BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
396554_orbitVelocityBundle396554 changed packaging to use Orbit org.apache.velocityIgor Fedorenko14 months
416371_m2e-usage-stats416371 implemented weekly usage statistics reportIgor Fedorenko12 months
441254_sisu-0.3.0-SNAPSHOT_stressupdated to sisu 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT, forced multiple realm recreationIgor Fedorenko4 days
code-generation-supportintermediate checkinIgor Fedorenko3 years
m2e-1.0.xnew version Fedorenko3 years
m2e-1.3.xAlign *.product with 1.3.1 qualifierFred Bricon18 months
m2e-1.4.x420848 - maven-compiler-plugin source/target 1.8 not recognizedFred Bricon5 months
m2e-1.5.x435577 added about.html to slf4j simple bundleIgor Fedorenko3 months
master442524 workaround jvm crash when changed jar files are reloadedIgor Fedorenko34 hours
runtimeo deprecate setWorkspaceRuntime and encourage people to use addWorkspaceRunti...Jason van Zyl16 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Igor Fedorenko3 months
releases/1.5/  releases/1.5/  releases/1.5/  Igor Fedorenko3 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Igor Fedorenko3 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Fred Bricon3 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Fred Bricon4 months
releases/1.4/  releases/1.4/  releases/1.4/  Fred Bricon5 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Fred Bricon6 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Igor Fedorenko8 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Fred Bricon10 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Igor Fedorenko11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
34 hours442524 workaround jvm crash when changed jar files are reloadedHEADmasterIgor FedorenkoIgor Fedorenko4-0/+73
3 days441254 updated to sisu 0.3.0.M1Igor FedorenkoIgor Fedorenko5-1439/+2
3 daysIntroduced MavenRuntimeLaunchSupport#builder() and other cleanupIgor FedorenkoIgor Fedorenko2-111/+125
5 daysnew aether okhttp client package nameIgor FedorenkoIgor Fedorenko2-8/+6
9 days441257 fixed NPE evicting cached MavenProject instancesIgor FedorenkoIgor Fedorenko1-6/+7
10 days441254 backported update patch to m2eIgor FedorenkoIgor Fedorenko4-12/+523
10 days441257 fixed maven caches are flushed too frequently during forced updateIgor FedorenkoIgor Fedorenko1-0/+7
13 days411944 don't embed javax.inject jar in m2e maven runtimeIgor FedorenkoIgor Fedorenko3-5/+4
13 days441257 implemented maven caches flush during forced dependency updateIgor FedorenkoIgor Fedorenko13-59/+381
13 days440700 updated to maven 3.2.3Igor FedorenkoIgor Fedorenko1-1/+1
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