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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <p><b>Generated content</b></p><p>This plug-in has been created using content templates. The following templates were used:</p>
   <li style="text" value="1."><b>Sample Popup Menu.</b>This template adds a submenu and a new action to a target object's popup menu.  This contribution will appear in all viewers where an object of the specified type is selected.</li>
   <p/><p><b>Tips on working with this plug-in project</b></p><li>For the view of the new plug-in at a glance, go to the <img href="pageImage"/><a href="OverviewPage">Overview</a>.</li><li>You can test the contributions of this plug-in by launching another instance of the workbench. On the <b>Run</b> menu, click <b>Run As</b> and choose <img href="runTimeWorkbenchImage"/><a href="">Run-time Workbench</a> from the available choices.</li><li>You can add more functionality to this plug-in by adding extensions using the <a href="action.newExtension">New Extension Wizard</a>.</li><li>The plug-in project contains Java code that you can debug. Place breakpoints in Java classes. On the <b>Run</b> menu, select <b>Debug As</b> and choose <img href="runTimeWorkbenchImage"/><a href="action.debug">Run-time Workbench</a> from the available choices.</li>

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