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2012-07-03Systemtap: Fixing 'missing generic type' warningsOtavio Pontes1-3/+3
2012-06-14Remove technology reference as Linux Tools has been moved.Jeff Johnston6-9/+9
Conflicts: changelog/org.eclipse.linuxtools.changelog-feature/p2.inf gcov/org.eclipse.linuxtools.gcov-feature/p2.inf gprof/org.eclipse.linuxtools.gprof-feature/p2.inf libhover/org.eclipse.linuxtools.cdt.libhover-feature/p2.inf libhover/org.eclipse.linuxtools.cdt.libhover.devhelp-feature/p2.inf libhover/org.eclipse.linuxtools.cdt.libhover.newlib-feature/p2.inf lttng/org.eclipse.linuxtools.lttng/p2.inf lttng/org.eclipse.linuxtools.lttng2.kernel/p2.inf lttng/org.eclipse.linuxtools.lttng2/p2.inf lttng/org.eclipse.linuxtools.tmf/p2.inf man/ oprofile/org.eclipse.linuxtools.oprofile-feature/p2.inf perf/org.eclipse.linuxtools.perf-feature/p2.inf profiling/org.eclipse.linuxtools.dataviewers-feature/p2.inf profiling/org.eclipse.linuxtools.profiling-feature/p2.inf profiling/org.eclipse.linuxtools.profiling.remote-feature/p2.inf profiling/ releng/org.eclipse.linuxtools.releng-site/pom.xml releng/org.eclipse.linuxtools.releng-site/promoter.xml rpm/org.eclipse.linuxtools.rpm-feature/p2.inf rpmstubby/org.eclipse.linuxtools.rpmstubby-feature/p2.inf systemtap/org.eclipse.linuxtools.callgraph-feature/p2.inf systemtap/org.eclipse.linuxtools.systemtap-feature/p2.inf systemtap/org.eclipse.linuxtools.systemtap.backup-feature/p2.inf systemtap/org.eclipse.linuxtools.threadprofiler.feature/p2.inf valgrind/org.eclipse.linuxtools.valgrind-feature/p2.inf valgrind/org.eclipse.linuxtools.valgrind.remote-feature/p2.inf
2012-06-14Prepare Libhover component for 1.0.0.Jeff Johnston21-30/+30
Remove all Incubation markers. Make all plug-ins/features at least version 1.0.0.
2012-06-08Bump up version of libhover feature to 0.4.0.Jeff Johnston3-2/+7
2012-06-08Fix 2 for: Johnston4-3/+18
Update libhover to ignore functions starting with "0" when completing a match for the empty string. This allows text to be placed in the libhover binary that won't appear in any hover or completion such as GFDL invariant sections.
2012-06-08Fix for: Johnston7-3/+33637
Update glibc libhover docs to 2.14. Also add the Invariant Sections as listed in the document's permission to modify clause to the binary libhover data. Provide the xml version of the libhover document as the transparent copy whereas the libhover version is the opaque version.
2012-04-20Use foreach for shorter code.Alexander Kurtakov2-5/+2
2012-04-20Don't catch Exception but concrete exceptions.Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+6
2012-04-20Remove unneeded things from the activator.Alexander Kurtakov1-18/+1
2012-04-19Create full toc.Alexander Kurtakov2-6/+131
The toc is recursively created now by parsing the devhelp2 files and using the sub elements to make topics for.
2012-04-19Use title from the devhelp2 file.Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+75
It is way more informative than the directory name.
2012-04-19Extract ITopic and IToc implementation in their own files.Alexander Kurtakov3-106/+143
2012-04-19Ignore http params in href for devhelp.Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+5
Eclipse help system adds parameters to the href but this breaks our path creation so we just strip them.
2012-04-19Remove the link as for some reason it was making the toc to not work.Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+1
2012-04-19Enable some standard warnings and fix them.Alexander Kurtakov7-19/+135
2012-04-06Make sure to close resources.Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+9
2012-04-02Make libhover.devhelp.tests a fragment.Alexander Kurtakov3-46/+3
Activator deleted and imports/exports removed.
2012-03-22Fix problem with libhover not working for Juno M6.Jeff Johnston2-1/+5
2012-03-16Updating versions from 0.10.0 to 0.11.0 in pom files.Otavio Pontes12-15/+15
Since our 0.10 release is schedule and the stable-0.10 branch was already created we're updating the versions for our next release. I was recomended to updated it to 0.11 instead of 1.0 because we are still in incubation.
