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26 min.Replace feature licenses with new 2014 license.HEADmasterrefs/changes/15/25515/2Jeff Johnston Alexander Kurtakov28-28/+28
3 hoursRevert "ctf: make MetadataPacketHeader more inline with coding style"Matthew Khouzam Matthew Khouzam1-59/+39
4 hourslttng: Add test suite to run all SWTBot testsrefs/changes/53/25453/3Marc-Andre Laperle Marc-Andre Laperle3-0/+37
4 hourslttng: Don't call parse event unless necessaryrefs/changes/35/25235/3Matthew Khouzam Matthew Khouzam1-8/+10
4 hoursctf: make MetadataPacketHeader more inline with coding styleMatthew Khouzam Matthew Khouzam1-39/+59
10 hoursSystemtap: Improve function/C probe addition.refs/changes/46/23946/7Andrew Ferrazzutti Andrew Ferrazzutti15-391/+377
13 hoursTMF: Introduce the XML state system view for data driven outputsrefs/changes/61/23161/8Florian Wininger Genevieve Bastien15-10/+1152
15 hourstmf: Implement toString() for project model elementsrefs/changes/51/25351/4Patrick Tasse Marc-Andre Laperle1-0/+6
15 hourstmf: Fix another TimeRangeException in TmfStateStatisticsrefs/changes/12/25212/7Patrick Tasse Marc-Andre Laperle1-16/+13
16 hourstmf : Add Leaf nodes to the History Treerefs/changes/91/24791/6Florian Wininger Genevieve Bastien5-80/+271
16 hoursSystemtap: More Probe & Function view fixes.refs/changes/78/23878/9Andrew Ferrazzutti Sami Wagiaalla42-1297/+1642
16 hours[tmf] NPE when renaming a trace with no trace type when inside an experimentrefs/changes/30/25330/2Marc-Andre Laperle Marc-Andre Laperle1-4/+10
16 hourslttng: Add filtering textbox to the event selection compositesrefs/changes/19/25019/2Marc-Andre Laperle Marc-Andre Laperle2-15/+34
16 hourslttng: Work around UI thread sleeping forever on Mac in testsrefs/changes/43/25443/2Marc-Andre Laperle Marc-Andre Laperle2-0/+12
16 hourstmf: Wait until shell is active in swtbot testrefs/changes/85/25385/4Marc-Andre Laperle Marc-Andre Laperle1-0/+4
18 hourstmf: Experiment performance benchmarkrefs/changes/85/24885/14Matthew Khouzam Matthew Khouzam5-1/+188
33 hoursTMF: Add an XML model factory and classes for read-only state system componentsrefs/changes/60/23160/10Geneviève Bastien Genevieve Bastien8-14/+227
33 hourstmf: Fix deadlock in analysis modulerefs/changes/23/25323/8Patrick Tasse Patrick Tasse2-2/+3
35 hourstmf: Temporarily disable hanging testsrefs/changes/32/25432/2Marc-Andre Laperle Marc-Andre Laperle1-0/+3
38 hourslttng-tmf: Update dependecies to new tmf.ctf featurerefs/changes/44/25344/2Bernd Hufmann Bernd Hufmann6-28/+8
40 hourstmf: Fix NullPointerException in ControlFlowViewrefs/changes/76/25376/3Patrick Tasse Patrick Tasse3-4/+7
2 daystmf: Add non-null annotations to TmfTraceClosedSignalrefs/changes/37/25237/2Alexandre Montplaisir Alexandre Montplaisir2-5/+18
2 dayslttng: Harmonize the compiler settings among all pluginsrefs/changes/93/25093/4Alexandre Montplaisir Alexandre Montplaisir51-545/+542
2 dayslttng: Add script to copy the project settings from tmf.corerefs/changes/92/25092/5Alexandre Montplaisir Alexandre Montplaisir1-0/+61
