AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
31 hoursMake sure connection is open before trying to launch an executableHEADmasterJeff1-0/+5
40 hoursAdd image tab for Java app in container launch configuration tab group.Roland Grunberg8-5/+285
8 daysImprove error messages for various failures during launch.Roland Grunberg3-5/+51
9 daysSupport mounting all classpath elements and better debug discovery.Roland Grunberg3-4/+26
10 daysCorrect paths when not on Windows and never pass a 'null' port mapping.Roland Grunberg3-5/+14
11 daysBug 518154 - ChangeLog is issuing debug statements concerning editor idsJeff Johnston1-6/+7
11 daysUpdate master to 3.1.0 for docker/vagrant and 6.1.0 for other features.Jeff Johnston182-190/+190
12 daysBug 518079: Fix InvalidPathException on Windows when saving Dockerfile.Roland Grunberg1-1/+1
2017-06-08Update the Docker Tooling feature version documentedJeff Johnston1-1/+1
2017-06-08Add support for running on Windows.Roland Grunberg5-17/+145
2017-06-08Externalize strings as necessary.Roland Grunberg4-5/+15
2017-06-08Create a launch configuration tab group for the Java container launch.Roland Grunberg2-0/+51
2017-06-08Add Image Selection Dialog (with connection selection) on launch.Roland Grunberg5-14/+175
2017-06-08Implement debugging a Java application inside a container.Roland Grunberg3-3/+110
2017-06-08Start further implementing ContainerVMInstall, ContainerVMRunner.Roland Grunberg7-5/+396
2017-06-08Use the Docker Tooling to run the command in the container.Roland Grunberg2-4/+15
2017-06-08Create the entrypoint where we'll send the java launch to the container.Roland Grunberg2-1/+40
2017-06-08Make our launch delegate mimic JavaLaunchDelegate exactly.Roland Grunberg2-4/+88
2017-06-08Add the boilerplate classes and extension points.Roland Grunberg6-3/+133
2017-06-08Initial commit of org.eclipse.linuxtools.jdt.docker.launcher .Roland Grunberg8-0/+99
2017-06-07Bug 517950 - Fix ConcurrentAccessExceptionJeff Johnston1-1/+6
2017-06-07Bug 517909 - Save last selected connection and restore it on restartJeff Johnston2-1/+113
2017-06-05Update Docker user guide to include new Run Image wizard first pageJeff Johnston2-0/+1
2017-06-02Additional fixes for Building in Container supportJeff Johnston2-28/+91
2017-05-25Bug 517223 - Add way to specify seccomp when running a containerJeff Johnston8-0/+151
2017-05-24systemtap: Improve editor to highlight try/catch/continue as keywordsAlexander Kurtakov1-1/+2
2017-05-24systemtap: Simplify IndentHandler.Alexander Kurtakov1-84/+56
2017-05-23Bug 517143: Prevent UI hangs due to reloadConnections in UI thread.Roland Grunberg1-0/+1
2017-05-23Update all helps with latest content from wiki and with latest wikitext.Alexander Kurtakov63-236/+269
2017-05-23rpm: Regen help with latest wikitext.Alexander Kurtakov9-61/+61
2017-05-23Move to wikitext 3.0.9 release for help building.Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+1
2017-05-22oprofile: Make core non-exploded bundle.Alexander Kurtakov12-228/+12
2017-05-22releng: Build against latest Orbit.Alexander Kurtakov1-2/+2
2017-05-20rpm: Make toggle commend and show outline work with generic editor.Alexander Kurtakov6-245/+230
2017-05-19systemtap: Bind Run script command to editor content type.Alexander Kurtakov1-36/+10
2017-05-19systemtap: Remove deprecated Action with command.Alexander Kurtakov1-12/+18
2017-05-19Add project file to the top dir.Alexander Kurtakov1-0/+11
2017-05-19Make use IStructuredSelection directly.Alexander Kurtakov18-173/+138
2017-05-18rpm: Remove useless casts in rpmlint bundle.Alexander Kurtakov5-205/+197
2017-05-18Few more adapters to lambda.Alexander Kurtakov4-402/+369
2017-05-18Make use of the new lambda listeners in SWT.Alexander Kurtakov71-2482/+1608
2017-05-18Use varargs MessageFormat.format method.Alexander Kurtakov22-63/+61
2017-05-18systemtap: Launch settings has no effect.Alexander Kurtakov3-13/+21
2017-05-18docker: Remove deprecated method in docker.reddeer bundle.Alexander Kurtakov1-8/+0
2017-05-17Bug 516683 - Add method to get container changes in DockerConnectionJeff Johnston4-0/+95
2017-05-17Fix SWTBot testsJeff Johnston26-45/+897
2017-05-12oprofile: Remove opcontrol support.Alexander Kurtakov35-2908/+865
2017-05-12systemtap: Remove ErrorView.Alexander Kurtakov6-283/+3
2017-05-12systemtap: Add console error hyperlinks.Alexander Kurtakov7-6/+168
2017-05-11Add native package touchpoint installs.Alexander Kurtakov4-0/+8