2012-03-07Fix numerous FindBugs errors.Jeff Johnston7-8/+27
2012-02-22Enable source features and bundles generation.Alexander Kurtakov6-0/+96
Source feature generation is activated if there is sourceTemplateFeature directory in the feature. For the sake of git not caring about empty directories I put empty in these directories. Also a p2 plugin instruction is added to the poms in order to get the generated source features visible for p2. New category for the sources is added to the repository category.xml and source features are added to it.
2011-12-16308881: [consumability] Enable PDE API toolingAndrew Overholt2-0/+12
Enable PDE API tools on all projects.
2011-11-29Add p2.inf files for all Linux tool features.Jeff Johnston6-0/+12
2011-10-28Change pom.xmls to release 0.10.0-SNAPSHOT.Jeff Johnston12-15/+15
2011-10-19Fix pom:s for the next release (1.0.0)Francois Chouinard10-11/+11
2011-10-10Let featureId == artifactId.Alexander Kurtakov6-6/+6
2011-08-24Do not set BREE for plugins without java content.Alexander Kurtakov2-2/+0
2011-08-23Make POM versions 0.9.0-SNAPSHOTAndrew Overholt10-11/+11
In each pom.xml file, make the parent version 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT and make it 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT in the main (ex. autotools/pom.xml, lttng/pom.xml, etc.) POMs.
2011-08-11Make use of eclipse parent pom and delete not needed parts from build ↵Alexander Kurtakov2-16/+0
sections causing maven to show warnings.
2011-06-16Ensure all bundles have proper about.htmlAndrew Overholt7-119/+119
All about.html files are updated to be the exact same as Bug #316849
2011-06-02Add about.html to devhelp plug-in.Jeff Johnston3-1/+33
2011-06-02 Jeff Johnston <> * about.html: New file. * Add about.html.
2011-05-30Add .devhelp2 support to devhelp libhover plug-in.Jeff Johnston2-34/+73
2011-05-30 Jeff Johnston <> Resolves: #347705 * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/internal/cdt/libhover/devhelp/ (DevHelpParser.parse): Default to use .devhelp2 files if found, then fall-back to .devhelp files. (DevHelpParser.parse): Add devhelp2 support.
2011-05-25Reflect _docs to .docs change in remaining references.Andrew Overholt10-10/+10
2011-05-25Change underscores to dots in libhover doc bundle nameAndrew Overholt20-4/+4
2011-05-20Externalize devhelp bundle information strings, add " (Incubation)"Andrew Overholt2-2/+5
2011-05-20Bug 336846 - Update to 2011 SUAAndrew Overholt6-153/+327
2011-05-19Fix name of devhelp feature description variable (bug #346444).Andrew Overholt2-1/+5
2011-05-19 Andrew Overholt <> * Fix name of feature description.
2011-05-18Add tycho workaround for libhover devhelp plugin.Jeff Johnston1-0/+27
2011-05-18Fix id in pom.xml so it doesn't match the plug-in id.Jeff Johnston2-1/+5
2011-05-18Revert "Add policyKit support."Jeff Johnston1-0/+2
This reverts commit 4ae081a7ce6c0991ff5a092562534aac828be572. Conflicts: oprofile/org.eclipse.linuxtools.oprofile.core/ChangeLog
2011-05-13Fixy tycho-surefire plugin name.Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+1
2011-05-10Move to tycho 0.12 and rename all the plugins names.Alexander Kurtakov2-4/+4
2011-04-13Remove libhover.devhelp.tests/bin class files from gitAndrew Overholt2-0/+0
2011-04-12Add assembly tarball generation support.Alexander Kurtakov2-0/+14
2011-04-08Fix duplicate groupId:artifactId problemAlexander Kurtakov2-2/+2
2011-04-07Add pom.xml for Libhover Devhelp feature.Jeff Johnston2-1/+31
2011-04-07 Jeff Johnston <> * pom.xml: New file.
2011-04-07Add pom.xml and add licenses to source files.Jeff Johnston5-0/+96
2011-04-07Adding pom.xmlJeff Johnston1-0/+25
2011-04-06Merge branch 'master' of ↵Jeff Johnston8-147/+1
2011-04-06Fix some sort of git regression in newlib libhover plug-in.Jeff Johnston2-3/+2
2011-04-04 Jeff Johnston <> * pom.xml: Update to 1.0.3. * META-INF/MANIFEST.MF: Bump up version to 1.0.3 and add dependency on latest libhover plug-in. * data/newlib-1.16.0.libhover: New file.

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