BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
396554_orbitVelocityBundle396554 changed packaging to use Orbit org.apache.velocityIgor Fedorenko16 months
416371_m2e-usage-stats416371 implemented weekly usage statistics reportIgor Fedorenko14 months
441254_sisu-0.3.0-SNAPSHOT_stressupdated to sisu 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT, forced multiple realm recreationIgor Fedorenko2 months
code-generation-supportintermediate checkinIgor Fedorenko3 years
m2e-1.0.xnew version Fedorenko3 years
m2e-1.3.xAlign *.product with 1.3.1 qualifierFred Bricon20 months
m2e-1.4.x420848 - maven-compiler-plugin source/target 1.8 not recognizedFred Bricon7 months
m2e-1.5.x435577 added about.html to slf4j simple bundleIgor Fedorenko5 months
masterchecked in missing java compiler and code formatter configIgor Fedorenko3 days
runtimeo deprecate setWorkspaceRuntime and encourage people to use addWorkspaceRunti...Jason van Zyl18 months
milestones/1.6/  milestones/1.6/  milestones/1.6/  Igor Fedorenko2 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Igor Fedorenko5 months
releases/1.5/  releases/1.5/  releases/1.5/  Igor Fedorenko5 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Igor Fedorenko5 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Fred Bricon5 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Fred Bricon6 months
releases/1.4/  releases/1.4/  releases/1.4/  Fred Bricon7 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Fred Bricon8 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Igor Fedorenko10 months
milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  milestones/1.5/  Fred Bricon12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
3 dayschecked in missing java compiler and code formatter configHEADmasterIgor FedorenkoIgor Fedorenko4-0/+918
5 days447460 The resource directory is only identified through it's location stored...refs/changes/65/35265/3Daniel KasmerogluIgor Fedorenko1-14/+45
8 days448598 NPE in BuildProblemInfo constructorAnton TanasenkoAnton Tanasenko1-4/+4
10 days432616 : fix rename artifact for all Maven projectsFred BriconFred Bricon1-2/+6
10 days448399 better maven installation extension selection dialogIgor FedorenkoIgor Fedorenko1-6/+26
11 days448117 : honour isHideFoldersOfNestedProjects preference when creating new mo...refs/changes/66/35266/1Fred BriconFred Bricon2-9/+76
12 days447914 Defer 'as you type' filter on pom viewer's dependency tree pageAnton TanasenkoAnton Tanasenko1-7/+18
2014-10-15447407 clear error messages in maven installation dialogIgor FedorenkoIgor Fedorenko1-1/+2
2014-10-08446085 Project registry inconsistencies with more than 1 same-gavrefs/changes/69/34469/2Anton TanasenkoAnton Tanasenko3-11/+23
2014-10-06445675 Honor workspace autobuild for refreshes caused by pom changesrefs/changes/67/34267/4Anton TanasenkoAnton Tanasenko2-48/+76
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