2 daystmf: Fix IOException drag and dropping trace on open experimentrefs/changes/13/25213/4Patrick Tasse Patrick Tasse2-3/+3
2 daysTMF: Add a unit test helper to execute protected methodsrefs/changes/97/24897/3Geneviève Bastien Genevieve Bastien2-0/+86
2 daysUse Tycho 0.21.0-SNAPSHOT to fix Bug 431793refs/changes/03/25003/3Marc-Andre Laperle Alexander Kurtakov1-2/+6
3 daysTMF: Refresh only the supplementary files for the current tracerefs/changes/39/23939/5Geneviève Bastien Genevieve Bastien8-29/+41
3 daysLinuxtools: Circumvent M7 SWTBot test problems.refs/changes/36/25236/2Andrew Ferrazzutti Alexander Kurtakov4-60/+165
3 daystmf: Fix Select Traces command does not refresh trace typerefs/changes/83/24883/3Patrick Tasse Patrick Tasse1-7/+8
7 daysLinuxtools: Standardize saving graphs as images.refs/changes/63/24463/11Andrew Ferrazzutti Andrew Ferrazzutti24-604/+411
7 daysTMF: Add an interface for strings regarding a session configurationrefs/changes/22/23422/8Guilliano Molaire Genevieve Bastien2-1/+84
7 daysprofiling: Simplify process factories.refs/changes/32/25232/2Alexander Kurtakov Alexander Kurtakov3-72/+10
7 dayssystemtap: Remove useless method from SystemtapProcessFactory.refs/changes/27/25227/2Alexander Kurtakov Alexander Kurtakov3-19/+3
8 daysprofiling: Launch cleanup and documenting.refs/changes/26/25226/2Alexander Kurtakov Alexander Kurtakov7-106/+37
8 daysctf: Do not call System.gc() in CTFTrace.close()refs/changes/74/25174/2Alexandre Montplaisir Alexandre Montplaisir2-2/+7
8 daysvalgrind.ui: Cleanups.refs/changes/11/25211/2Alexander Kurtakov Alexander Kurtakov9-73/+58
8 dayslttng: Add a view for the CPU usage analysisrefs/changes/22/22522/5Geneviève Bastien Genevieve Bastien11-1/+743
8 daystmf: Increase the delay in SignalThrottlerTestrefs/changes/71/25171/2Alexandre Montplaisir Matthew Khouzam1-5/+5
8 daysbinutils: API overview.refs/changes/07/25207/2Alexander Kurtakov Alexander Kurtakov16-208/+125
8 daysvalgrind: Extend x-friends for tests.refs/changes/10/25210/2Alexander Kurtakov Alexander Kurtakov4-22/+17
8 daysgcov/gprof: No need for sharedInstance singleton.refs/changes/97/25197/2Alexander Kurtakov Alexander Kurtakov9-96/+20
8 daysprofiling: Java 8 javadoc generation.refs/changes/78/25178/2Alexander Kurtakov Alexander Kurtakov39-449/+330
8 daystmf: Make CtfTmfTrace AutoCloseablerefs/changes/91/25091/2Alexandre Montplaisir Alexandre Montplaisir9-89/+85
8 daysctf: Make CTFTrace and its reader classes AutoCloseablerefs/changes/86/24986/3Alexandre Montplaisir Alexandre Montplaisir17-182/+173
8 daystmf: Split "CTF adaptor" into separate plugins/featurerefs/changes/52/24752/12Alexandre Montplaisir Alexandre Montplaisir149-202/+3060
8 daysFix API analysis issues in perf, profiling, valgrind, and systemtap.refs/changes/65/25165/2Roland Grunberg Alexander Kurtakov11-5/+14
9 daysLTTng: CPU usage analysis from the LTTng kernel tracerefs/changes/33/21633/5François Rajotte Genevieve Bastien5-0/+410
9 daysAdd Gcov annotation specification for lines covered "many times".refs/changes/98/24998/5Roland Grunberg Roland Grunberg4-20/+68
9 daysFix warnings.refs/changes/03/25103/2Alexander Kurtakov Alexander Kurtakov15-411/+387