BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.1.2-serviceRemove SNAPSHOT qualifier ahead of 2.1.0 releaseSamuel Padgett3 years
B_487347Bug 487347 - Adaptor generator case sensitveJad El-khoury13 months
Bug391448Merge "Bug 390919: Initial Collections Work" into Bug391448Michael Fiedler4 years
masterBug 509770 - ServiceProviderRegistryURIs class ignores web applicationJad El-khoury5 weeks
origin/masterBug 487347 - Adaptor generator case sensitveJad El-khoury13 months
oslc4j-1.0.1Bug 391395 - OSLC4J can not create Jena model/JSON for a ServiceProviderMichael Fiedler4 years
oslc4j-2.0Bug 418113 - OSLC Query: Error getting value of URIRef operandSamuel Padgett3 years
trs-0.5Bug 383119 - Compact resource title should not be an XML LiteralSamuel Padgett4 years
2.1.0org.eclipse.lyo.core-2.1.0.zip  org.eclipse.lyo.core-2.1.0.tar.gz  org.eclipse.lyo.core-2.1.0.tar.xz  Jim Amsden12 days
2.0org.eclipse.lyo.core-2.0.zip  org.eclipse.lyo.core-2.0.tar.gz  org.eclipse.lyo.core-2.0.tar.xz  Samuel Padgett3 years
oslc4j-1.1.0oslc4j-1.1.0.zip  oslc4j-1.1.0.tar.gz  oslc4j-1.1.0.tar.xz  Michael Fiedler4 years
oslc4j-1.0oslc4j-1.0.zip  oslc4j-1.0.tar.gz  oslc4j-1.0.tar.xz  Michael Fiedler4 years
oslc4j-1.0.1-tfsoslc4j-1.0.1-tfs.zip  oslc4j-1.0.1-tfs.tar.gz  oslc4j-1.0.1-tfs.tar.xz  Michael Fiedler4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-01-16Bug 509770 - ServiceProviderRegistryURIs class ignores web applicationHEADmasterrefs/changes/74/88774/1Jad El-khoury1-18/+9
2016-12-29Bug 509767 - Generate flexible URL configurationrefs/changes/09/87809/1Andrew Berezovskyi1-55/+41
2016-12-17Bug 509395 - Normalise formatting in the generator templatesrefs/changes/70/87370/4Andrii Berezovskyi24-1634/+1503
2016-12-17Bug 509394 - Move JSP, HTML, and JS MTL filesrefs/changes/69/87369/1Andrew Berezovskyi11-10/+10
2016-12-17Bug 509392 - TODO markers cannot be removedrefs/changes/58/87358/2Andrii Berezovskyi3-15/+14
2016-12-07Bug 508290 - The generator does not have a stable ordering of types ... refs/changes/67/86567/1Jad El-khoury3-3/+7
2016-12-07Bug 508785 - Refactor generate.mtl & GenerateResource.mtl templates torefs/changes/64/86564/1Jad El-khoury2-244/+317
2016-11-26Bug 503317 - Space in resource names not treated properlyrefs/changes/24/85824/1Jad El-khoury3-6/+19
2016-09-20Bug 501661 - Generator: Extend the adaptor model to specify certain coderefs/changes/94/81294/2Jad El-khoury3-10/+38
2016-07-05Bug 497300 - Code Generator: Provide a better updated description of therefs/changes/99/76599/1Jad El-khoury1-882/+2281
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