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2011-06-02Remove erroneous tag from generated HTML docsAndrew Overholt1-1/+0
347868: Weird string on mediawiki-generated documentation
2011-05-31Revert previous change that removed CTRL+ALT+P bindings for editors.Jeff Johnston2-0/+15
2011-05-31 Jeff Johnston <> * plugin.xml: Add back key bindings for CTRL+ALT+P in text editor and compare editor which reverts previous change.
2011-05-20Bug 336846 - Update to 2011 SUAAndrew Overholt4-102/+218
2011-05-13Fix tycho surefire plugin name.Alexander Kurtakov2-2/+2
2011-05-10Move to tycho 0.12 and rename all the plugins names.Alexander Kurtakov5-10/+10
2011-04-12Remove changelog site module. We don't want per subproject updateAlexander Kurtakov5-70/+0
2011-04-12Add assembly tarball generation support.Alexander Kurtakov2-0/+14
2011-04-04Revert "Re-enable changelog UI tests. Take 2."Severin Gehwolf1-0/+2
This reverts commit 87f80c5eab8e3ed0b6eabb41dc28b6a468a8037e.
2011-04-04Re-enable changelog UI tests. Take 2.Severin Gehwolf1-2/+0
2011-04-01Revert "Re-enable changelog UI tests."Andrew Overholt1-0/+2
This reverts commit 169aa1d9d3172bb5c2d010632b4c7534bb80f638.
2011-04-01Add timeout to ChangeLog SWTBot testsAndrew Overholt1-0/+2
2011-04-01Re-enable changelog UI tests.Severin Gehwolf1-2/+0
2011-04-01Use JavaHL Subversion client adapter and don't run SWTBot tests in UISeverin Gehwolf3-2/+7
2011-04-01Fix inner CTRL+ALT+P conflict.Jeff Johnston2-10/+6
2011-04-01 Jeff Johnston <> Bug #341534 * plugin.xml: Fix conflict with CTRL+ALT+P within the ChangeLog plug-in itself.
2011-03-31Temporarily comment out ChangeLog SWTBot tests due to timeout issueAndrew Overholt1-0/+2
2011-03-31Merge in Tycho-ification workAndrew Overholt17-3/+481
2011-03-31Fix copyrights in maven filesAndrew Overholt1-1/+4
2011-03-30Add build artifacts to .gitignore filesAndrew Overholt9-0/+11
2011-03-30Fix some project name typosAndrew Overholt1-1/+1
2011-03-29Make all POMs use 0.8.0 as versionAndrew Overholt1-1/+1
2011-03-29Use UI thread for ChangeLog SWTBot testsAndrew Overholt1-1/+1
2011-03-29Add Subclipse deps. (ChangeLog tests) to have complete dep. chainAndrew Overholt2-1/+8
2011-03-10Add repo generation for changelog moduleChris Aniszczyk5-1/+68
Signed-off-by: Chris Aniszczyk <>
2011-03-09Add maven artifacts to ChangeLog gitignore filesAndrew Overholt8-0/+10
2011-03-09Tycho-ify ChangeLogAndrew Overholt10-1/+402
2011-02-25Add .gitignore files for each feature/pluginAndrew Overholt8-0/+32
2011-02-24Merge changelog masterAndrew Overholt158-6632/+7715
2011-01-282011-01-28 Severin Gehwolf <>Severin Gehwolf6-0/+28
* Close Subclipse's usage reporting tool before SWTBot tests start to run and should Subclipse be installed.
2011-01-272011-01-27 Jeff Johnston <>Jeff Johnston2-2/+7
Bug #332621 * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/core/editors/ (getDocumentLocation): Use the location of the ChangeLog directly rather than calculating from the workspace-root.
2011-01-192011-01-19 Jeff Johnston <>Jeff Johnston3-0/+10
* src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/core/tests/ (testWriteChangeLog): Close stream when done with it. (canWriteChangeLogToEmptyChangeLogButWithSomeDefaultContent): Ditto. * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/tests/fixtures/ (testAddFileToProject): Ditto.
