appenders for eclipse log and maven consolevladt2-0/+119

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