AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2018-09-20Add lookup(Class<T>) to IMaven APIHEADmasterErwin Tratar2-1/+11
2018-09-20Bump version to 1.10.0-SNAPSHOTFred Bricon62-139/+139
2018-09-20Bump version to 1.9.2-SNAPSHOTFred Bricon62-62/+62
2018-09-12Bug 536867 - Support maven mojos refreshing whole folder in BuildContextMickael Istria2-2/+4
2018-09-05Bug 538461 : let MavenBuilder use a null scheduling ruleMickael Istria8-0/+45
2018-09-05Bug 538609: Call writeWorkspaceState in a save participant instead of in Mave...Snjezana Peco1-1/+27
2018-08-29Bug 533463: prevent NPE when importing Maven project without artifactId.Paul Pazderski3-0/+10
2018-08-28Bug 537578: provide a way to disable the test classpath flagFred Bricon3-16/+28
2018-08-27Bug 538319: provide minimal Java 11 supportFred Bricon1-14/+18
2018-08-22Bug 537544 : fix 10 support for real (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻Fred Bricon1-1/+1
2018-08-22Bug 537544 : actually fix 1.10 support this timeFred Bricon1-1/+1
2018-08-21Bug 414645 : limit runtime-scoped dependencies visibility to test classpathFred Bricon1-5/+5
2018-08-21Bug 536402: add jansi dependency to the embedded MavenAurélien Pupier1-0/+4
2018-08-02536056 : additionnal Null check in MavenClassifierManagerFred Bricon1-1/+1
2018-07-31Update maven plugin versions in templates and conversionFred Bricon2-3/+3
2018-07-31536056 : prevent NPE in MavenClassifierManager.getClassifierClasspathProviderFred Bricon1-1/+1
2018-07-31537544 : support m-c-p source/target 1.9 and 1.10Fred Bricon1-4/+13
2018-07-24Bug 534228 - okhttp connector 0.17.4 with local repo access race fixIgor Fedorenko1-1/+1
2018-07-03Use stable update site for 4.8 updatesFred Bricon1-1/+1
2018-07-03Upversion m2e runtime to 1.9.1-SNAPSHOTFred Bricon5-5/+5
2018-07-03Upversion to 1.9.1-SNAPSHOTFred Bricon57-57/+57
2018-06-22506473: Use import-package for slf4j instead of req-bundleMat Booth3-3/+3
2018-06-06Bug 535617 : Update m-war-p and m-ear-p snippets to protect against Zip Slipreleases/1.9/ Bricon1-2/+2
2018-06-05Bump tycho version to 1.2.0Fred Bricon1-1/+1
2018-06-05Suppress wrong parent warningFred Bricon1-0/+1
2018-06-05Bug 394695 : slightly better Properties section layout in POM editorFred Bricon2-3/+30
2018-06-05Bug 483953 : limit spell checking to comments in POM editorFred Bricon1-0/+8
2018-05-30Bug 465882 - "Open XML page in the POM editor by default" by defaultMickael Istria2-1/+2
2018-05-29Bug 427437: add possibility to disable archetype catalogsFred Bricon7-51/+157
2018-05-23Bug 507911 : trigger Sources/Javadoc download when preferences are changedFred Bricon2-3/+59
2018-05-22Bug 387736 - NPE thrown when no "action" supplied in lifecycle-mappingTill Brychcy2-5/+9
2018-05-22Bug 534933: exclude embedded jars from signingFred Bricon2-2/+8
2018-05-21Bug 384065: advanced sourcelookup supportIgor Fedorenko48-52/+2257
2018-05-10Update xml templates, removed the jetty-maven-plugin, aspectj-maven-plugin onesFred Bricon1-42/+3
2018-04-25Bug 534049 : set release flag accordinglyFred Bricon1-0/+1
2018-04-10Cleanup code in ProfileManager.javaFred Bricon1-35/+9
2018-04-10Code cleanup: replace StringBuffers with StringBuildersFred Bricon12-13/+13
2018-03-25Bug 512653 : fix Javadoc spellingFred Bricon6-19/+20
2018-03-16Bug 532559 : fix UnsupportedOperationException in InternalModuleSupport.coll...Fred Bricon1-3/+3
2018-03-16Remove unneeded suppress warnings.Alexander Kurtakov9-39/+30
2018-03-16Remove unused imports.Alexander Kurtakov2-577/+566
2018-03-16Generify getAdapter implementations.Alexander Kurtakov12-132/+121
2018-03-16Update Maven build plugins versions:Alexander Kurtakov3-9/+12
2018-03-15Use StandardCharsets.Alexander Kurtakov5-23/+22
2018-03-14Remove unnecessary casts.Alexander Kurtakov19-45/+43
2018-03-13Bug 531280 : update classpath on module-info.java changesFred Bricon6-17/+153
2018-03-13Update Maven embedder to 3.5.3Fred Bricon4-5/+5
2018-03-13Bug 385391: serialize user-selected source attachment encodingFred Bricon2-14/+27
2018-03-13Remove reference to old rg.jboss.tools.maven.ui.generic pluginFred Bricon1-201/+191
2018-03-08Use the generic getServiceReference method.Alexander Kurtakov3-14/+13