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2011-05-06switch to Import-Package maven runtime dependenciesmaven-runtime-splitIgor Fedorenko21-59/+251
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-05-06split maven-core and susi bundles in finer piecesIgor Fedorenko1-3/+9
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-05-05Merge branch 'master' into maven-runtime-splitIgor Fedorenko11-300/+62
Conflicts: org.jboss.netty/netty-3.2.4.Final.jar
2011-05-05moved ahc and netty to m2e-maven-runtimeIgor Fedorenko15-449/+2
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-05-05Revert "CQ 4900 removed jzlib/ classes"Igor Fedorenko1-0/+0
This reverts commit d8153e07968c443e6fc80d1c3b75fa1a13fc37c0.
2011-05-05m2e does not expand ${}Igor Fedorenko3-1/+9
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-05-05Polishing m2e.jdt APIIgor Fedorenko3-2/+48
Added missing IClasspathEntryDescriptor getter/setter methods Relaxed internal AbstractJavaProjectConfigurator method visibility Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-05-04moved maven runtime to separate source treeIgor Fedorenko75-3256/+20
mostly working implementation Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-05-04saving incomplete workIgor Fedorenko43-0/+532
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-05-03Removed maven search package exportMatthew Piggott1-1/+0
2011-05-03Removed unused IDE search integration classesMatthew Piggott3-296/+0
2011-05-03Bug 343525 - Reveal one of the selected elementsMatthew Piggott1-0/+5
2011-05-02CQ 4900 removed jzlib/ classesIgor Fedorenko1-0/+0
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-04-30Do not keep mapping metadata source in registryIgor Fedorenko1-1/+19
Nullify source references of plugin execution metadata stored in project registry. It is held by a transient field, so it does not survive workspace restart and no logic should rely on it's presence in registry. This change fully addresses excessive project registry heap use identified in commit d14848a. For the test set of 56 projects, registry heap usage goes from ~100M down to ~50M after this change. (before d14848a registry used >500M of heap). Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-04-294386865 classcast exception running MavenDiscoveryTestIgor Fedorenko1-2/+5
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-04-29Eclipse bugzilla ticket 343818 Set file encoding for resource folders based ↵Anders Hammar1-3/+30
on maven-resources-plugin encoding configuration. Signed-off-by: Anders Hammar <>
2011-04-29m2e.usagedata to have non-optional dependency on epp.usagedataIgor Fedorenko1-1/+1
Non-optional OSGi m2e.usagedata->epp.usagedata dependency is "downgraded" to optional/non-greedy p2 dependency using p2.inf file. This allows installation of m2e.usagedata without epp.usagedata but does not allow activation of m2e.usagedata at runtime unless epp.usagedata is present and resolved. Before this change, m2e.usagedata was activated and recieved maven change events even without epp.usagedata. Stragely enough, jvm did not throw classnotfound errors even though the code was clearly running through (null) reference to epp.usagedata class. Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-04-28m2e performance - Updating a classpath3.7-M7asnjeza1-3/+4
Signed-off-by: Snjezana Peco <>
2011-04-28removed stale codeIgor Fedorenko1-4/+0
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-04-28Plugged bad memory leak in project registryIgor Fedorenko1-0/+3
Detach from maven session MavenProject instances associated with LifecycleMappingMetadataSource, which are stored in project registry and thus are very long lived. This reduced heap used by registry from ~520M to ~100M for a test workspace with ~60 projects all using same parent to define lifecycle mapping configuration. Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-04-28342912 rephrase quick fix textMilos Kleint1-1/+1
2011-04-27Experimental API to filter maven index entries3.7-M7Igor Fedorenko16-94/+501
Introduced IArtifactFilter interface and corresponding artifactFilters extension point that allows filtering of maven index entries. Updated code-assist and artifact selection GUI to ignore/block filtered entries. Enabled decoration of maven index entries in Maven Repositories view and Add Depenencies dialog, so filtered entries can appear visually differently. Actual decoration is left up to artifact filter provider bundle. Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-04-27Add icons to Maven context menuMatthew Piggott1-31/+31
2011-04-27Remove unused images from MavenImagesMatthew Piggott9-107/+27
2011-04-27Removed images duplicated from workbenchMatthew Piggott9-42/+39
2011-04-27MavenProjectCheckoutJob - fix use of isMappingCompleteMatthew Piggott1-1/+1
2011-04-27Bug 342894 - MavenDiscoveryService does not delete temporary filesMatthew Piggott1-1/+5
- Disable caching on jar connection
2011-04-27have a single workspace proposal work for all configuration update marker ↵Milos Kleint1-6/+20
2011-04-27i18nMilos Kleint1-1/+1
2011-04-27NPE sanity checkMilos Kleint1-1/+4
2011-04-27don't allow text edits in combo, got stuck indefinitely when I tried.Milos Kleint1-0/+8
2011-04-27remove TODO in pom comment, rephrase, i18nMilos Kleint1-19/+22
2011-04-27343831 mnemonics added for maven menu itemsMilos Kleint1-3/+3
2011-04-26342776: Added support for lifecycle mapping metadata xml files referenced as ↵vladt3-2/+23
maven artifacts
2011-04-26MavenDiscoveryService - dispose catalogMatthew Piggott1-0/+1
2011-04-26UpdateDependenciesDialog - Fix missing projects when another project's path ↵Matthew Piggott1-36/+43
is a prefix
2011-04-26Improve label for Force UpdateMatthew Piggott1-1/+1
2011-04-26bug 338497 - Trigger the lifecycle mapping search from scm importMatthew Piggott2-9/+37
2011-04-26343831 mnemonics added for maven menu itemsMilos Kleint1-9/+9
2011-04-26343817 no link in hover when definition not found. hint about import scoped ↵Milos Kleint4-7/+20
deps added, also fixed spacing in the message construction
2011-04-26M2e Performance - Pom Editor Leaksnjeza1-25/+41
Signed-off-by: snjeza <>
2011-04-26introduced left margin for container layoutMilos Kleint1-1/+4
2011-04-25Removed little 'M' icon decaration from m2e classpath containerIgor Fedorenko2-74/+0
"Maven Dependencies" classpath container laber provides strong hint the container belongs to Maven/Eclipse integration already. At the same time icon decoration implementation was a hack. It relied on presence of getLabel method (not part of IClasspathContainer API), used reflection to access getLabel, method which was applied to all IAdaptable instance. It was also implemented in m2e.core.ui bundle, which does not depend on jdt. Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-04-25342776: Reference all m2e-extras as maven plugins instead of bundles from p2 ↵vladt1-5/+37
2011-04-25Bug 343764 - Project registry maintains deleted projectsMatthew Piggott1-4/+4
2011-04-25Fix duplicate shortcutMatthew Piggott1-1/+1
2011-04-24clarified non-API status of IMavenConstantsIgor Fedorenko82-82/+80
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-04-24moved BuildContext implementation to internal packageIgor Fedorenko8-12/+6
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-04-24clarified non-API status of archetyper integrationIgor Fedorenko11-22/+24
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>

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