2011-01-172011-01-17 Jeff Johnston <>Jeff Johnston4-9/+9
* src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/ui/tests/utils/ (test): Remove extraneous override directive. (init): Ditto. (getFailureMessage): Ditto. * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/ui/tests/utils/ (test): Ditto. (init): Ditto. (getFailureMessage): Ditto. * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/ui/tests/utils/ (test): Ditto. (init): Ditto. (getFailureMessage): Ditto. * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/ui/tests/utils/ (test): Ditto. (init): Ditto. (getFailureMessage): Ditto.
2011-01-172011-01-17 Jeff Johnston <>Jeff Johnston3-146/+174
* src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/ui/tests/utils/ (test): Remove extraneous override directive. (init): Ditto. (getFailureMessage): Ditto.
2011-01-132011-01-13 Jeff Johnston <>Jeff Johnston2-2/+6
* META-INF/MANIFEST.MF: Add required minimum for CDT dependency plugins.
2011-01-13Re-name directory to match refactored bundle ID.Andrew Overholt22-0/+0
2011-01-132011-01-13 Andrew Overholt <>Andrew Overholt15-30/+33
* src/: Re-naming directories to account for refactoring.
2011-01-122011-01-12 Jeff Johnston <>Jeff Johnston3-1/+62
* test.xml: New file. * Add test.xml.
2011-01-102011-01-10 Severin Gehwolf <>Severin Gehwolf7-5/+19
* Rename org.eclipse.linuxtools.changelog.tests.ui to org.eclipse.linuxtools.changelog.ui.tests.
2010-12-202010-12-20 Severin Gehwolf <>Severin Gehwolf6-206/+15
* Remove javaComiler...args files * Allow for Java 5/6 execution environments.
2010-12-202010-12-20 Severin Gehwolf <>Severin Gehwolf14-0/+1803
* Added .changelog.tests-feature feature plus build.xml files for tests and tests.ui plug-ins.
2010-12-142010-12-14 Severin Gehwolf <>Severin Gehwolf2-23/+32
* src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/tests/ui/swtbot/ Refactored test to not use SVN project.
2010-12-142010-12-14 Severin Gehwolf <>Severin Gehwolf21-0/+1850
Added org.eclipse.linuxtools.changelog.tests.ui plug-in.
2010-12-142010-12-14 Severin Gehwolf <>Severin Gehwolf1-0/+1
* src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/ui: Removed.
2010-12-142010-12-14 Severin Gehwolf <>Severin Gehwolf1-0/+4
* src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/ui/tests: Package removed.
2010-12-142010-12-14 Severin Gehwolf <>Severin Gehwolf17-1769/+21
* Remove SWTBot tests (moved to separate plug-in).
2010-12-142010-12-14 Severin Gehwolf <>Severin Gehwolf18-1/+1794
* Add SWTBot based UI tests to tests plug-in.
2010-12-102010-12-10 Severin Gehwolf <>Severin Gehwolf4-1/+138
Commit for Eclipse BZ #331688. * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/core/formatters/ (mergeChangelog): Added call to removeWhitespaceOnlyLines. (removeWhitespaceOnlyLines): New method. Implements whitespace removal. * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/core/formatters/tests/ (twoChangesInSameFileAreProperlyMergedWhenThereIsATrailingTabNewLine): New test case.
2010-12-072010-12-07 Severin Gehwolf <>Severin Gehwolf9-12/+613
* src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/core/tests/ Added CParserTest. * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/parsers/tests/ New file. * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/tests/fixtures/ New file. * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/tests/fixtures/ New file. * META-INF/MANIFEST.MF: Import packages required for CParserTest * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/parsers/tests/ Removed unnecessary comment. * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/tests/fixtures/ (addCNature): New method. (addCCNature): New method. * src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/changelog/tests/fixtures/ (canAddCNature): New test for new method. (canAddCCNature): New test for new method.
2010-12-042010-12-04 Severin Gehwolf <>Severin Gehwolf2-1/+5
* META-INF/MANIFEST.MF: Bump up version to 2.7.0 in order to match changelog.core.
2010-12-032010-12-03 Jeff Johnston <>Jeff Johnston2-1/+5
* META-INF/MANIFEST.MF: Bump up version to 2.7.0 for 0.7 release.
2010-12-032010-12-03 Jeff Johnston <>Jeff Johnston2-1/+5
* META-INF/MANIFEST.MF: Bump up version to 2.7.0 for 0.7 release.

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