BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
396554_orbitVelocityBundle396554 changed packaging to use Orbit org.apache.velocityIgor Fedorenko10 months
416371_m2e-usage-stats416371 implemented weekly usage statistics reportIgor Fedorenko8 months
432436_mavenInstallationConfiguration432436 cleanup NLS stringsIgor Fedorenko42 hours
code-generation-supportintermediate checkinIgor Fedorenko3 years
m2e-1.0.xnew version Fedorenko2 years
m2e-1.3.xAlign *.product with 1.3.1 qualifierFred Bricon14 months
m2e-1.4.x420848 - maven-compiler-plugin source/target 1.8 not recognizedFred Bricon3 weeks
master432470 - Lock transitive dependency and Exclude artifact actions missAnton Tanasenko5 days
maven-runtime-splitswitch to Import-Package maven runtime dependenciesIgor Fedorenko3 years
runtimeo deprecate setWorkspaceRuntime and encourage people to use addWorkspaceRunti...Jason van Zyl11 months
releases/1.4/  releases/1.4/  releases/1.4/  Fred Bricon3 weeks
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Fred Bricon7 weeks
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Igor Fedorenko4 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Fred Bricon5 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Igor Fedorenko7 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Igor Fedorenko8 months
milestones/1.4/  milestones/1.4/  milestones/1.4/  Igor Fedorenko11 months
releases/1.4/  releases/1.4/  releases/1.4/  Igor Fedorenko11 months
milestones/1.4/  milestones/1.4/  milestones/1.4/  Igor Fedorenko11 months
milestones/1.4/  milestones/1.4/  milestones/1.4/  Fred Bricon11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
5 days432470 - Lock transitive dependency and Exclude artifact actions missHEADmasterrefs/changes/50/24750/3Anton Tanasenko Igor Fedorenko1-43/+13
12 days432439 : Point m2e 1.5.0 to discovery-1.5.xml Fred Bricon Fred Bricon1-1/+1
12 days431343 force m2e pom editor as default for pom.xml and *.pom filesIgor Fedorenko Igor Fedorenko1-0/+3
2014-03-30431587 - PomHierarchyComponent based wizards and dialogs do not workrefs/changes/78/24178/1Anton Tanasenko Anton Tanasenko2-3/+3
2014-03-30431580 - Importing projects with name templates fails for projects withrefs/changes/71/24171/2Anton Tanasenko Anton Tanasenko1-3/+15
2014-03-25tycho 0.20Igor Fedorenko Igor Fedorenko2-2/+2
2014-03-25430728 move negative requirement to another classifierIgor Fedorenko Igor Fedorenko1-0/+3
2014-03-25CQ7954: use newer version of local-repository implIgor Fedorenko Igor Fedorenko1-3/+5
2014-03-23Revert "430772 workaround okhttp bug 662"Igor Fedorenko Igor Fedorenko2-339/+0
2014-03-23430772 workaround okhttp bug 662Igor Fedorenko Igor Fedorenko2-0/+339