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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cleanup-dataviewer-iconsRemove unused icons (and useless ImageRegistry) from dataviewers plug-in.Xavier Raynaud5 years
containerBuildMore changes to support CDT Build in ContainerJeff Johnston2 years
feature/autotools/autotools-to-cdtNEW - bug 366867: Create updates for autoconf and automake hoverJeff Johnston8 years
gcovtestBug 437342 - Add app data to Valgrind Alexander Kurtakov4 years
lttng-keplerCpu usageMatthew Khouzam7 years
lttng-kepler-stableFix histogram current event and time stamp format parsingPatrick Tasse7 years
lttng-lunatmf: Implement a cache of TmfStateValueEtienne Bergeron6 years
masterBuild with Jacoco 0.8.5Alexander Kurtakov4 days
neon3respinFix the versions of docker-client, slf4j, and jackson dependenciesJeff Johnston2 years
rdtAdd ChangeLog entries for RDT URI support fix.Jeff Johnston8 years
stable-0.10Fix typo in Valgrind cachegrind tests pom.xml.Jeff Johnston8 years
stable-0.5Merge releng 0.5.1Andrew Overholt9 years
stable-0.6Restor the main valgrind tests bundle.Alexander Kurtakov7 years
stable-0.7Make libhover.newlib version match in MANIFEST and POMAndrew Overholt8 years
stable-0.8Fix missing qualifier for Profiling.Jeff Johnston8 years
stable-0.9Fix Autotools UI tests.Jeff Johnston8 years
stable-1.0Update Orbit, CDT, and Eclipse site repositories.Jeff Johnston7 years
stable-1.1Fix regression in ChangeLog UIJeff Johnston7 years
stable-1.2Bug 403524 - Gcov and gprof features in 1.2.1 for Juno SR2 do not install on ...Jeff Johnston7 years
stable-2.0Bug 401638 - Fix missing function tag error on valid gcda file.Camilo Bernal6 years
stable-2.1Fix mirror repo name for 2.1 release.Jeff Johnston6 years
stable-2.2Support the selection of multiple events when OPerf is in use.Roland Grunberg6 years
stable-3.0Change pom.xml to build against releases/staging so we get RC4 dependencies.Jeff Johnston5 years
stable-3.1Bug 447554 - gcov not handling linked filesJeff Johnston5 years
stable-3.2[build] - Fix broken build target for LunaRafael Peria de Sene4 years
stable-4.0build: Fix broken build.Roberto Oliveira4 years
stable-4.1Author: Slava Risenberg <>Slava Risenberg4 years
stable-4.2Bug 486446 - StandInException in DockerMachine.executeXavier Coulon4 years
stable-5.0Bug 496432: static ICON reference should not be disposed.Roland Grunberg3 years
stable-5.1Bug 500969 - Duplicate registry info in combo after changing settingsXavier Coulon3 years
stable-5.2Bug 508858: Pass a blocking InputStream to the TarArchiveInputStream.Roland Grunberg3 years
stable-5.3Revert changes to stable-5.3 that were only meant for neon3respin.Jeff Johnston2 years
stable-6.0Fix update sites in all feature p2.inf files.Jeff Johnston2 years
stable-6.1Modify 4.7 target to update some dependenciesJeff Johnston23 months
stable-6.2Bug 531883 - Deadlock in Docker when connection closesJeff Johnston20 months
stable-7.0Switch to build against 4.10 I-builds.Alexander Kurtakov11 months
stable-7.1Bug 543964 - Dockerfile editor flags SHELL as unknownJeff Johnston9 months
stable-7.2Remove p2 repository deployment steps from Maven build.Roland Grunberg7 months
stable-7.3Update orbit repo and bouncycastle dependencies.Jeff Johnston4 months
stable-7.4Updates for 7.4 releaseJeff Johnston6 weeks

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